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Top 50 Baby Girl Names That start with “a”

Top 50 Baby Girl Names That start with “a”

If you are like me then you like names that start with a certain letter! My favorite is A, B, J, and M. Coming up with a name for your little girl is HARD! At least it was for us. You don’t want to name your precious little one the name of someone you had bad dealings with, or someone your husband or significant other use to date.

You might not even have a name picked out until you see your baby. And that is okay! We had our little girls name picked out before we saw her but, you might need to see them before picking a name.

One thing that helped us out a lot was The Baby Name Wizard book. And found the perfect name for our daughter!

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1. Adecyn

2. Alise

3. Anaya

4. Ariella

5. Astrid

6. Ashala

7. Ayleen

8. Adela

9. Ava

10. Alicen

11. Allia

12. Adey

13. Annet

!4. Analeise

15. Armeena

16. Ashbee

17. Arianna

18. Alara

19. Abbigale

20. April

21. Ashlyn

22. Ashlee

23. Addileigh

24. Addica

25. Adell

26. Aleia

27. Aemilia

28. Agatha

29. Aggie

30. Agnes

31. Aila

32. Ainsley

33. Ashoka


34. Alane

35. Albree

36. Alcee

37. Aleena

38. Alessa

39. Aletta

40. Alexa

41. Alga

42. Alianora

43. Alice

44. Alida

45. Anika

46. Allitza

47. Alley

48. Allyssa

49. Alora

50. Aluka