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8 Empowering Ways To Build An Unbreakable Bond With Your Child

8 Empowering Ways To Build An Unbreakable Bond With Your Child

having a strong connecting with our children is powerful.

Building a strong connecting early and keeping that ongoing connection through love, care, and guidance is what helps our children have success in many areas of their lives. Having a strong connection with our children make the difference between a confident child and an insecure one. A problem causing child and an obedient one.

We’ve heard many things about attachments both good and bad but the importance of creating a strong bond with our baby is crucial. Our bond and connection with them don’t need to end when our children and more independent, smarter and maybe a little sassier. It is vital to their development to connect with our children because it is of the utmost importance throughout their childhood.

Mom life is a busy life. It is not uncommon to sit down at the end of a busy day wondering if you had any bonding or face to face child with your child.

The good news even if you don’t realize is that you are probably already engaged in stong parent-child bonding relationship – here are some of my favorites.

1. Let’s Play

Children love to play it is their nature to play. So it makes sense to connect with them in something that is so natural. When we play with our children it opens up new perspectives and your children will see you more than just someone who makes the rules. Playing helps you to fully engage with your child.

Research has shown that playing with your children decreases the need for attention such as whining and separation anxiety since their emotional needs are being met.

2. Reading

Time and time again we have heard that reading is a simple way to improve children’s reading and learning skills. Storytime is more than just reading stories because it involves cuddling, eye contact and emotionally connecting with one another.

Research has also shown that reading can increase the bond and connection with your children. Pull out some of your child’s favorite books and enjoy that quality time spent bonding with one another.

3. Art (which is more than just drawing pictures)

You don’t need to be an artsy person to enjoy doing art with your children. Engaging in art is fun and enjoyable experience also to mention therapeutic as well. No matter the age you will be impressed to find a fun art activity that interests him.

Art creates an amazing way for your children to express their thoughts and emotions. This is great for young children who can’t quite express complex feelings. Finding a fun creative outlet, you are more inclined to have positive and bonding interactions with each other.

And if you are not an artsy person keep it simple! Find a coloring book that you can color in together or check out Pinterest. There are so many ideas you can find!

4. Get Out In Nature

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious? These can put up a huge wall between parent and child especially when you are engaging with another. Spend time outside in natural by going on walks or going on bike rides around your neighborhood. Spending time in nature with your children is a great way to increase emotional, health and physical well-being for the both of you.

Research has shown that time spent in nature can reduce blood pressure, heart rate and the production of stress hormones. Nature is a big deal! If you don’t have the time to go on a bike ride you can simply sit outside and just enjoy the outdoors. Even a small amount of nature can do you some good.

5. Listening

This may not an activity per say but it is one of the most important ways we can bond with our little humans. We are often caught up in our long list of to-do’s that it can be challenging to truly listen to our children in a beneficial way.

In order to truly listen well, we need to set aside distractions and genuinely listen. This is a lot easier said than done. How many times have you had your child ask you a question right in the middle of something important and you answer “yes” because you are not completely listening and later you find out what you actually said “yes” to is something you wish you didn’t say “yes” to?

To listen we need to put specific skills to practice. When we are active listening-by sustaining eye contact and showing interest in what our children are saying we have hopped onto the train to connectivity!

6. Cook Together

It is not uncommon to remove children from the cooking space during meal time but research has shown that involving your children in meal preparation is a great bonding and togetherness time. It can even reduce some behavioral problems. Having children in the kitchen may be more time-consuming and a little less convenient the positive efforts are worth it!

7. Physical Touch

Touch when done respectfully to both parent and child is an easy way to form strong connections. Studies have shown that humans are able to identify emotions of love, gratitude, and compassion through blind touch. It is easy to see how touch can play a big role in bonding and connecting with our children.

If your child is struggling with her emotions or has behavioral challenges engage in a fun playful activity such as playful wrestling or horseback rides. Playful wrestling is a fun activity my siblings and I grew up with.

8. Music

Blasting Disney music in the house while dancing in the living room offers benefits to both parent and child including awareness of our bodies. The amazing thing is that your child will be practicing mindfulness without even realizing it!

I like to call it “shaking the stress away” because it is hard to focus on a test the next day or something stressful going on when you are working on your motor skills and letting the stress melt away.

You may already connect with your child in some of these ways. But the more you connect and find new ways to as well you be able to access a sense of enjoyment with your children.

Edwith Lindor

Sunday 29th of May 2022

It was a great post about raising children. I was really impressed by how you explained it. As a child, I always wanted to have a good time with my parents. So I know how my kids feel. I will do my best for you to have good memories with me.

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Tuesday 12th of April 2022

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Wednesday 12th of June 2019

These are amazing things we can do with our child! I will share this to my husband as well as to my friends who are wanting to be parents and are already parents.

Jeng Cruz

Thursday 5th of July 2018

Amazing post. Listening is one of my favorites in your list. I always try to listen to what my children is saying especially after school. This makes them feel comfortable opening up to me and as a mother, i'd like to have that bond even if they are grown up.

Dollar Mommy Club

Friday 6th of July 2018

That is awesome that you try to listen to what your children say after school! I am the same way. I want to have the talking/listening bond when my children are older as well. I think, like you, it makes them feel comfortable as well as cared for.


Friday 4th of May 2018

This is so important to remember. So many times i see electronics raising children. Parents need to be so much more present in their childrens lives.