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27 Conversational Questions To Ask Your Husband When He Gets Home From Work

27 Conversational Questions To Ask Your Husband When He Gets Home From Work

this is a habit I have fallen into. My husband walks through the door and the first thing I would ask was “how was your day”.

After a while, this started to become less meaningful and when asked the question I started getting one-word answers such as “good” or “okay”.

In between making your dinner, finishing up your to-do list, and passing the kids off to your husband, it is easy to fall into the habit of asking closed-door conversational questions such as “how was your day” which doesn’t give much value. It may open the door to any complaints about co-workers, or something funny that happened at lunch.

But after all, is said and done the door is shut again. This is the time to do a better job at really talking in your relationship. Since “how was your day” is so general and often does not keep the conversation going.

I know it is not always the easiest to have a good conversation right as your husband gets home. Your kids are restless, and maybe a little hangry since they haven’t eaten and you are busy trying to finish dinner.

But asking something different conversational questions keeps things interesting and helps your husband to feel like you care more since you are not asking the same question right as he gets home every day.

If you don’t have time to talk, talk about each other’s days once the kids are in bed. This is something my husband and I do and it is one of my favorite times together.

It becomes a routine to eat dinner, get the kids to bed, pull up Netflix, and then after a few episodes you go to bed without having deep and engaging conversations with each other.

It is important to keep a real conversation in your marriage. You may feel like there is nothing new to learn. But I’ll tell you what! Every day when my husband comes home I always learn something new. We keep each other updated on our goals and the things we accomplished throughout the day.

Here are 27 conversational questions you can ask to big deeper into your marriage. Have fun with them and see where they take you!  

 1  What did you accomplish today?

 2  Did you learn anything new today?

 3  Was there something that made you laugh today?

 4  Were you able to fix that problem at work?

  Did you take care of yourself today?

 6  What did you eat for lunch today?

 7  What is one thing that you wish you did more of today?

 8  What is one thing that you wish you did less of today?

 9  What is one of your favorite meals you would like me to make?

 10  If you won $1000 dollars and you had to spend it today what would you buy?

 11  If you came home one day and I said we are going on a trip where would you want to go?

 12  What was your favorite part about today?

 13  What was one goal you worked on today? 

 14  Did anything crazy happen today?

 15  How were your meetings today? did you learn anything new?

 16  Did you see that I cleaned the house today?

 17  What is one thing you want to accomplish this week?

 18  Did you feel appreciated at work today?

 19  How are your projects coming along at work?

 20  What movie would you say your day was like the most today?

 21  What did you enjoy the most today? and why?

 22  How did the new hires do today?

 23  What did you do differently today?

 24  What advice would you give me if we traded places for today?

 25  What kind of music did you listen to today?

 26  Did you make sure to drink plenty of water today?

 27  What is one word that would describe your day today? and why did you choose that word?

Using these questions may make for some funny and engaging conversations. It is like taking a breath of fresh air when you say something different from what you normally say.

You may start to notice that just by asking different questions you will find something new about your husband. I found out my husband likes listening to Hispanic music and I had no idea until I asked what kind of music he listened to that day.

You can start a really fun conversation by asking different questions than the general “how was your day” who knows where your conversation will go when asking something new!

What is one question that you are going to ask your husband today? let me know in the comments below I would love to hear the question and their response!

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