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9 Effective Belly Pooch Tightening Tips For Post Pregnancy

9 Effective Belly Pooch Tightening Tips For Post Pregnancy

Congratulations! Your little munchkin is here! Now that your baby has arrived, your body surely has changed in the past nine months! One very obvious change is the shape of your body.

Baby weight is okay to gain during your pregnancy but now you are not pregnant and it can be quite frustrating that even after delivery your belly pooch is still there!

Now this news I am about to tell you is unlike what you might think. Sadly, it does take a lot of time to get rid of your pregnancy pooch. Think of it this way, it took nine months for your body to gain the pregnancy weight and it’s going to take nine months to lose the weight.

But, it’s not impossible. It is very achievable to not only lose the pregnancy weight but to be even more fit than you were before getting pregnant! How fast the belly pooch can go away depends on how active you were before, during and after your pregnancy.

If you had a hard pregnancy that made it so you could not be super active that is okay! Now that you are no longer pregnant you can kick butt at getting rid of your belly pooch!

9 Effective Belly Pooch Tightening Tips For Post Pregnancy

Here are some tips that will help in tightening skin after pregnancy:

1. Drink More Water

Water is a magical potion that hydrates your body and makes it more elastic. It helps in burning calories more effectively and is a great way to keep your skin healthy and tight.

Being dehydrated is something that is not good for your body, especially when you are trying to lose weight.

2. Breastfeeding

Besides breastfeeding being a healthy source for your baby, breastfeeding is very important for you too. You can burn 300-500 calories per day just by breastfeeding. Because when you breastfeed your calories are transformed into milk.

Therefore, it helps you lose extra fat. Awesome right!? Mothers who breastfeed lose weight faster than those moms who don’t breastfeed.

3. Exercise

You are not going to lose fat by sitting. You need to set time aside daily if you want to lose your belly pooch and more. You have to indulge in activity and exercise once your body is ready for post-delivery.

Ask your doctor when you can start exercising. You don’t want to go crazy with weight training or running at first since delivery alone takes a big toll on your body. You can start by walking daily or doing postpartum yoga.

Aerobic and cardio work wonders for your abdomen and helps in strengthening your muscles and burn calories.

If you are not used to exercising start by doing a workout once or twice a week! As you get into a schedule and are used to regularly exercising then increase how long you workout for and how many days a week!

” It takes 4 weeks for you to see your body changing, it takes 8 weeks for your friends and family, it takes 12 weeks for the rest of the world. Keep Going!

4. Consume Proteins!

Protein is good for muscle growth. It contains important nutrients called collagen which help in firming your skin. Your protein intake depends on your weight and how much physical activity you do. On average you should consume 50 grams of protein.

5. Exfoliate Your Skin

Besides your skin feeling silky smooth when you exfoliate, it’s another good way to tighten your skin. You can exfoliate your skin in the shower with an exfoliating scrub.

Exfoliating helps increase blood circulation and creates new, healthy, and more elastic skin!

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on nice exfoliating brushes or creams. One of my favorite exfoliating kits is Minamul Luxurious All Natural Dry Body Brushing!

6. Use Lotion

There are so many creams and lotions out there that contain collagen, Vitamin E, C, A and K which is all good for your skin. Apply lotion to your loose skin so that it will aid in tightening your skin after pregnancy.

You can even massage the lotion in to improve blood flow. Do this at least twice a day for good results.

7. Strength Training

Once your body is accustomed to regular exercise you can start including strength training into your daily workout routines. Strength training stimulates muscular contractions which helps in building strength.

It also keeps your body burning calories even after you’re done working out. It also helps improve your body composition and reduce fat all over the body.

8. Keep A Healthy Mind

I know it’s really frustrating when you are unable to lose that extra fat. But stay positive and don’t give up. Try keeping yourself relaxed and patient with yourself by practicing meditation, deep breathing and enjoy the outdoors as much as you can.

Losing your belly pooch and overall fat is going to take time and hard work. When you feel like giving up, DON’T!

I know that is a lot easier said than done. It is common to do really great on getting your workout in for a few days or even weeks and then you stop. Trust me I have done that a time or two.

It is important to keep a healthy mind and attitude! You may not notice a difference in the first few weeks. And it is easy to compare yourself to others. But keep at it! If you are ready to get your body back keep up with a consistent workout routine!

9. Cardio

Cardio is awesome! It gets your heart rate up and that pesky fat burning. Finding a good balance between cardio and weights will help you to quickly lose those extra pounds. Find a cardio activity that you enjoy such as running, biking, swimming, etc.

Getting your post-pregnancy belly back isn’t the easiest but it can happen with hard work and consistency. If you are struggling to find time to fit a workout into your busy schedule you can always get your children involved in your fitness routines!

By doing so you are setting a good example for your child. You don’t have to workout when your kids are taking their naps or are at school. Get creative and find fun ways to get them involved!

What is an exercise that you are going to do today to lose your post-pregnancy belly pooch? Let me know In the comments below!


Wednesday 25th of July 2018

Thanks for these tips! I never thought of using lotion to tighten my skin. I will definitely try this and buy an exfoliate.

Dollar Mommy Club

Friday 27th of July 2018

Thank you! Yes using skin tightening lotion is amazing! And an exfoliate is great to use as well!