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Practical Tips To Survive The 1st Trimester Of Pregnancy

Practical Tips To Survive The 1st Trimester Of Pregnancy

0kay, how excited are you that you’re pregnant?

Since it took me almost a year to get pregnant (because I have endometriosis) when I saw a positive pregnancy test I was jumping for joy!! I never thought that day would come. It was that hardest thing to see all my friends and family getting pregnant within the first month.

I didn’t even care what symptoms I would have because I was so excited that I was pregnant and that I was going to be a mom. But once you’ve gotten over the elation of being pregnant.

Now, despite the joy of having a little one growing in your belly you need to deal with the some of the symptoms of pregnancy. Everone’s pregnancy is different. Sorry to say some have it worse than others.

Luckily I was blessed with a fairly easy pregnancy but some of the symptoms had their own challenges. If your body is having the normal pregnancy symptoms that is a GOOD thing! Because that is normally an indication that you have a healthy pregnancy.

Even though dealing with morning sickness clear into the middle of my second trimester was not fun. I was happy that my pregnancy was a healthy one. I have listed some survival tips to help you POWER through the first trimester!

Survival Tip #1

Get plenty of rest: Most likely, you will be more tired than ever before during the first trimester. Listen to your body and go to bed or take naps when you are feeling tired. This may also mean cutting back on obligations or going out with friends or family.

Do not let yourself worry about housework, errands, or getting ready for the baby. You will have more energy in the 2nd trimester, so let the things that can wait, wait. Also, ask you’re significant other or family to help you when you are tired.

In the first trimester (let’s be honest, really my whole pregnancy) I would go to bed at 8:00 P.M.! I would be so exhausted that I needed to sleep. Don’t feel bad if you are napping all the time or you are going to bed early.

Your body needs to rest. You are growing a tiny human being!


Survival Tip #2

Ask your significant other to do the grocery shopping, cooking, and some of the cleaning: You may have aversions to foods in the first trimester or simply just do not have the desire to cook. Prepare a list of food items that you enjoy and ask your significant to prepare the meals each night or a few nights per week.

Alleviating the stress of having to deal with food aversions at the grocery store and over the stove will help alleviate some of the nausea you may be feeling.

There was a small list of foods I could make that wouldn’t make me feel sick. You might have a small meal list as well. If you need help cleaning up around the house (since a lot of cleaning chemicals you should not be breathing in) have someone help you!

Survival Tip #3

Make large meals on the weekends to last throughout the week: You will find that you have a little more energy for a few hours on the weekends. Snatch up those moments of energy to make a one-dish meal for the week (soups, casseroles, stews) so that you have something on the nights you lack the desire and energy to cook.

You can also buy pre-cooked meals at the grocery store so that all you need to do is add the food to a pan and heat it up. It is smart to make sure you are eating a well-balanced diet during your pregnancy, to make sure that you and your growing baby are getting the nutrients that the both of you need.


Survival Tip #4

If you are experiencing nausea, try different avenues to alleviate it: There are many tips out there to ease nausea, such as eating crackers in the morning before you get up, eating crackers all day, drinking ginger tea, and drinking ginger ale.

I had to be snacking on crackers all day and I would even keep some crackers on my bedside table for when I felt nauseous at night. 

Morning sickness is not the most fun part of being pregnant, however, there are ways to help make morning sickness not so miserable.

Lightly snacking through that day will keep your blood sugar high and help with nausea. Also, make sure you are drinking plenty of water! your nausea can get worse if you are dehydrated.

Survival Tip #5

Don’t read all of the pregnancy books: Ask your doctor for one book that their practice recommends and stick with that book. If you feel the need to buy several books on the market, do not let yourself get worried about all of the things they discuss in these books.

Every pregnancy is different. I stopped reading into pregnancy books to much because I began comparing my pregnancy to the ones in my pregnancy books. My midwife reassured me to only use pregnancy books as a guide since all pregnancies are different.

Survival Tip #6

Call your doctor if you have concerns about anything! Your doctor will assure you more than the books or anyone else for that matter.

You know your body better than anyone. If you feel like something is off don’t hesitate to call your doctor.

Have fun during your first trimester! Cherish all of the changes and experiences your body goes through during pregnancy as it forms a little miracle inside. During my pregnancy, there were many times that I wished my pregnancy was over.

But looking back I miss the amazing moments of pregnancy such as feeling my baby kick for the first time and when I would feel my baby roll around. I will say I do not miss the morning sickness or the uncomfortableness but try to stay as positive as you can.

The first trimester is tough. But it will go by quickly! Before you know it your baby will be in your arms and you will get to kiss him for the first time. And that moment makes all the symptoms of pregnancy worth it!

How are you dealing with your first trimester? Let me know in the comments below!