This is the latest book I have read. It is all about how to integrate your child's left and right brain. I loved this book! It is so important for parents to know which side of the brain their children are using so that parents can more effectily parent their children. This book is for parents with children of all ages.

This book is my most frequently read book. Any parent who has more than one child knows how challenging navigating sibling rivalry is. This book covers how to help your children bond and adjust before the baby is even born all the way up until your children are about 8 or 9 years old. This book is GOLD!

This is another amazing siblings book. This book is more geared towards parents who have children ages 10 and older. It really dives deep into conflicts, arguments, and everything in between with siblings and what you can do as a parent to help your children become good friends.

This book helped me out so much with my youngest who is very strong-willed and more explosive. If you have a child who argues, gets easily frustrated, or is strong-willed. This book is for you. This book covers what is going on inside your child's brain and how to help them increase their frustration tolerance and adaptability.

Boundaries are super important. Not only to teach children but to help provide structure in the home. Which children thrive from. If you wish to set better boundaries or need help learning how to set and follow through on boundaries. I suggest reading this book!

This was one of the first parenting books I read when our oldest was a year old. This book totally changed my parenting because I learned that I need to behave in order for my children to behave. If you are newer to the idea of positive parenting. I suggest checking out this book first. This is a great book I think all parents should read!

Love and Logic have been around for a while. I really enjoyed this book because to teaches you how to discipline with love. This is a great parenting book for parents who have chilren 4 and older.

This book isn't specifically a parenting book. It is more of a mindset book and it is amazing! This book talks about vulnerability and how to feel safe while being vulernable with yourself and in other relationships in your life.

I really enjoyed this book and we use it almost weekly. The first few chapters talk about play therapy, what it is, why it is important, and how to use it with your children. Then the rest of the book is packed full of amazing activities for your children that they can do with themselves or better yet. With you!

It is really important to know your children's love languages. That way you can make an effort to meet their love language everyday. When you can do with your children will feel loved in the way they feel love and will create a closer relationship between you and your children. This book is for parents of with children of all ages.

I loved this book for the toddler years. It helps you to see toddlers from a new perspective. It teaches you how to nurish their developing and what is going on in the terrible two phase and what you can do as a parent to support your growing toddler.

Kids not listening? Then this book is for you! How parents talk to their children makes a huge different if they are going to listen to you or not. If you are struggling to get your children to listen. I defiantly recommend this book.

Most parents want to be peaceful parents and raise happy, responsible, kind and, happy children. If you find yourself yelling at your children often and want a more peaceful way to deal with difficult situations. I would read this book!

No-Drama Discipline is a fantastic book! Discipline is challenging because you want something that will teach and help your children learn from their mistakes. That is exactly what this book is here to teach. This book is for children of all ages.

Are you about ready to potty train? or have you already started? No matter if you are just starting out or have been trying to potty train for a while. This is a must-read book! It covers everything from when to start, how to over coom potty obsicles and make potty training a success for you and your child.

Nonviolent Communication is an amazing book if you are looking to improve your communication professionally or personally. There are a few big science words but over all I loved this book since it teaches you have to more effectively communicate.

Playful parenting is a great book to help foster closeness and connection with your children. When children feel close and connected with their parents. They want to connect and do good. That is why I love this book so much because it helps parents deal with behavior problems by fostering closeness.

This is a great book if you are looking to do some parenting for yourself. When you have a deep understanding of yourself then you can really help your children to thrive! This is a great book for parents with children who are 5 and older.

This book is amazing! It helps parents go from punishments and rewards to a much peaceful way of parenting. You learn how to teach your children with love an reason so when discipline is given children learn from their mistakes.