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7 Last Minute Back To School Essential Items For Mamas And Kids

7 Last Minute Back To School Essential Items For Mamas And Kids

Can you believe that it is that time of year again? Back-to-school preparation can be so stressful and overwhelming. It is a new grade, new learning, and new experience for you and your children. Now that family vacations have died down it is time to plan a whole new busy schedule.

Doesn’t it seem like no matter what time of the year you have a busy schedule? #momlife

Not only do you need to prepare your children for school but you need to prepare yourself for this school year! By the end of summer, you are probably excited to send your children off to school (because mama needs a break from kids)!

You want to make sure you are sending your children off to school with everything they need for this coming school year. To help remind you of any last minute items you may need for your children and yourself I have made a list below of 7 last minute back to school essential items for mamas and kids!

Kids (5th grade +)

Flashcard Set

Having a flashcard set it great to help your children learn new things and prepare for tests or quizzes. They are so easy to take around places and are easier to keep track of. I don’t know if your kids easily lose things but having a good flashcard set can help keep your children from misplacing them.

You can use flashcards to help with spelling, writing, tests, quizzes, memorization and so much more! Plus they keep things a lot neater than having big pieces of paper everywhere.

Lunch Totes

Having a lunch tote is a must-have for almost all children. School lunches can be unhealthy and if you forget to pay for lunch your children don’t get lunch. Making homemade lunches take more time. However, they are often a lot healthy, saves you money, and your children will get lunch every day!

These lunch totes are perfect for packing snacks and great healthy lunches. You could even add cute little “good luck on your first day of school” note inside!

Magnetic Page Markers

Did you ever fold the corner of the page you needed to remember to come back to later? Do your kids do it? I use to fold the corner of my important pages or even find a piece of paper, rip it and use that as my bookmark.

If you or your kids do that same it can be frustrating when that fold unfolds or that ripped piece of paper falls out. These magnetic page markers make important pages easier to find! They are magnetic so you don’t have to worry about trying to find important pages in your child’s homework book!

Planner Pack

Around age 7 it is a good time to start teaching your children planning and scheduling. And an easy way to help them with that is by using a planner pack. This planner pack is a great way to help your child plan their school and academic requirements such as homework and remind them of any upcoming tests.

Writing Essentials Bundle 

If your children are in older grades they may need more than mechanical pencils. That is why I love the writing essentials bundle. It has a pencil set, colorful dual-tip markers 3-pack, fine Tip Wet Erase Markers, and multicolor bright highlighter pack. This pack as every type of writing tool your child may need while they are at school!


As much as kids needing back to school items so does mom! With busy school, sport and family schedule you need a place to organize it all. Here are some of my favorite back to school item must haves for moms!

Monthly Desk Pad 

I am a huge fan of desk pads. They are big and easy to help you remember things since it sits right on your desk! Small calendars make it hard to write anything into the squares and if you’re lucky what you just wrote won’t get smudged. With these monthly desk pad calendars are easy to write out your families busy schedule!

Life Planner

Can I just talk for a second about how much I love the name of this planner? It is such a perfect name! A life planner is perfect for planning your mom’s busy life! Anyways, these Life Planners make it easy to help you keep track of your day-to-day to-do list. They also have places to write down your goals, and dreams and help inspire you. Life as a mom is hard. We all need a little inspiration every once and a while.

If you have most or all of these last-minute items then WAY TO GO! you are one prepared mama. If not that’s okay! that is why I made this list. I often say it is better to be over-prepared than under-prepared. When you are underprepared things become stressful.

With this list, I hope you are able to feel a little less stressed and more prepared. Because going back to school is a big deal for moms and children! Happy school year!

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