Wink naturals, Teething gel, Baby teething solutions

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the teething stage seems to never end right? The constant drooling, biting, fussiness bring on hard times. My baby was entering the teething stage at 6 months and she was biting on everything!

I got desperate to help her and I turned to Google. I bought her teething rings, put clean wash clothes in the freezer, put ice cubes in her socks for her to bit on and the list goes on and one of the things I tried. I even got an amber teething necklace for her to wear during the day and that did seem to help but I felt like she needed more.

That is when my friend Jessie reached out to me and asked me if I have heard of Wink Naturals. At that time I had no idea who they were so she told me that they are a baby/ child product line and that all of their ingredients are NATURAL!

Wink naturals, Teething gel, Baby teething solutions
Don’t mind my foot LOL! Here is my sweet baby playing with her Wink Natural Teething Gel!

I am a big fan of natural especially if something is going in or on my baby. She sent me a sample of the teething cooling gel to try and I was very excited to get it. Once I received it in the mail it was the first thing I did when I opened the box was put the teething gel on her gums.

Now at first, she seemed to not like the taste of it. Not that it tasted horrible it was just a different taste. But wow! did it make a difference? it sure did! I was so impressed with how quickly my baby stopped pulling at her gums.

I loved it so much that I wanted more information about it. Jessie told me that it is totally safe for babies even if they eat the whole tube they wouldn’t get sick. Wink Cool Gum Teething Gel is not like Orajel where it numbs their gums (which Jessie told me can be very dangerous because it can make your baby have a hard time swallowing. YIKES!)

The teething gel basically cools the gums and provides comfort to your teething child. Now everytime my baby is getting fuzzy and pulling at gums I run and grab her teething gel and put it on her gums.

Wink naturals, Teething gel, Baby teething solutions

Since I have loved Wink Naturals so much I have teamed up with Jessie to share with you this amazing product and she is able to offer a discount just for you!. However, it is only for a limited time! Subscribe to my email list, check out Instagram, or Dollar Mommy Club FaceBook Page to get the discount code!

Also, make sure to Check out Living Wink Naturals which is Jessie’s Facebook group to learn more about Wink Naturals!

Since this is a sponsored post I did receive a tube of Wink Natural Teething Gel to try for free. If you are interested in getting your own sponsored post feel free to contact me at

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  1. I so recall the cries from teething pain. It was terrible that we tried so many different things. I am sure that if this was known to work it would have been my first thing thanks for sharing for all those that may need this

    • Like you I tried so many things before finding Wink Naturals. I am so excited to share it with other moms and their poor teething babies!

  2. I will make sure to pass this post to one of my friends who has a 5 months old baby, who is just teething at the moment. I know he struggles a lot with the pain.

  3. OMG!!! My 7 month old is defo. teething! I tried putting a banana in a little mesh contraption thing and it worked! He gnawed and actually stopped crying for an hour. Thank the Lord! I was able to get stuff done!

    • I tried the mesh net with food in it as well and it worked for a little bit but Wink Natural teething gel has worked so amazing and it lasts longer:)

  4. Your little one is adorable! Not a mommy yet but it’s important to be aware of the products available out there especially when it comes to your baby..(for future resource)

  5. I have never heard of these teething products before. I will definitely be sharing it with my friends with smaller kids.

  6. No kids yet, but I have seen my aunts and cousins go insane during kids teething stage. They need to know these tips, they are going to love it.

  7. I haven’t heard of this teething gel before but it sounds great! Teething is an uncomfortable process so this helps a lot. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I remember those days! This is great info though that I will definitely pass along to my new mom friends!

  9. Aww this is definitely a great read for all new mamas to reference! This would have helped me so much when my boys were little 🙂

    • Thank you:) I am always in search mode for finding amazing, natural and helpful products for babies/children.

  10. The only thing I could find when my kids were small was Orajel. I didn’t want to use that but I’d use this product because it’s natural. I’ll have to keep this in mind when I have future grand kids.

    • Yes, Orajel is a common teething solution but it is crazy because there have been more and more children have serious reactions to it! That is why I love Wink Naturals!


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