What Our Potty Training Schedule Looked Like (Part 3)

What Our Potty Training Schedule Looked Like

If you have checked out my other posts. I mentioned before that potty training is a full time job at least for the first three days. Potty training takes a lot of time and energy but once it clicks for your toddler it becomes easier for you and them!

In this post I am going to cover what our potty training schedule looked like. Keep on reading so you will understand a little bit of what to plan for.

If you haven’t checked out my other posts. Make sure you do since these post are packed full of information to help you and your toddler have a successful potty training experience!

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What Our Potty Training Schedule Looked Like

The week before I started potty training our daughter I made sure I cleared my schedule so that we would not need to leave the house, got groceries, and all the items we needed to make sure our potty training experience was successful.

I started potty training on a Tuesday because I had a doctors appointment on Monday. I have laid out exactly what we did for three days and what our schedule looked like. Check it out below!


Monday night I set everything up in our downstairs bathroom since that is the closest bathroom to where we spend most of our time.

I put out her potty toys, her potty treats, her small potty, books, and her potty reward paper with her stickers. That way in the the next morning there was nothing that needed to be set up. We could start first thing Tuesday morning.

This is what our set up looked like.

What Our Potty Training Schedule Looked Like

Day 1- Tuesday

8:00 AM-

Our daughter woke up and I took off her dirty diaper. I told her that she will no longer be wearing diapers (plus I was only buying small packages of diapers from the store since we were planning on potty training her soon).

and that today she is going to start learning how to go in the potty like mommy and daddy.

We went down stairs and told her I had a surprise for her. I showered our daughter the bathroom and I made it seem like it was Christmas morning. I showed her all of her potty toys, books, her potty and her treats.

Then went on explaining to her that she can only play with her toys and books when she is on the potty. And if she goes pee or poo in her potty she can get a candy and she can put a sticker on her potty chart.

8:30 AM-

I set the timer on my phone for 15 minutes and I started to make breakfast.

Once the timer went off I would be super energetic and excited about going potty. I told our daughter is was time to go potty and she would run to her potty and sit right down.

Then I would sit on the floor with her and we would play with her potty toys and books. I made sure she stayed on her potty for 3-4 minutes that way if she peed it would be in her potty.

The first time I took her she peed! I jumped up and down and praised the crap out of her! I had her help me dump her pee in the potty, she flushed the toilet and we said bye-bye to her pee pee and I told her because she peed in her potty she can get a candy and she get’s to put a sticker on her potty chart.

It wasn’t even 9 AM yet and she got a candy. I didn’t care because she was so excited that she got candy because she peed in her potty. Our daughter asked for another candy but I told her that when she goes pee or poo in her potty she can get a candy.

9:00 AM

After we finished in the bathroom. I set my timer on my phone for another 15 minutes.

Once again when the timer went off. I got super excited and told her it was potty time and we would go to her potty.

This time she did not go in her potty and she thought she would get a candy, but I told her she only get’s candy when she pees or poos in her potty. She quickly sat back down to go potty. However, she still didn’t go so I told her that she could try again in 15 minutes.

9:20 AM

Set the timer back on my phone for another 15 minutes. By this time breakfast was ready and we started eating.

After my timer went off. I told her she needed to go potty and then she can come back and finish eating. So we did the same routine. But this time she pooped in her potty! I freaked out because I was so excited!

Getting your toddler to poop in the potty is a big deal! Sometimes toddlers will get good at peeing in the potty but will have poop accidents.

So I wanted to make sure that when she pooped it was even a bigger deal. After we dumped her poo in the potty, flushed and washed our hands I told her that because she wen’t poop in her potty she gets 2 candies.

9:40 AM-

Once we were done in the bathroom. We went back our and finished our breakfast. And and I set my time again for another 15 minutes.

10:00 AM-

After we finished breakfast our daughter had her first accident during the 15 minutes. She was very confused on what happened and I told her that was an “uh oh” and that we need to go pee in our potty.

I took her to her potty to see if she needed to go anymore. After I had her sit on her potty for a few minutes. We went and cleaned up her accident. And set the timer again for 15 minutes.

This is basically what our schedule looked like for the first day. We would go running to the bathroom every 15 minutes. When our daughter went in her potty she would get either 1 or 2 candies. Also when she peed she got to fill up 1 circle on her potty chart with stickers and when she went poo she got to fill up two circles.

On the first day our daughter had 3 accidents. By her third accident it finally clicked for her. She started pointing to her bum when she needed to go potty. Sometimes she went and sometimes she didn’t but no matter what I made it fun and exciting.

By the end of the day she was telling me when she needed to go potty and first day she hit her prize circle on her potty chart and she got to pick out a big prize from her prize box.

Nap Times:

For nap times for the first 4 days I would put a pull up on our daughter. On the fourth day I noticed she was waking up dry from her naps. So I stoped putting pull ups on during nap times.

For more tips on nap time and bedtime potty training click here.


For the first 2 weeks I would put a pull up on our daughter. She was waking up dry the first week of potty training. Her second week potty training we were on vacation and sharing a bed so we didn’t want to wake up covered in poo or pee.

Once we got home from our vacation I stoped using pull ups completely!

For naps she was waking up dry every time and it was a hit and miss for bedtime. When she woke up dry it was another big celebration!

Day 2- Wednesday

8:00 AM-

Our morning routine started again. The first sound I heard from our daughter I went into her room, got her out of bed, and if she went in her pull up. I would tell her that we don’t go potty in our pull ups.

I took her right to the potty. She would usually go pee like most humans do in the morning. If she didn’t, I set a time for 5 minutes and tried again.

On the second day our schedule looked the same as day one. I would take her to her potty every 15 minutes. On the second day she was still only wearing a shirt.

On day 2 our daughter did AMAZING! she didn’t have a single accident. Plus she was getting really good at telling me when she needed to go potty.

On day two I also introduced her big girl underwear. I even wrapped them in wrapping paper to make opening them more exciting.

I explained to her that we do not go potty in her big girl underwear and that she needed to still tell mommy when she needed to go potty.

6:00 PM-

Since our daughter was doing so great at going potty I decided to give her big her underwear a try for the last two hours before her bedtime.

She loved wearing her Minnie Mouse underwear she kept showing me and her dad her big girl underwear and that they had Mini Mouse on them.

On day two our daughter was basically potty trained!

Day 3- Thursday

8:00 AM-

We followed our routine that we have been doing for the past two days. By now I knew when she usually needed to pee and poo. If she had a lot to drink I knew she would need to go potty about 15-20 minutes. And if she didn’t go poo right as we woke up I knew she would need to right after breakfast or after lunch.

By this time you will know your toddlers bodily functions and will be able make sure they don’t have accidents.

10:00 AM-

I had to run to the store so I put a pull up on our daughter just incase she had an accident.

Other then going to the store our daughter was in her big girl underwear all day.

On day three she only had 2 accidents. However, one was my fault because she told me she needed to go potty right as were were in the checkout line in the store and couldn’t leave. So she went in her pull up.

But for the most part on the third day our daughter was telling us when she needed to go potty.

On the third day we ran into some problems. Since our daughter was use to going potty in her small potty. When I tried to take her at the store she totally freaked out and didn’t go potty.

I knew that this had to change because her small potty didn’t fold up and I didn’t want to lug her potty everywhere. Plus we were leaving on our vacation in a few days and she needed to learn how to use the toilet.

That is when I bought her folding travel potty. Which she still uses and loves!

11:00 AM-

Once we got home from the store. I switched her back to her big girl underwear and we went potty right as we got home.

By this day instead of setting my timer for every 15 minutes I set it for 20 minutes. Sometimes our daughter would go before the 20 minutes was up and other times the timer would go off. I would ask her if she needed to go potty and if she said “no” i set my timer for an additional 5 minutes. Once the 5 minutes was up I would take her potty.

Day 4- Friday

On the fourth day our daughter’s travel potty came. I put her small potty away and told her she gets to use the toilet like mom and dad do. The first time I put her on the toilet with her travel potty she was nervous.

I distracted her with playing games and reading books. When she went potty for the first time on the toilet she was so proud of herself plus I made it a big deal and wasn’t scared to use the toilet anymore.

What Our Potty Training Schedule Looked Like


By the end of the fourth day our daughter was usually telling us when she needed to go potty. By the end of the week she was using the toilet with her travel potty, she was wearing her big girl underwear 24/7, and was telling us when she needed to go potty.

Make sure you head over to part 4 Tips For Successful Potty Training. Here I cover all the tips and tricks we learned for going out in public, nap time potty training, bedtime potty training and more!

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What Our Potty Training Schedule Looked Like
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    • Hey Medha! I started potty training our daughter at 22 months old. Some kids don’t show signs that they are ready until they are older. But our daughter started not wanting to wear diapers, she would try to sit on the toilet, she knew how to pull up her pants, and she understood being rewarded. We had a little potty in the bathroom and she would go sit on it all the time. So I made it a happy and joyful experience for her to go sit on her potty. Which lead to her actually going potty while on the potty. I hope this helps!

  1. Hello! I am following your model of potty training this week. I do have a question, for day one did you use pull ups instead of diapers or did she not wear anything? I see that day two she started to wear underwear. Just curious what worked for you. Thank you!

    • Hello! For 2 full days, I didn’t have her wear anything. Then on day three, I put her in underwear. If we had to leave the house I did put her in a pullup. That way if she did have an accident in public, I wouldn’t have to clean up a mess. But on day three she would wear underwear and after she was able to tell me when she was able to go potty then I only had her in underwear. I hope that answers your question! Good luck with potty training!


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