Summer Activities For Kids & Toddlers

summer activies for kids and toddlers

Can you believe that summer is almost here!?

Now is the time to start putting your summer activities and plans in place. Summer can be an overwhelming time and a source of anxiety. School is out (if you have kids in grade school) it is warm out, and everyone is ready to shake off those winter blues.

Don’t worry mama! I’ve got you covered. These summer activies for kids & toddlers are sure to add some excitement to your day!

There is plenty of super fun summer activies to add to your summer bucket list. Now I believe that summer time should be a time of relaxation and even kids need time to relax during the summer as well. Don’t feel like you need to fill up everyday with activies.

Screen Time This Summer Is Okay!

If your kids have a little screen time that’s okay! Because, even during the summer kids need time to relax. Honestly, my 2 year old and I watch fun educational shows about once a day. Simply because she is a busy body and I am super pregnant at the time of writing this post.

So, one way to get her to sit still for a little bit is to watch a movie. That way I can put my feet and and take a break!

This list is simply here to give you some inspiration and creative fun ways to keep your kids entertained and you sane this summer!

Summer Activities For Kids & Toddlers

  1. Bubble Wand Making Station

What kid doesn’t love bubbles. Right now my 2 year old is OBSESSED with bubbles! Thank your Dollar Tree for your $1 bubble solution. This will make playing with bubbles even more fun!

2. Spray Bottle Silhouette Art

I think this activity is adorable! Plus your child may have lots of fun playing around with a spray bottle. You could get really creative with this activity. You could let your child pick out the picture silhouette they would like to do. That way it could be more meaningful and fun for them!

3. DIY Homemade Snow cones

Nothing is greater than yummy homemade snow cones to cool you down this summer. If you are not a big fan the the super sugary snow cone syrups then you will love this recipe! It is an all natural snow cone syrup and it’s super easy to make!

4. Sidewalk Chalk Board Games

If you are looking to get your keeps outdoors and entertain themselves while you get some peace and quiet. This activity is sure to do just that! Check out this list of some super fun sidewalk chalk games!

5. Balloon Rockets

Do you got an active and busy boy? This would be a perfect activity for them! Don’t worry if you got a girl she may love this too! I remember doing an activity like this in my Chemistry class in High School and it was a blast! (literally!) This is surely a fun activity your kids would love!

6. Tie Dye Pillow Cases

Add a splash of color this summer with this fun tie dyeing activity! You may need to monitor this more a little more since your messing around with dye but get in on the activity as well! Your kids will love sleeping on their new tie dye pillow cases!

7. Balloon Tennis

I think this a great way to help your kids with their hand eye coordination! Plus it is super fun! My daughter who is only 2 plays an easier version which is basically she hits the balloon around on the ground. This is a perfect indoors and even outdoors activity. Either way this is a super fun summer activity.

8. Bubble Painting

Your kids may get a little messy with this activity but making a mess is often more fun! If your kids like painting and bubbles this activity is a combination of both! Click the link to check it out.

9. DIY Sun Catchers

I think this activity would be cool to make a lot of them and hang them up all together. Like a wind chime but instead of chimes there will be lots of beautiful colors!

10. Simple Bird Kite

Instead of buying a kite at the store. This would be a fun activity to do with your kids and make one! These are super cute bird kites that a super simple and easy to make.

11. Shadow Art For Kids

This is probably not what you think when you read shadow art. This one actually involves being outside and making fun shadows and painting in them! Shadow art is super fun anyways!

12. Splash Pad

Any kids are bound to have a blast cooling down at a local splash pad. Honestly I love splash pads almost more then swimming since I can get my lower half wet instead of my whole body. Plus you don’t have to worry about your child falling into a pool!

13. Squirt Gun Water Race

This activity is a lot like the balloon rocket activity accept with squirt guns! Anther fun activity to help keep everyone cool this summer!

Toddler Activities

I wanted to make a little section about activies specifically for toddlers! There are a few activies above that your toddler could do too but if you are looking for more toddler based activies there check them out below!

  1. Ice Block Treasure Hunt

This is an activity I would love to do with our 2 year old. She loves water and anything she can do with her hands. Make sure with this activity that you have your child wear safety goggles just incase a little piece of eye goes flying you don’t want it to hit their eye’s!

2. DIY Sidewalk Foam Paint

What toddler doesn’t love slime or foam or really anything they can make a mess with? My daughter loves my shaving cream because it get’s all foamy and she smears it all over our bath tub when she takes a bath. If you think your toddler would love this activity then give it a try!

3. Bubble Trucks

This is another fun activity with foam! Get your toddlers trucks and cars (basically any car thats not electric) and let them have a blast driving their car’s around in foam!

4. Water Transfer Activity with Sponges

This would keep any toddler entertained for hours. At least it would mine! If you don’t have sponges that you would like your toddler to play with. You could run to your nearest dollar store and get cheap “i don’t care if they get ruined” sponges!

5. Muddy Trucks And Car Wash

You may have noticed that a lot of these toddler activies are messy but sometimes messy activies keep toddlers entertained the longest. If your toddler loves the mud then this one would be a super fun activity. I know my daughter would want to sit and get herself all muddy! She’s a mud monster LOL

6. Splash Pad

I know I mentioned a splash pad above but hey…toddlers love splash pads too!

7. Toddler Fishing

We did this activity with our daughter last year a lot! Until our inflatable pool sadly pop! But now that we have a new one we will defiantly do this activity again!

8. Jello Dig

This activity is perfect for toddlers and baby’s! It is a fun sensory activity that your child is sure to have a blast with!

9. Dinosaur Dig

Does your toddler have a lot of toy dinosaurs? If so they may have a lot of fun with this dino dig activity!

I hope you have some fun with these activies these summer activies for kids and toddlers. Keep in mind that you don’t need to plan an activity everyday. You and your kids needs down time too! Don’t feel guilty if you don’t do some miraculous activity one day.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did make sure to save this pin for later! You could save it to Summer Activies board!

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