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9 Amazing Hacks When Flying With A Baby

9 Amazing Hacks When Flying With A Baby

does it make you nervous to fly with your baby? 

Do not be afraid to travel by plane with a small child! Flying is a convenient way of traveling. The youngest infants can come on board and their health and well-being will not be affected. In the company of parents, babies are good everywhere!

For that dad who is for the first time a father or mother and is forced to make a long trip by plane, we have a list of details that you should consider being prepared in this new scenario with your baby.

1. Buy a ticket online

It’s a very convenient way! You can save time and money in this way. However, remember that in cheap airlines the cost of flights to many cities in Europe is sometimes lower than the price of a bus ticket.

2. How long should I wait to travel with a baby?

The airlines recommend not traveling with infants less than seven days old, however, this is a question you should ask your pediatrician because they consider that you should expect, at least, that the baby will be between four and six weeks of age.

3. How will I transport the baby?

Before the age of two, children do not pay a ticket and travel on the adult’s lap. On international flights, infants pay up to 10% of the ticket fare. Once they are two years old, they must pay a full ticket and travel in their own seat.

Consider the airline in which you are going to travel as there are those where you can reserve a crib or raise a baby car seat, even those that do not even allow you to enter with the stroller.

Some companies recommend, for safety, to pay a ticket and buy a baby chair approved by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). For babies up to 8 months, special cots are offered, according to the airline.

4. Can I travel with more than one child under two years?

Depending on the company, an adult can travel with up to two children under 2 years of age, but you can only carry one in your lap, that is, you must pay a full ticket for the other child who will occupy a seat.

5. What documents are necessary to travel with a baby?

All minors must travel with their birth certificate, and the parent must present an official identification. If the child is traveling with someone alien to their parents, a special permit must be presented with the name of the person with whom they will travel.

6.What about the hatch and what about the cabin

The dimensions of carry-on baggage should not exceed 55x40x20 cm. Usually, you can bring a folding trolley with you. It should not be included in the weight of your luggage. Servicing the aircraft will pick him up from you before boarding and return after landing. You can also send it with your main luggage.

7. Walk around the airport

There is no worse start to travel than being late to the airport. Running with a child on the hand and panic searching for the terminal is really painful. Therefore, please report to the check-in at least one hour before departure. You will have time to tame your child with the airport and the plane. In the end, there are a lot of interesting things going on!

8. Children have priority

Some lines invite parents with small children on board before other passengers – it allows you to find a place and place your luggage in a calm way. But this is not the rule! You can ask someone at the airport to let in first, or wait for everyone to come in. Get off in a similar way – you will avoid cramps and long standing in the aisle.

9. Can I transport baby food in hand luggage?

Baby food is the exception to the rules that prohibit carrying liquid products in carry-on luggage. At the airport in Mexico, those who travel with babies can also carry baby milk, formula or powder, juice or porridge in sufficient quantity for the trip.

Extra recommendations:

  • To travel more comfortable and with more space, when buying the tickets ask for the seats in the first row.
  • Take toys that can be lost, so, if they go rolling on the plane, it does not matter, and in passing the child is entertained.
  • Try to choose toys that do not make a lot of noise to avoid discomfort.
  • Do not forget your favorite blanket or doll, but, yes, take it tied to the handbag so it is not lost.
  • Bring food to feed it but also to entertain it, such as cereals, cookies or some goodies.
  • Take a change of clothes, both for the baby and for the mother in case they get dirty
  • Even if it’s hot, bring an extra coat because the air conditioner can sometimes be very strong
  • Calculate the number of diapers per travel hours, so do not miss.


Wednesday 29th of April 2020

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Sunday 3rd of November 2019

I am about to depart on my first overseas trip with my little one. She will be 6 months old. We are travelling to Greece and Turkey, would you take a stroller for these countries, knowing what you know now?

Dollar Mommy Club

Monday 4th of November 2019

How fun! It sounds like it is going to be an amazing trip! If you are limited with items you want to take then I would not take a stroller but take a great baby carrier with me if I were you. However, if you want to take a stroller the small travel stroller you could do that as well. Here is a list of some great light weight travel strollers Also, check with the airport or rental places around where you will be. They may rent out strollers that you could use while you’re in that area. Hope this helps! and good luck on your trip!