italian names for baby girls are beyond beautiful and they are truly unique! You want to name your baby girl with a perfect name and it can be hard to come up with a name that will fit your baby.

My husband and I struggled to find a name that we liked because one of us had a problem with the name we came up with. Sometimes understanding the meaning of the names and where it came from can add more meaning to the name you are going to call your child.

The Baby Name Wizard book is amazing at helping you come up with a name for your little angel! Because, like you, we struggled to come up with a name for our daughter.

Besised The Baby Name Wizard book. Below are some common and not so common Italian girl names. Let me know which names you love the most!

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1. Aldina  


2. Dante


3. Aria


4. Karissa


5. Leone


6. Alessandra


7. Daralice


8. Maddalena


9. Ravinia


10. Alessio


11. Donielle


12. Cala


13. Ettore


14. Capri


15. Marquesa


16. Elda


17. Lorette


18. Allerga


19. Gema


20. Ario


21. Chiara


22. Natala


23. Elena


24. Lucca


25. Cellina


26. Gabrielle


27. Aria


28. Ilarial


29. Cara


30. Lauretta




32. Lia


33. Liona


34. Perlita


35. Lizz


36. Susana


37. Avena


38. Tonia


39. Rosa


40. Lucia


41. Caleria


42. Elenore


43. Zeta


44. Gianni


45. Lucia


46. Tecla


47. Carriana


48. Abriana


49. Pretessa


50. Camellia


51. Milan


52. Caterina


53. Gia


54. Bellarosa


55. Capri


56. Adriana


57. Vanna


58. Lucinda


59. Clarisse


60. Siena


61. Suzetta


62. Elisabetha


63. Marcella


64. Serafina


65. Maddalyn


66. Zeta


67. Kareen


68. Casima


69. Riviera


70. Edita


71. Geonna


72. Sofia


73. Pippa


74. Patrina


75. Giulia


76. Greta


77. Gabrianna


78. Emma


79. Norah


80. Carlotta


81. Lucia


82. Carolinne


83. Fia


84. Mariabella


85. Marisa


86. France


87. Vittoria


88. Amalia


89. Lorrella


90. Natale


91. Caelia


92. Carmela


93. Lia


94. Livianna


95. Armani


96. Geovanni


97. Teresa


98. Valentina


99. Callisto


100. Marcella

I love so many of these names! Picking the right name can be hard and sometimes you may hear a name or read a name that hits you with “That’s it!”. When my husband came home and suggested the name Bobbie I fell in love with it!

And her name fits her perfectly!

What is your favorite name from this list? Let me know in the comments below! 

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  1. Gianna was on our list, but of course we had two boys! Lol. I love a lot of these though. Some I never even considered! So pretty

    • I think Gianna is a very beautiful name. I bet your two boys have very handsome names that match them perfectly:)

  2. I am not in the market for any more babies ( haha) but you are right, these names are adorable! If i had a girl they would be some of the names I would consider.

  3. Great list! Naming a child is such a difficult task for parents. You know I come from Vietnam and our name has meaning there, for example my name means ‘serene and tranquil’. Do these Italian names have special meaning?

    • Wow! that is great! Yes, they do have special meanings. I love the idea of putting the meaning of the names on here so I think I will do that for the next time I do names:)

    • Really that is interesting! Popular names must depend on where you are located. Because where I live and I have never heard someone names Aria but for you, it is a very popular name!

    • I have heard of the name Sofia before but not Gia so I think it is interesting that someone might hear a name more than another person.

  4. So many beautiful girl names! I am pregnant right now with my 4th BOY!!! haha! I need more boy name options ha! Love so many of these girl names though

      • The problem is that most of them are not Italian names for girls, some are for boys and some of them are just not names here! I am Italian living in Italy.

        • Thank you for your insight. Some people like boy names for girls and so I added names that could fit girls. But I will keep this in mind:)


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