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Postpartum Hair Loss Relief Tips

Postpartum Hair Loss Relief Tips

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You know that fast growing thick hair growth you got during your pregnancy? Enjoy it while you can since the months after you deliver you may start to experience postpartum hair loss. It’s sad but true!

I remember after having my first baby when she was around 4 month old. My hair started breaking off around my forehead and I would lose so much hair when taking a shower or simply brushing my hair. I felt like I was going bald! (don’t worry I didn’t go bald 😉 )

But Don’t Freak Out! Postpartum Hair Loss Is Normal!

I feel like postpartum hair loss is one of those things that no one tells you about. Just like having sore cracked nipples, leaking boobs, stretch marks…should I continue?

You may be going about your hair-care routine when you look down and see a large clump of your hair tangled in your brush, or you run your fingers through your hair and find a whole bunch of hair all over you.

Don’t freak out! postpartum hair loss is completely normal. If you are starting to get worried about when you might start experiencing postpartum hair loss keep on reading!

When Does Postpartum Hair Loss Start?

It can vary for every woman. Me, I started noticing hair loss about 4 months after having my baby. Most women tend to experience postpartum hair loss between 2-and 4 months after having their baby.

The amount of hair loss you experience is different for every woman. For some women, it is a lot of hair and for others, it’s not much. If you have long hair or experienced a lot of hair growth during your pregnancy your hair loss may be more extreme.

But don’t worry not all hope is lost! There are many ways to help with postpartum hair loss. That is exactly what I am covering in this post!

How Long Does Postpartum Hair Loss Last?

Now that we covered when postpartum hair loss will start the obvious next question is. “When does postpartum hair loss stop”?

Here is some good news for you. Postpartum hair loss is only TEMPORARY! Woohoo, I don’t know about you, but that is music to my ears. Your normal hair growth patterns typically return 6 months postpartum, however, some women do experience hair loss up to a year after childbirth.

I will say that if you are experiencing an excessive amount of hair loss even after a year. I would recommend giving your doctor a call.

How to stop postpartum hair loss?

Can we have an honest moment with one another really quickly? I am sorry to say but you can’t stop postpartum hair loss from happening. I know! don’t be mad. Postpartum is normal and will happen due to hormonal changes your body goes through after having a baby.

So blame it on those lovely women’s hormones. Now you can’t stop postpartum hair loss completely BUT you can do things to help minimize the effects of hair loss and help promote healthy hair growth!

5 Postpartum Hair Loss Treatments & Remedies

1. Eat A Healthy Diet

It’s a no-brainer that maintaining a healthy diet is super important for our overall health and wellbeing. Especially for postpartum moms, a healthy diet can help with your overall recovery and help prevent postpartum hair loss from progressing.

Make sure you’re eating a well-balanced diet of vitamins and nutrients. Which is mainly found in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water throughout the day as well.

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    2. Reduce Your Stress

    You may minor a chuckle at this one. Don’t worry I did!. Having a new baby brings on all different kinds of stress. However, finding ways to reduce your stress levels will go a long way.

    Studies show that stress can make your hair fall out. Here are a few things you can do today to help reduce your stress.

    • Try to get as much sleep as you can: If people tell you to sleep when your baby sleeps. Do it! There are plenty of other times in a day and the week that you can get these dishes done and the laundry folded.
    • Practice Self Care: Creating a good and simple self-care routine will help you tremendously. After you get your baby to bed and before you head to bed take 15 minutes and hop into a bubble bath or meditate. Self-care is super important and it is easier to make a habit of it when your little one is young. If you need some self-care ideas check out this post.
    • Take A Break: Being a mom is hard stuff. You may find yourself running around trying to get the house clean, feeding your baby, changing a million diapers a day, making dinner and the list goes on and on. Take a few minutes to sit and relax. Kick your feet up and watch one of your favorite Netflix episodes or read for 20 minutes. No matter what it is, allow yourself to take a break.

    3. DIY Hair Masks

    postpartum hair loss masks

    Don’t get tempted by the “hair growth” products out there. Now there may be some great all-natural ones you could use, but a lot of the time hair growth products are full of chemicals. Which can lead to hormonal imbalance, skin disease, and many other things which bring you more harm than good.

    To learn more about knowing which products are good and which ones are bad. Learn more about natural beauty products here.

    Here are some all-natural hair loss treatments you can do:

    • Avocado Hair Mask: If avocados are super healthy to eat then they must be great for your hair too…right?! They are packed full of vitamins, fatty acids, and proteins which are all great for your hair and scalp! You can find lots of avocado hair mask ideas on Pinterest.
    • Castor Oil: This is another oil that contains a lot of fatty acids which makes it great for treating hair loss.
    • Egg Hair Mask: When I tried an egg hair mask for the first time I will say I was completely grossed out! but it did wonders for my hair! Egg hair masks can help with hair growth and repair damaged hair.

    4. Baby Beard Club- Miracle Bro Hair Growth Serum

    This is one of my favorite all-natural hair growth serums. It is by Baby Beard Club and I have been using it since I had my second baby and even though I have still lost some hair. I have not lost near as much as I did after I had my daughter. And the best part is, I haven’t had my hair break around my forehead!

    The Miracle Bro oils smell amazing and are very therapeutic. You can the oil on your scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes. It is also a great hair growth serum for men too. So if you and your husband both need a great hair growth product then Miracle Bro is a win-win for the both of you.

    The only downside is that if you already have oily hair like me then Miracle Bro makes your hair way more oily. I will apply the serum just before going to bed and then wash my hair in the mornings and my hair is perfect for the rest of the day. Also, if you are using it on your eyelashes, it is runny so make sure you use an eyebrow brush and only apply the serum to the very tips of your eyelashes.

    If you would like to give Miracle Bro a try click here and use…

    my code: shh

    and when you buy any two oils you get the third one for free!

    These oils last a very long time since you use very little of them. I have two oil bottles and I am not even halfway through my FIRST bottle.

    5. Avoid Using Harsh Hair Products

    You may want to find new ways to do your hair for a while when you start having postpartum hair loss. Because any harsh products can make your hair loss more extreme.

    Here is a list of things to avoid:

    • Heated Tools: This is a tough one for me and I would say it is a hard sacrifice for most women. But hair dryers, curling irons, and straight irons can cause even more damage to your struggling postpartum hair. Not to mention it can damage the new hair that is trying to grow back!
    • Limit How Often You Wash Your Hair: I usually try to go every other day when I wash my hair. That way my hair is getting a break from always being washed with shampoo. I would also recommend getting an all-natural shampoo to use during this time.
    • Don’t Do Tight Hairstyles: When I start losing hair I wear my hair up A LOT! that way It can hide my breaking and falling out hair. Instead of using regular hair ties, I will switch to scrunchies I know so 80s right! Also, I have learned to love my natural hair. The less I mess with my hair the better it does!
    • Use A Big Wide Tooth Comb: Using a wide tooth comb helps your hair not break as much when it’s being combed.


    Dealing with hair loss can be super frustrating but I promise it doesn’t last forever. It takes a while for our bodies to fully recover after childbirth and to be honest. I don’t feel like my body ever went back to the way it was before having kids. Chances are either will be yours but, that’s okay!

    One thing I have had to learn is how to love my post-baby body! Just remember when you start losing hair that it is normal and that it won’t last forever!

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    Tuesday 17th of May 2022

    I love my hair and i love to read blogs which have hair remedies. Avacado is superb fruit to eat and to make hair mask


    Tuesday 27th of October 2020

    Not sure if you've seen the baby blues postpartum hair loss vitamins ( but they are so amazing. Definitely helped slow my shedding pretty quickly and all the white scalp I was seeing has baby hair regrowth after two months so recommend to any new mama's. Postpartum hair loss is no joke =(


    Wednesday 6th of May 2020

    Can you use the miracle beard growth serum if your breastfeeding?

    Dollar Mommy Club

    Thursday 7th of May 2020

    Yes! It is all natural ingredients. I used it while breastfeeding and everything was great:)

    Friday 25th of October 2019

    Great read! I have to give the castor oil a try because I am afraid I won't have any avocados left over for the avocado hair mask.

    I'm also definitely going to give Miracle bro hair growth serum a try!

    Thank you.

    Dollar Mommy Club

    Friday 1st of November 2019

    You're welcome! Miracle Bro Hair is my favorite!

    Aska Pharmacist

    Tuesday 24th of September 2019

    Your "natural hair loss treatments" are helping me to grow fast and healthy hair. dear trust me here on google many advices and recommendations but these ingredients are natural and no side effect. thank you for your blog.