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5 Ways To Help Your Child With Eczema

5 Ways To Help Your Child With Eczema

it’s no fun seeing your child in pain or uncomfortable especially when dealing with eczema. You might feel like you have tried everything to help your child’s eczema and trust me I was feeling that way once too.

I tried so many creams, moisturizer, lotions, soaps, I tried changing my diet and nothing was helping with my daughter’s skin! I was so frustrated and guilty because I was supposed to know how to help my baby and I felt so helpless…

However, I was determined to find something to help her eczema. After a few months of trying many things, I finally found a soap, lotion, and a schedule that has helped my daughter’s eczema tremendously! keep reading to see how you can help your child eczema.

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1. Get the Right Soap

When my daughter starting getting eczema really bad, I tried a lot of different soaps to see if there was a soap that would help her eczema. When I say a lot of soaps we tried a lot of soaps! From Dove sensitive, Baby Johnson’s, Burt Bees unscented soap, and the list goes on and on.

soaps for eczema | unscented soap for eczema | stone river soaps

After 3-4 months of struggling to find a good soap, I FINALLY FOUND ONE! I was at a loss until I found Stone River Soaps on Etsy. This lady milks her own goats and makes goat milk soaps. They are absolutely amazing! She makes them with a variety of moisturizer oils and creams.

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Plus goat milk soap is very creamy and great for sensitive skin. I don’t buy any other soaps for my family because this is the only soap that truly helps my daughters eczema. If your little one has bad eczema I defiantly recommend any gentle/unscented soap from Stone River Soaps!

2. Lotion (it’s important to have a great lotion!)

This was another thing we struggled with. A lot of lotions we tried dried her skin out even more and made her eczema WORSE! We tried CeraVe, Burt Bees Lotion, Aveeno and, even Coconut Oil once again none of those lotions worked. I have heard of parents trying a steroid cream but I was not comfortable putting a steroid cream on my daughter’s skin.

At Christmas time I forgot some lotion and I asked my sister-in-law for some unscented lotion and she brought out Cetaphil lotion. It worked WONDERS! I was so impressed with how smooth and moisturized her skin was and it lasted all day!

The day after Christmas I got Cetaphil Eczema Calming Body Lotion. This lotion works so well at keeping her skin moisturized. Another thing I love about is that it soothes her skin so she doesn’t itch her eczema.

3. Give A Bath Everyday  

OKAY, This is the biggest lie ever! When I was pregnant I was told many times to wash my baby every day. First off baby’s don’t even get dirty as often and toddlers or kids. Also when you wash your baby every day you are washing off their bodies natural oils.

When my daughter was a newborn I gave her baths every day because that’s what I was told to do. Her skin was so bad! So I changed to giving her a bath once a week instead of every day her skin was a lot less dry. As she has gotten older she had baths twice and now three times a week.

4. Apply Lotion Multiple Times A Day

This is really important! It can be hard to keep in mind when you have thousands of other to do lists running through your head. The way that helped me the most was before bedtime, I would apply lotion to her entire body and then throughout the day, I would only apply lotion to her eczema spots. That way I was not having to undress her every time I put lotion on her.

Putting lotion on the eczema spots multiple times a day helps to keep the skin moist and soothe so they don’t scratch it and so that the eczema areas don’t dry out.

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5. Be Consistent 

This is HUGE when it comes to taking care of your child’s eczema. You have to be consistent with it to get better. If I forgot a day to put lotion on her skin it would get very dry and really itchy. Being consistent with apply lotion every day and multiple times a day helps keep their skin moist, smooth and helps with the redness.

Eczema can be something that they eventually grow out of but it is important to take care of it so that your child isn’t miserable with the itchiness of their skin. Doing these 5 things is what has helped keep my daughters eczema under control and made things more comfortable for her and easier for me because now she is a lot less fussy! (Bonus!)

soaps for eczema | unscented soap for eczema | stone river soaps

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A. Cooper

Thursday 9th of July 2020

Did you use the baby cetaphil or the regular one that everyone can use.

Dollar Mommy Club

Friday 10th of July 2020

I used the regular Cetaphil lotion.

Carl & Lindsey

Saturday 24th of March 2018

I love the tip about being consistent especially with young children and babies. Same time every day where possible helps the relax when it comes to creaming or medication times. Love this tip.

Dollar Mommy Club

Monday 26th of March 2018

Yes! applying around the same time is important as well. I am glad that you like these tips!