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I am so excited that you are here! Dollar Mommy Club has a lot of amazing information dedicated to helping moms from first-time moms, expecting moms and everything in between.

Whether you are expecting your first baby or your fourth baby. Dollar Mommy Club is here to help YOU have a stress free pregnancy!

To help you get the most out of your pregnancy we offer a lot of recourses to help you through those 9 long months of pregnancy. Simply scroll down and see what is the most relevant to you!

Mama Are You In Your 1st Or 2nd Trimester?

Being pregnant is such an exciting time! But between now and until your baby arrives there is A LOT to do. It can be very stressful and overwhelming at times.

Don’t stress mama you are in the right place. If you are wondering how to get the most out of your pregnancy, make sure everything is planned and ready for your baby’s arrival, as well as preparing yourself and dad to be you my friend have nothing to worry about.

Dollar Mommy Club is here to help make sure you are fully prepared before your little bundle of joy arrives. Simply check out The Practical Pregnancy Planner!

Mama Are You In Your 3rd Trimester? 

The pressure is on mamma. You are in your LAST trimester! Which means you are closer than ever until you have your baby.

The third trimester is the time to finish up any unfinished to-do items, finish any and all preparations and most importantly it’s time to relax and enjoy the last little bit.

For any and all third-trimester mammas, Dollar Mommy Club has something special just for you! I know this time can be scary thinking about birth, being a mom, becoming parents and wondering if you are ready. Make sure to check out our 3rd Trimester Workbook tailor all mamas in their third trimester.

Luckily you will find articles about birth preparation, your third-trimester checklist and so much more! It’s important to make sure we help those mammas in the last trimester feel prepared and ready to meet their little sweet pea!

Are You Preparing For Birth?

If you are in your final weeks or even days before your baby is expected to arrive this section is for you.

The thought of giving birth can be scary and overwhelming. Since Dollar Mommy Club is all about helping moms have a stress free pregnancy we also want to help moms have a stress free birthing experience as well.

To help you get prepared, Dollar Mommy Club has something special just for you. To learn more about how to prepare yourself and how dad to be can prepare as well. Check out our Labor & Deliver Workbook! 

Are You Planning To BreastFeed? 

If your answer is YES! then this section is for you. If you are a first-time mom who is planning to breastfeed or is a mom who has given formula in the past but would like to try breastfeeding this time around then make sure to check out our Breastfeeding Workbook. 

There is a big learning curve for mom and baby when it comes to breastfeeding. It is normal to want to give up a few weeks or days in. But I PROMISE you breastfeeding does get easier.

Our Breastfeeding Workbook covers everything from different holds, pumping, common breastfeeding challenges and how to overcome them plus so much more.

Postpartum Recovery + Life With A Newborn 

Did you just have your baby? Then congratulations! How has it been adjusting to life with a newborn? Some days may be easier than others. But no matter what mama you will get through it!

If you are a third-trimester mama this section is also for you. It never hurts to be prepared. Our Postpartum Recovery Workbook covers all the essentials about recovering from birth.

As well our Baby Log Workbook. Until you get into a routine and hopefully more sleep your days can seem kind of hazy. The Baby Log Workbook is designed to help keep track of feedings, diapers, bottles, and how to adjust to life a newborn.

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