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    Are You At Your Wits End As A Parent?

    Any parent knows that it is not easy being a parent. Maybe you feel successful at other things if your life, but when it comes to parenting you just don't know where it's going wrong!

    No matter what you do, your children don't listen, they argue all the time and you feel like you are a failure as a parent.

    I hear you, and I feel for you! Maybe you feel like you have drifted so far from the parent you thought you would be and you are not sure where to go from here?


    * In your household growing up, yelling and arguing was a normal part of life. You told yourself that you were never going to yell at your children yet here you are yelling 2, 3, 4 times a day.

    * All day long you hear "he hit me" or "Mom! she keeps coming into my room!" it seem like the sibling arguing never stops. You are getting tired of the fighting that you feel like the only way to stop the fighting is by yelling too.

    * You have asked your child to turn off the tv for the 20th time and you peak you head in the living room to see that they are still watching tv. Your blood boils with anger and frustration because you wished that your child would listen to you the FIRST time!

    * Your toddler is the terrible 2 phase or even the threenager phase and holy cow! It is sass, tantrums, back talk, and attitude all day every day. You don't know what to do but yell and punish.

    No matter what the situation is, all you want is to have a joyful, loving and fun relationship with your children and to be able to enjoy being a parent!

    Somedays, that isn't happening at all- and you wished it would happen more!

    Now Let's Take A Second And Imagine This Shall We.....

    * Your daughter really enjoy's watching TV-and you are happy to let her. She know that when mom says "Tv time is over now" she jumps right up and turns off the tv WITHOUT needing to be asked a second time.

    * Your son got angry and kicked a hole in the wall with his foot. You go to talk to him about the incident without anger, judgement or frustration and you listen as he tells you why he was angry and that he is sorry for kicking a hole in the wall. You're so happy that he is actually talking to you instead of shutting you out!

    * Your driving around making errands and your son and daughter start arguing. Just when you are about to jump in, your older son jumps in a reminds them that they need to respect each other because respect is a family value. The car falls silent, the two make up and you didn't have to do ANYTHING!

    * Your toddler is throwing a fit but instead of yelling and punishing. You help your toddler work through their emotions and both of you are able to connect. You feel more love and empathy instead of anger and resentment towards your toddler.

    You may be wondering if this can actually happen. Is it even possible?

    Can I raise children who are thoughtful, obedient, polite, responsible and empowered?

    YES! and you don't have to do it by resorting to your old parenting habits of yelling, spanking, punishing, threatening or having a disconnect between you and your children.

    Let me show you how!

    One-on-one Coaching

    In Kara's program, The Conscious Parenting Transformation. She will work personally with you through her 10-step transformation process. Together you will be diving deep into your childhood, creating new core beliefs, learn how to consciously parent from values, and many other strategies that will empower you and your children forever.

    Group Coaching

    In The Conscious Parenting Academy, Kara works with small groups of parents through her 10-step process while creating a safe and sacred environment where everyone will learn from one another. Kara, will guided the group together to become conscious parents and change your parenting permanently!


    Become a conscious parent and build a long lasting deep connection with your children.

    Schedule your free Discovery call with Kara today!




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