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10 Ways to Help an Expectant Mom Enjoy Her Pregnancy Despite the Pandemic

10 Ways to Help an Expectant Mom Enjoy Her Pregnancy Despite the Pandemic

Experiencing pregnancy during the pandemic is unique, to say the least. While moms can’t enjoy get-togethers and free babysitting help from friends, that doesn’t mean loved ones can’t show them support in other ways.

One way to assist the pregnant mama in your life? Recommending the Dollar Mommy Club so she can get help with child rearing from day one. Of course, there are plenty of other ways to support the mom-to-be you love.

Prioritize Keeping in Touch

Many pregnant moms are feeling more alone than ever during their maternity journeys. Since the pandemic is making gatherings unsafe and nearly impossible, try other methods of delivering emotional support.

  • Refer your mom friend to text4baby for message updates about her pregnancy stages and infant development once the baby arrives. She can also participate in giveaways and connect to resources for mom and baby health and wellness.
  • Send safe snail-mail with sweet cards, snacks, baby gifts. Or choose items for older siblings to enjoy (and keep busy with).
  • Arrange a virtual baby shower to show your loved one how much you care (even from afar). Decorate the ‘venue,’ plan remote games, and keep things short for a fun and fast-paced remote event.
  • If your loved one feels sad about her pandemic pregnancy experience, keep an open mind, and a supportive perspective. Emotional support can make a big difference in how she remembers this time.    

Send Gifts They’ll Feel Good About

While nearly any baby gift will be well-received, think about gifts that will really help your pregnant loved one feel special and cared for.

  • Help the mom-to-be round out her maternity and postpartum wardrobe. Choosing cozy clothes for nursing can help her figure out breastfeeding in comfort.
  • Plan a postpartum subscription box featuring the new mom’s favorite things. From coffee to wine to high-end snacks, let her enjoy treats she couldn’t have during pregnancy.
  • Choose an auto-ship gift that’s kid-specific, whether diapers and wipes or toys that grow with your loved one’s new baby. A gift that keeps arriving can help new moms feel less alone – and give them goodies to look forward to.

Help Out with Pandemic-Specific Needs

Since pregnant women are considered high-risk when it comes to the coronavirus, assisting with pandemic-prohibitive errands might be a big help.

  • Offer to deliver groceries, takeout, or home-cooked meals. Take the same precautions as commercial workers must, including masking up, cleaning your hands, and maintaining social distance.
  • Take your loved one’s car in for maintenance so she’s ready to bring home the baby safely. Afterward, clean thoroughly to eliminate any harmful germs in the vehicle without damaging surfaces.
  • If your pregnant loved one has older children, offer to cover up and keep an eye on the kids or escort the mom-to-be to appointments so she doesn’t have to go alone.

Pregnancy during the pandemic can be challenging and isolating. But thoughtful friends and family can turn things around for a mom who’s expecting, whether it’s her first or fifth (or more) child. Try any (or all) of these ideas to help a pregnant mama feel special throughout all nine months and beyond.

Luke Zitterkopf

Thursday 7th of January 2021

I think the home cooked meals is one of the most appreciated gifts we can provide. Having the comfort of a good meal and not having to do any dishes is priceless!

Also I think helping the mom with everyday items around the house is a great choice. Keeping the rest of the family and house running smooth is hard work and any mom (or dad) with a newborn needs to take a prolonged break from that scene.