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Unique Baby Boy Names That Start With “A”

Unique Baby Boy Names That Start With “A”

it’s a BOY! before finding out the gender of your baby you might have already started a list of girl and boy names that you like.

Now that you know you are having a boy it is time for serious business! Picking your baby’s is kinda a big DEAL!

When my husband and I were making our list of baby names it was probably the hardest thing ever.

Sometimes I liked a name that he didn’t and vice versa, we didn’t want to name our baby a name of a person we didn’t like or had a bad dealing with, and the reasons of not liking a name went on and on.

It is coming more common that couples have a name picked out before they even see their baby. Trust me we were the same way! Once we decided on a name I was at the beginning of the second trimester so we had our name picked out for some time

To help make things easier I have made a list of 50 unique baby boy names that start with “A” because who wants to be original right?

Top 50 Baby Girl Names That start with “a”

Top 50 Unique Baby Boy Names You Might Have Missed

Top 50 Unique Baby Girl Names You Might Have Missed

If you love a name on this list let me know! I would love to hear what name you picked out:)

50 Unique Baby Boy Names That Start With “A”

1. Anton

Meaning: Highly praiseworthy from a Roman clan name

2. Archer 

Meaning: Bow, a bowman

3. Anders 

Meaning: Scandinavian origin meaning “strong and manly”

4. Able

Meaning: Breath; son; breathing spirit

5. Academicus

Meaning: Latin; philosopher.

6. Ackley

Meaning: Dwells at the oak tree meadow

7. Augustin

Meaning: Latin word meaning “to increase.”

8. Al

Meaning: harmony, stone, or noble. Also fair, handsome

9. Alaric

Meaning: Noble ruler

10. Adrian

Meaning: sea or water

11. Ace

Meaning: one who excels; noble

12. Amir

Meaning: commander, prince

13. Axel

Meaning: father of peace

14. Alvaro

Meaning: truth-speaker or guardian

15. Aaden

Meaning: little fire

16. Aaric

Meaning: rule with mercy

17. Advent

Meaning: coming

18. Adom

Meaning: God’s blessing

19. Ade

Meaning: royal

20. Adalwen

Meaning: Noble friend

21. Acton

Meaning: village with oak trees

22. Achilles

Meaning: thin-lipped

23. Anthony 

Meaning: Priceless” and “of inestimable worth

24. Abbot

Meaning: priest

25. Adi

Meaning: first or beginning

26. Arce

Meaning: open field

27. Azi

Meaning: youth

28. Ajax

Meaning: Eagle

29. Alexis

Meaning: helper

30. Alger

Meaning: clever warrior

31. Amyas

Meaning: loved

32. Angus

Meaning: one and choice

33. Aydin

Meaning: enlightened

34. Aviv

Meaning: Spring; young

35. Arbor

Meaning: Sells herbs

36. Araby

Meaning: land of romance and beauty

37. Anson

Meaning: son of God

38. Antonio

Meaning: Worthy of praise; of value

39. Anzac

Meaning: a member of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps during World War I

40. Alto

Meaning: high, elevated

41. Anakin

Meaning: warrior

42. Aragon

Meaning: Valley

43. Alfonso

Meaning: noble and ready

44. Albee

Meaning:  the son of the blond one, or son of Alpin

45. Aither

Meaning: spirit of the air

46. Aja

Meaning: High Priestess of Mecca

47. Adan

Meaning: Man of the red earth

48. Asher

Meaning: happy

49. Ajay

Meaning: invincible

50. Aldrich

Meaning: noble ruler

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