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10 Mega Fun Easter Activities For Kids

10 Mega Fun Easter Activities For Kids

Can you believe it is almost Easter time? It is such a fun holiday, but it can be hard to find fun things to do with your kids beside the traditional egg hunts. To give you a few more easter crafts and activities ideas. I have made a list of fun Easter activities for kids of all ages! 

There are some activities that involve a little learning and some that are just plain fun and exciting! These activities are a great way to add more fun to the Easter holiday!

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  • 10 Mega Fun Easter Activities For Kids
  • 8 Fun Easter Activities For Toddlers
  • 10 Learning Easter Activities
  • 7 Fun Outdoor Easter Games  

10 Mega Fun Easter Activities For Kids

Easter activities for kids
  1. Shaving Cream Eggs– What child doesn’t love playing in shaving cream? I get super nervous to dye eggs with the traditional water, dye, and egg dunking on those less than stable wire egg holders. Seriously, like any moment I feel like one of the cups will tip over and ruin something. This is why the shaving cream idea is so much better and honestly, it is way more fun! 
  2. Bunny Nose Masks – This is such a simple and easy craft to do. If you aren’t looking to spend much time or money on a fun craft. This one is a great craft to do. Disclosure: after you may have little bunnies hopping around your house!
  3. Paper Plate Bunny Rabbits– I never used paper plates in our house. I didn’t think we had any use for them. Until I found a ton of fun and adorable crafts to do with paper plates! Now I have a stash of cheap paper plates in our craft box. Paper plates are so cheap and you can do many things with them. 
  4. Toilet Roll Easter Bunnies– I think these toilet paper bunnies are absolutely adorable! Plus they are super easy to make. No matter what age your kids are, they will have fun making these bunnies. You can go super simple or go above and beyond and get supplies to make these bunnies look amazing!
  5. Moveable Easter Bunny– This movable easter bunny is so easy to do! It is such a fun craft to do with your kids. They will be playing with their bunny all day!
  6. Scrape Easter Bunny Silhouette– Any painting or coloring activity we do, my daughter always has a blast. If your children love to get their creative juices flowing as well. This is such a fun and cute activity to do. 
  7. Potato Easter Egg Stamp– If you don’t have stamps or want to go to the store to get some. Well, guess what! If you got some potatoes you got stamps! Potatoes are pretty much shaped like eggs. All you need to do is design your stamp, get some paint and paper, then stamp away! 
  8. Pop Up Paper Plate Bunny– Do you have a whole bunch of leftover paper plates that are just sitting in the back of your cupboard? Well, now you have a use for all of those! 
  9. Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies– DON’T THROW AWAY YOUR TOILET PAPER ROLLS! There are so many activities and crafts that can be done with toilet paper rolls including these adorable and super to make toilet paper bunny rolls.
  10. Salt Painted Easter Eggs– Have you ever tried salt painting before? It is actually super fun! If you are worried about the mess. Since salt is like sand, it gets everywhere. You can get these bins that help keep the salt in one place and there is hardly any mess to clean up afterward! 

Fun Easter Activities for Toddlers

There are many activities that are for older children instead of younger ones. That is why I made a list of some super fun Easter activities specifically for toddlers! 

  1. Bunny Handprint art
  2. DIY Cereal Feed Box Bunny 
  3. Egg Scoop 
  4. Easter Sensory Bin
  5. Rice Shaker Easter Eggs
  6. Salt Dough Easter Eggs
  7. Egg Collage
  8. Easter Egg Rockets 

10 Learning Easter Activities 

When I set up activities or crafts in our home. I try to always include at least one learning activity. I think it is a great way to show children that learning can be super fun! We always have fun when we learn because we make it fun and do fun activities. Below I have listed some super fun learning activities that you can do with younger and older kids! 

  1. Alphabet Egg Match 
  2. Peeps Science Experiment
  3. Egg Cracking
  4. Easter Egg Science Experiment
  5.  Easter Egg Stem Activity 
  6. Find The Bunny
  7. Dissolving Easter Jelly Bean
  8. Easter Catapult
  9. Fizzing Easter Eggs 
  10. Easter Egg Pom-pom Poppers

7 Fun Outdoor Easter Games

Kids of all ages have so much energy that sometimes they need to burn that energy off by playing some super fun games outside. We love outdoor games and these easter games are a couple of fun outdoor easter games that you can try this Easter!

  1. Egg Roll Game
  2. Funny Bunny Feet Game
  3. Bunny Ears Ring Toss Game
  5. Easter Bunny Sack Races
  6. Easter Scavenger Hunt
  7. Easter Egg Toss Game

Final Thoughts

Easter activities for kids

Easter is such a fun time of the year. It is always bright and colorful! I don’t know about you, but I feel like Easter doesn’t have my fun traditions except for the Easter egg hunt. My hope is that you were able to find some fun Easter activities that you will add to your Easter traditions!