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are you finding that during your day you are constantly yelling, spanking, threating, scolding or grounding your children because they won't listen or stop throwing tantrums? Children like to push buttons that's just what they do. Whether they know it or not they like to see how far they can get away with something before mom or dad step in....
positive parenting
when most of us think of discipline, we may not realize it, but we're probably thinking of methods that are actually negative reinforcement or out of anger and frustration. Punishment fits into this category, as do some consequences that are enacted in a negative way. Parenting is challenging at times. So where does positive reinforcement fit in? Can it really...
Every parent dreads public tantrums, for good reasons. You worry that other moms will judge you and think that you are a bad parent and that you raise out of control children. Every parent most likely has had their children throw a tantrum at the store or out in public which parents get embarrassed by. Tantrums are apart of every...

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