The Ultimate Toddler’s Christmas Gift Guide

With Christmas quickly approaching you may already be on the search for Christmas gifts to give your toddler this year. Holiday seasons with toddlers can be so much fun. Since now they are probably starting to understand what is going on. There is nothing more magical than watching the holiday seasons through your child’s eyes. With our toddler’s ultimate Christmas gift guide, it will help you create very special Christmas memories with your toddler this year!

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1 | Family Matching Christmas Pajamas

Getting matching family Christmas pajamas is a tradition for many families. Opening pajamas on Christmas Eve this year is a perfect way for your toddler to feel extra special with their own set of matching pajamas!

The Ultimate Toddler's Christmas Gift Guide

2 | Gifting Each Other Ornaments

This is one of our very favorite Christmas traditions. Every Christmas eve we all gift each other Christmas ornaments. We don’t gift any random ornaments but ornaments that reflect something that the person you are giving it too has done or accomplished that year.

For example The year our daughter was born. My husband made her a star out of Bobbie pins. Because her name is Bobbie and she is such a little light in our lives.

The best part is that you can either buy a Christmas ornament or make one!

3 | A Personalized Gift

This is a perfect gift if you little tot is starting to learn their name and the letters in their name. You can get almost anything monogrammed nowadays and we sure do love all things monogrammed. Things like a puzzle, chair, toys, and even stools!

4 | Building Blocks

Blocks are a perfect way to help your toddlers continue to develop their fine motor skills. There are a lot of different blocks ranging from soft blocks, wood blocks, bristle tiles, animals, magnet blocks and even Jumbo blocks! Plus blocks are a toy that is played with years on end!

5 | Books

We love books in our household! They are such a great way to get their little minds to open up and explore! From The Pout-Pout Fish, I Spy Animals, The Wonderful Things You Will Be, Dragons Love Tacos, there are endless options of adorable books for toddlers.

6 | Pretend Toys

Toddlers are constantly learning social skills every day. And pretend toys like a play kitchen, Ice cream cart, and dress-up clothes are a great way to help your child improve their skills!

7 | Musical Instruments

There are so many fun musical instruments you can get your toddler. You could get them started on an adorable baby piano, a little drum set, or even a ukulele. Your toddler may surprise you with a hidden musical talent!

8 | Stuffed Animals

You can’t go wrong with a stuffed animal. They provide constant friendship, comfort, imagination playtime, and safety! Your toddler may love one that unfolds into a pillow, one from their favorite tv show, or even one that heats up!

9 | Art & Craft Supplies

If you have a little artistic on your hards. They may love an easel, paint brushes, paint, or even a huge box of crayons. If you aren’t wanting to clean up a big mess every time your toddler gets artistic. You could also get a smock, washable markers, or even a water drawing mat!

Thay way mom is happy since she doesn’t have to clean up a huge mess or worry about paint getting on the floor. And your toddler gets to have fun being artistic!

10 | Simple And Easy Toys

Some times going simple is the best Christmas gift you can give! Not all toys need to be high tech with a lot of flashing lights. Too many toys like that can overstimulate your toddler. So it is good to find a balance. Your toddler may spend hours watching a slinky go down the stairs, stacking toys to help them process how to get things to balance, a mister or misses potato head, and you can never go wrong with a ball to kick around outside. You could even get a ball set with a net so your toddler can work on their aiming!

11 | Toddler Sized Furniture

Anything toddler size is ADORABLE! Having a piece of furniture they get to call their own will make them feel extra special. Plus it will give them their own space to squirm around on!

12 | Energy Burning Toys

If your toddler is anything like ours. Then toys that help get her energy out are a MUST! She can go from completely asleep to running around the house in a matter of seconds! Having toys such a sit ‘n spin, a little basketball set, an adorable small trampoline, or even a scooter as perfect toys that your active toddler can play with!

13 | Tools To Help Them…Well…Help!

If your toddler hasn’t started saying ” I do it! Mama” it’s coming! One day our daughter just woke up and all of a sudden wanted to do everything by herself. She will say “No, Bobbie” To help with there developing independency. Get tools for your child to use to help you! Tools like this kitchen helper stool, an apron, or even this adorable toy cleaning set. This way instead of your toddler demanding to use what you are using. They will have their own tools to use and help with!

Happy shopping mamas! The best thing about the toddler age is that they will be over the moon excited with whatever gift you give them this Christmas!

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The Ultimate Toddler's Christmas Gift Guide
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