My Blogging Journey

Hey there! it’s Kara!

how to start a blog and make money off of it, how to start a blog wordpress I wanted to share with you my journey into blogging. It has been a long one with a lot of ups and downs but I am grateful for where it has gotten me!

Shortly after our daughter being born. My husband sent me a podcast where it was about this couple who started a blog and within three months after launching her husband was able to quit his corporate job and they were able to travel the world.

Hearing their success fueled my desire to start a successful blog. But When I first started to put my blog together I was frustrated that I would only get pieces of how to start a successful blog but never the entire steps. After putting some pieces in place and shortly after listening to that podcast I found that the couple had their blog for 3 years before it started making any income and they just re-launched their blog.

When I found that out I was so upset because they gave me hope that I could make money as a newbie blogger. Ultimately I was frustrated that no one was helping me and I would Google how to start a blog and I was sick and tired of watching outdated Youtube videos on how to start a successful blog.

We just had a new baby and I wanted to blog so that I could stay home. I did not want to go back to work because I wanted to stay home with our new baby. I wanted to create a successful blog as quickly as I could but that would remain successful.

Shortly after starting my blog I did have some success but that success quickly died. I wrote every single day because I thought that if I could get thousands of people on my blog I would make money from Google Adwords to keep me home.

I was so WRONG! I was only getting a few hundred of people to my blog and I was making .1 cent off of each people that came on my blog. Yes, you read right. 1 CENT! So obviously my solution to my problem did not work. So back to the drawing board I went.

I sat down with my husband and looked at all my analytics from my blog, Pinterest and my ads. My universe sadly was shattered again. I knew that I would not be able to stay home doing what I was currently doing. However, I did notice that almost all of my traffic was coming from Pinterest.

how to start a blog and make money off of it, how to start a blog wordpress So I thought how could I use Pinterest to my benefit. And what I did next changed my blog completely! I started writing better content, creating better pins, made connections to bigger bloggers than myself at that time, totally revamped my blog, and I started solving people’s problems!

  • I finally found my solution to not only grow my blog but to help others do the same. And it comes down to these three main steps
    • 1. Get a niche within a niche 
    • 2. Write incredible content
    • 3. Market your blog

I picked once system. ONE system that has brought thousands of readers to my blog and helped me make money from my blog!

Since following my new solution and system I have been able to stay home with our daughter and work on my own schedule, I have freedom to do what I want and most importantly I get to spend all the time in the world with our daughter that I wouldn’t be able to have if I was at a job.

My solution has kept me home It has helped other moms start their own successful blogs. If you are overwhelmed, confused, have a passion to make money from home so that you can have the freedom and quality time with your kids but just don’t know where to start.

Don’t worry! I have your answers!

Introducing Pinterest $ecrets!

Your guide to the ins and outs of starting a blog and being successful on Pinterest!