teaching children money management, children money management tips, kids allowance ideas, kids allowance learning,

it is never too early to start teaching your children about good money habits. By instilling good spending and budgeting habits in your children at a young age, you are preparing them for the future.

Helping them to develop good money habits can be fairly simple, so avoid complex lessons until they are older and can understand the significance of money and budgeting.

I once saw a mom and her little boy in Walmart. The little boy was asking for a toy and the mom said: “Do you have your money with you?” and the little boy replied “no” then the mom said, ” I will pay for it but when we get home you need to pay me back”. I was very impressed with what that mom was teaching her child.

People are getting into more and more debt with no plan on how to get out. Children in school and in their homes are not being taught good money habits.

teaching children money management, children money management tips, kids allowance ideas, kids allowance learning,

My husband’s parents made him work for his money and taught him the value of saving his money at a young age. Because of that, my husband is very responsible and wise on how we spend our money.

It is not hard to teach your children good money habits. One great way to teach your children good money habits is to give them an allowance. Do not give them an allowance for doing nothing – this can defeat the purpose. Children benefit from learning that money is earned by working.

A kindergartner is able to help with small chores around the house, so put them to work and let them earn their allowance this way. By doing this not only are you showing to them that hard work pays off but you are also helping them with the feelings of accomplishment which helps their confidence to grow.

When you were young did you ever hold a lemonade stand? I sure did and I was so proud of the money I made and I had one every weekend! Help your child set up a lemonade stand and show them how to make the product, market it and sell it. This is another idea to teach good money habits. If nothing sells they learned a valuable life lesson.

teaching children money management, children money management tips, kids allowance ideas, kids allowance learning,

Have your children save up their allowance for something that they really want. Whether it is a comic book or the hottest new toy on the market, having your child save up for the item will teach them that nothing comes for free. In return, children also learn that the items you buy them have real value and should be treated as such.

I remember a conversation I had with a friend of mine where she was so tired of her children beating the crap out the toys they bought for them. So she started having them buy

their own toys and she said that having them buy a lot of their own toys taught them to take care of their toys and they were so proud of their toys because they bought them with their own money.

If your child really wants an item, it is also good to help them meet the value of the toy. For example, they can earn the toy by doing certain chores for a month: Keeping their rooms clean, feeding the animals or doing other small chores.

Another good educational opportunity is to expose your child to money. A lot of children nowadays are so used to seeing parents pay with debit and credit cards that they may not know want actual money looks like. Show your kids the different types of money, coins, bills, etc. And tell them the monetary amount for each.

When you go shopping, let your child have a try at paying certain items. This will help them feel quite grown up and give a good lesson in money matters.

Teaching your children good money habits early on in life helps to stress the importance of preparing for a financial future. Oftentimes parents do not instill the proper money management skills into their children, unaware that this is an important life lesson. It is never too early or too late to start teaching your children how to establish good money habits.

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  1. My niece is 3 and well taught about this. When we are in a toy store and she wants to buy something expensive, just a little explanation and she easily accepts that we can’t buy it.

    • Even though our baby is still young. My husband and I all always working on ways to start teaching her good money habits:)

  2. Learning how to handle money is a very useful skill. It should be taught early on because, although we love our kids, we might not want them to live at home for the rest of there life because of one bad money decision. We want them to be able to experience the world! Thanks for sharing.

    • I am grateful for my husband’s parents teaching him at a young age as well! Those skills he learned has helped us a lot!

  3. I have always tried to teach my kids how important saving their money is as well as understanding saving up for something they want and paying for something themselves. Starting young is great and will help set lifelong values.

  4. I was always taught more my example. So, that’s what I do with my child while adding in little talks about why it’s so important.

    • Yes. My husband’s parents taught him at a young age the value of money and how to manage it and those skills he learned at a young age has been very helpful in our marriage!

    • Yes. Well when you have children in the future you will already know the importance of teaching your children how to manage money:)

  5. My mom used to teach me money habits. She shaped my ideas about finances and this has proved to be useful when I have grown up and have had my own kids. Coincidentally or not, many of your tips match with my mom’s.

  6. I don’t have children myself, but I’m trying to help my nieces learn the value of money. We helped them learn to donate some at Christmas.

  7. This is a great suggestion and truly the value of money and budgeting is important. Its good that kids can learn it and implement early in their lives 🙂

  8. This is so important to do. I teach my kids about saving money often. I see too many adults in debt who are careless with money and I don’t want my kids ending up that way.

    • I am exactly the same way! I want to teach my children how to be financially responsible at a young age so when they get older they will know how to manage money well!

  9. These are really great tips I think I am going to wait until he is a bit older sine the last time I gave him a count o keep he lost it within half an hour.

  10. Awesome tips for parents really and I’m going to make sure to do this when I am a parent :). Saving money and spending money with kids it could a problem if it doesn’t get through parents and teaching this habits would help a lot.

  11. I have been working with my kids on this! Perfect timing to come across this great post!!

  12. I learnt to take care of my finances at very early age and I am trying to teach my daughter the same thing these days. I follow a lot of things you mentioned like letting her do the payment for a few items. There are many things I learnt from your post. Thanks for sharing


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