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Hey there mama! I know I usually write posts that are packed full of information but for this post I wanted to do something a little different.

On January 16th my husband and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary and to celebrate we went on a cruise to the Bahamas! I want to share with you our family trip but I also wanted to share a few tips that we learned from our tip. Such as traveling with a toddler while being pregnant.

Our oldest daughter was 18 months old and I was 11 weeks pregnant. Normally we would have left our daughter at home with family but because of her food allergies we didn’t feel comfortable enough to leave her for 4 days where we wouldn’t have any cell service.

This trip was our first time flying with our oldest and we were very nervous! She is such a little busy body that we didn’t know how she would do. To our surprise she did AMAZING!

Don’t worry i’ll get into tips for flying with a toddler for the first time later on. Right now I want to share our experience with you!

Also! I want to share this amazing guide about flight safety with food allergies. It can very stressful flying with food allergies. To help you learn more about flying safely check out this guide here!

First off let me start off by saying that the Bahamas are amazing! if you have never been there before I encourage you to add it to your bucket list. This is where we went.

This place is called Atlantis. It is located in Nassau Bahamas. I went there when I was 14 but this was the first time my husband and our daughter were going there. This place is AMAZING! and it was quite warm even in January.

Our daughter played in the ocean for the first time and she had a blast. The ocean was warmer than a lot of the swimming pools which was funny. It was only a 12 minute ride from the port and we got to spend 6 hours here before we needed to head back to our ship.

It was so much fun going back since I haven’t been back there for a few years. Plus I don’t mind going to places I’ve been before since it was my husband and our daughter’s first time.

During the time of our cruise I hit 12 weeks pregnant and I was so grateful that I didn’t get sick! okay….well I guess I did start feeling nauseous one night but thanks to Zofran I felt better with in a few minutes!

People kept asking us if it was worth it to take an 18 month old and being pregnant. Truth is, for us it was PERFECT! My morning sickness was easing up and our daughter was still young enough where she didn’t cost a DIME! she was free for the plane ride (since we rode on my lap), she was free for our cruise and for Atlantis.

Now there were challenges like nap times, bed time, long days traveling and such but here are some tips we learned from this trip.

Below I have posted a few picture of our trip!


Do’s And Don’t When Traveling With A Toddler While Pregnant.

1.Don’t Schedule Early Morning Or Late Flights.

Since our daughter is allergic to peanuts I heard it was safer to book really early morning flights since there hasn’t been a lot of people on the plane so it lowers the risk of her having a reaction.

That is was I did. Our flight took off a 7 AM but we were up at 4 AM. We took an hour to eat and finish packing while we waited for our Uber driver and when you fly you need to be there 2 hours before the departure time right?….Luckily our daughter is more of an early morning person than a night owl.

However, our flight coming home didn’t leave Florida until 9 PM! Which was 2 hours past our daughter bedtime and the first flight was an hour but then we had a lay over in Georgia for and hour and a half. Then we had a 4 hour flight home. That flight was the hardest by far! Our daughter was so tired that she was just cry and crying until finally she fell a sleep for the rest of the flight.

Now that we know that our daughter does fine on plane rides with her peanut allergies and other future flights will be booked for mid mornings or late afternoon.

I recommend booking flights that are before or after your child’s morning nap times. If you book a flight before a nap time hopefully they will sleep on the plane. If you don’t want to risk it. Then I recommend book a flight that is after a nap time. That way your child will get a good nap in their own bed before traveling.

2. Pack A Lot Of Snacks, Games, Toys, And Movies

Since this was our daughters first time flying I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I did a lot of research on the TSA website about what can be taken through security and what can’t.

To my surprise, you can actually bring a lot of things through security! Liquids you have to be careful with but with food, you can bring almost anything! So I loaded up on all of our daughter’s favorite snacks. I was nervous that our daughters ears were going to hurt when taking off and landing so I packed a lot of fruit snacks as good chewie food for her to eat during those times.

I also packed books, coloring books, a few toys but I mostly downloading A LOT of movies from Netflix. Movies saved us! I bought our daughter these toddler headphones which worked perfectly!

You can actually get away with an extra carry on item since they don’t count your toddlers bag as a carry on.

If you are not too worried about your toddler having a sucker then I recommend you pack a few. That way you can give it to your toddler during take off and landings to stop their ears from hurting. You could also pack gummy food like fruit snacks (which is what I did).

Also, pack your toddlers favorite blanket, stuffed animal and toys. Our daughter loves this little stuffed giraffe which is called “Gigi” and that was a life saver to have!

3. Use Ubers or Lyft

Using Ubers and Lyft was a lot cheaper than renting a car. We really didn’t even need to rent a car since we were only in Florida for less than a day before we needed to get to our ship. But if you are saying in one place for a while than sure rent a car.

Let me tell your one HUGE thing right now…..UBER AND LYFT DO NOT HAVE CAR SEATS! We learned that the hard way. We kept seeing online that Uber and Lyft provide car seats. THAT IS A LIE! You do need to bring your own carseat of you are using Uber or Lyft.

4. Talk To Your Toddler About What Is Going To Be Happening

In the weeks and days leading up to our trip, I would show pictures and videos of flying on a plane and I would talk to our daughter about it. I would say things like ” on an airplane we can’t be running everywhere okay. So you are going to have to stay in mommy’s or daddy’s lap” or “On this trip, you are going to have to stay close to mom and dad. You can’t go wonder off on your own”. I wanted her to know a little bit about what to expect and I really feel like it helped a lot!

Not once did she try to get down to walk in the isle, she would look out the window when we took off and I even when flying I would tell her what was about to happen.

Doing this is a great way to prepare your toddler a head of time. It is letting them know what to expect. Even during your trip talk to them to remind them what is going on.

5. Travel With Another Adult

I don’t recommend traveling with yourself and a toddler unless your toddler is super well behaved. Our daughter is fairly well behaved but it was so nice to have my husband there. We would take turns walking with her around the airport and holding her hand while we went through security.

Plus being pregnant I didn’t have a ton of energy to run around with her anyways. It is always easier to travel with another adult that can help you out!

Okay…now onto traveling while pregnant

1.Pack Snacks

I was still in my first trimester so I was needing to constantly eat or I would get sick. Make sure you pack a wide variety of snacks just incase one snack sounds better than the other one.

2. Pack A Barf Bag

You never know when nausea may kick in and you don’t have time to find the nearest restroom.

3. Bring Nausea Medication

Garlic helped me a lot when it comes to dealing with morning sickness but I was nervous about getting super sick so I packed my stronger nausea medication which was Zofran. I didn’t get too sick on our trip except for one night I needed to take some Zofran.

I also recommend buying sea sick bands! They are amazing and if you have never tried them before I totally recommend them. Wear them 24/7 if you have to but they helped me so much!

4. Bring Loose Fitting Clothes

Even though I was in my first trimester and wasn’t quite showing yet I still packed a pair of maternity pants. I hate sitting down and having my pants be tight on my tummy. So I made sure I packed my maternity pants, dresses and some loose fitting pants. It made traveling way more comfortable!

5. Sleep!

It is hard to get good sleep when you are traveling and when you are not in your own bed. In the first trimester, you are normally exhausted anyways…like all the time. When ever our daughter would sleep on the plane so would I. Also, my husband would take her for an hour or more so that I could get some sleep while waiting for our flights as well.

6. Take Things Slow

One thing I did like about having layovers is that we didn’t need to rush to our next flight. We had time in between to eat and rest. Same with on our cruise we would put our daughter down for her nap (BTW….cruises provide cribs! make sure to call ahead to get a crib. It was awesome because you don’t need to bring your own!) and we would go walk around the cruise ship and head to the adult section to get some piece and quite.

Being pregnant takes a lot of you so don’t be going 110% while traveling. Take time to relax and enjoy your vacation.

This tips were what we learned from our tip. Even though we did have hard times it was still a super amazing and enjoyable trip! I hope these tips will help you with your travel plans.

My one last tip I want to leave with you is. DO YOUR RESEARCH! Because I did so much research on where we were taking our vacation things ran very smoothly and we didn’t have any crazy unexpected surprises. Vacations are so much fun but with children and being pregnant you need to take a little bit more time to plan.

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