18 Super Cute Pregnancy Announcements With Dogs

First off, let me say congratulations! Being pregnant is such an exciting time especially when you start announcing your pregnancy to family members and friends.

There are so many super cute ways to announce your pregnancy but getting your pup involved makes your pregnancy announcement all the better.

A lot of couples take a few days or even weeks trying to find the perfect way to announce their pregnancy since this is such a special time. When my husband and I were pregnant with our first it took us about a week or two to find how we wanted to announce our pregnancy.

So don’t feel like it is something to rush into! I was so excited and gitty when I was putting this post together because there were just so many cute ideas that I added to this post and I can’t wait to share them with you!


18 Super Cute Pregnancy Announcements With Dogs

We don’t have a dog but these adorable pregnancy announcements make me want to get a dog! I can’t take credit for coming up with these ideas, but I hope you love them as much as I do!

If you want to see more pregnancy announcement ideas check out our Practical Pregnancy Planner that has 20 more adorable ways you can announce your pregnancy and many more things to help you prepare for your baby!

1. Mom & Dad Are Getting Me A Human!

2. 1, 2, 3

3.  SHHH…We Haven’t Told Them Yet

4. Announcing Baby ______

5. Coming This _______

6. Ultrasound Picture

7. Big Sister

8. Best Friends

9. Big Sister, Big Brother, Our New Friend Is Coming _______

10. Baby _____ Guard Dog Duty Starts _____

11. It’s Official! I’m Getting A Sister

12. Big Brother

13. Shoes and Collars

14. How To Be A Big Brother

15. The Battle For Mommy’s Attention Begins _______

16. Baby ______ Coming _______

17. Wait… I Thought I Was The Baby

18. Adding 1 More To The Pack


I really hope that you enjoyed the 18 pregnancy announcements you can do with your dog or dogs! These are some of the cutest ways to announce your pregnancy. I love how creative people can get. I bet your pregnancy announcement is going to be adorable!

Pregnancy Announcement With Dogs

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