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49 Strong And Powerful Baby Girl Names And Meanings!

49 Strong And Powerful Baby Girl Names And Meanings!

Naming your child is one of the most ever-lasting gifts you could ever give! As a parent, you want to give your child something truly unique and special. You want to choose a name for your baby girl that you and your daughter can be proud of.

I have put together a list of 49 strong, powerful, and beautiful baby girl names. Each name has a very special meaning. Make sure to read through each name and meaning before you decide on a name for your beautiful baby girl!

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Strong, Powerful, and Beautiful Baby Girl Names:

1. Lenna

Old German names are very powerful names! Lenna means “lion’s strength” Which is something we all want our daughters to have!

2. Millie

This girl’s name is of multiple origins, and the meaning of Millie is “industrious“. Millie is a variant of the Latin and Old German name. Other meanings for the name Millie are STRIVING; WORK; HELPER TO THE PRIEST; BEE; HONEY; GENTLE STRENGTH; BRAVE STRENGTH

3. Audrey 

Audrey was the name of beloved sixth-century saint Etheldreda. Meaning Noble Strength.

4. Valerie 

Valerie is a French variant of the name Valeria meaning “strength, health” This name has been on the popularity list since the 1880s. Despite the popularity of this name,  it is bold and strong!

5. Bree

The name Bree is of Irish and Gaelic origins. The meaning of Bree is “strength or an exalted one“.

6. Andrea 

Andrea as a girl’s name and a common boy name. It can be pronounced AHN-free-ah, AN-dree-ah. It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Andrea is “manly, virile“.

7. Briana

Briana is the feminine form of Brian which means “strong, virtuous and honorable.” The name became known from a poem that a British author wrote called “The Faerie Queene” in 1590. The name Briana means “high, noble, exalted,” which is sure to give a boost of confidence to your child!

8. Bridget

Bridget as a girl’s name is pronounced BRIH-jet. It is of Gaelic origin, and name Bridget means the “exalted one“.

9. Valencia 

The name Valencia derives from Valentinus which is a saint’s name. Which means “strong and healthy” It is also a name for a city on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Which is known for its oranges!

10. Millicent 

Millicent is a name from the old French origin meaning “brave strength

11. Trudy 

Trudy is a girl’s name that means “universal strength” it is of German origin.


The name Gabriella is a very strong and beautiful name. It is a feminine variation of Gabriel. Gabriella means “Heroine of God

13. Bria

The name Bria is an Irish name and Bria was inspired by the name Bridget. This name  means “power, strength, and vigor

14. Kendra

This beautiful name is a little more unknown. It is a Welsh name meaning “enthusiastic power, wise ruler, and“greatest champion“. This name is sure to strike power into any girl!

15. Carla 

Carla is a Portuguese name, meaning “one who possesses strength“. This name is very powerful and beautiful any girl who is named this is going to be a catch!

16. Amelia 

This name is associated with some of the strongest feminist symbols.  Many strong women have had this beautiful name. Amelia means “Industrious, striving, and work

17. Sandra

This name is a version of the name Alexandra which means “defending men”. Sandra was the name of the first woman jurist in the Supreme Court of the United States. This is such a beautiful and strong name!

18. Ruth

Ruth is a Hebrew name meaning “friend or companion” The name Ruth has some deep biblical ties such as the Book of Ruth in the Hebrew Bible.

19. Elizabeth 

Elizabeth is a descendant of the Hebrew name Elisheva. This powerful name means “God’s promise or God is my oath

20. Susan

This is a name that you don’t hear too often. It is a Hebrew name meaning “lily

21. Janet 

This beautiful name is of Scottish origins. Janet is another name for Jane which means “God’s gracious gift or God is gracious“.

22. Isabella

This name is a royal, feminine, and romantic name meaning “God’s promise“. It is an Italian and Spanish version of Elizabeth during their middle age. Common nicknames for Isabelle are Izzy, Bella, and Isa.

23. Angela 

There is no better way to tell the world that your little girl is an angel other than this beautiful name. The name Angela comes from a boy’s name Angelus which translates to “angel”. That being said Angela means “messenger or messenger of God

24. Melinda

There is nothing sweeter than this name. Melinda actually means “sweet” which is of Latin origins. Just like I said there is nothing sweeter than this name?

25. Nellie

This name came from other variations such as Cornelia (Latin), Eleanor (Greek), Helen (Greek), and Nelly (English). This beautiful name Nellie means “horn or sun ray“. Your little girl is sure to be a sun ray in your life!

26. Gloria 

This name is of Latian origins meaning “glory

27. Everett

I think this is such a cute little girl name! And the meaning is amazing! It is of Old English origin meaning “brave, strong

28. Diana

Diana was an ancient Roman divinity who was associated with the Greek God Artemis. Also, Diana is the name of Wonder Women! This beautiful and strong name means “divine

29. Matilda 

You might recognize this name from the movie Matilda. This name may sound old and flowery but this name means “mighty in battle” So look out world!

30. Serena

This is a name of Latin origin meaning “serene or calm” This is such a beautiful name and not to mention the famous tennis player Serena Williams who is a BOSS on the tennis court!

31. Brienne

This name comes from the Irish, Gaelic, and Celtic names. If you are a Game of Thrones fan you may recognize this name from Brienne of Tarth. But you will love this name for what it means!. Brienne means “high, noble, and exalted

32. Gertrude

This old fashion name has a strong meaning. Gertrude is os Old German meaning “strong spear“.

33. Leona

 Leona is the feminine form of Leon which is from Latin origins meaning “lion“. If you know anything about lions they have some of the strongest and most powerful animals in the animal kingdom!

34. Florence

This beautiful name is of Latin origin meaning “flowering or in bloom

35. Genevieve

This is a very soft and beautiful French name meaning “of the race of women“. In the fifth century, a young lady named Genevieve was a faithful Christian who believed in God and through prayer and belief, she protected the city against Attila the Hun and his army.

36. Grace

Grace is truly an amazing name. It is a very popular name because of its virtuous meaning. This beautiful name means “favor or blessing” little girls are a beautiful blessing to any mamma.

37. Nora

Nora is a retro name that was a big hit in the 1880s and now it is coming back in a big way! This adorable name means “honor“.

38. Odette

Odette is a cute name of the French and Old German origin meaning “wealth“.

39. Sydney

Sydney is an Old English name that means “wide meadow

40. Amara

Amara is of Latin origin and it means “everlasting” Any little girl is going to be everlasting!

41. Adara

This beautiful baby girl’s name is of Greek and Hebrew origin. And beautiful is this name since it really means “virgin, beauty, and noble“.

42. Claribel

I absolutely love this little girl’s name! It is of English origin meaning “bright; beautiful

43. Astrid 

If any of you are Office fans then you may recognize this name. Astrid Old Norse origin and the meaning of Astrid is “fair, beautiful goddess“.

44. Mabel 

Mabel is of Old English origin meaning “lovable“. This would be a perfect name for any little angle.

45. Shayna 

This name is of Yiddish origins meaning “beautiful“. This comes with a beautiful and sweet nickname of “shay”.

46. Jolie

Jolie as a girl’s name is of French origin meaning “pretty“. It has become extremely popular after the famous actress Angelina Jolie.

47. Rosalind 

This beautiful and unique baby girl’s name means “pretty rose

48. Callista

Callista is a Greek name meaning “most beautiful” and by the sound of it you can understand why it means the “most beautiful”.

49. Evelyn

Evelyn is of French origin meaning “life“.
There you go! Which of these names do you love the most? Let me know in the comment below!