Must Have Potty Training Items For Successful Potty Training (Part 2)

Must Have Potty Training Items For Successful Potty Training

Any mom who is thinking about potty training and preparing to start. Wants to make sure they have the most success. Trust me I was the same way. I wanted potty training items that would make it easy for my daughter and myself and that would bring great success!

Each mom who has gone through potty training before has their own preferences. Plus you know your child the best! get the potty training items you think would work the best for your child.

When I was researching how to start potty training I came across the blog and her post helped us a lot! I used a lot of tips and tricks she did with her daughter and they worked great for my daughter but since every child is different some things that worked for her daughter didn’t work for mine so I had to do some things different.

In the post I am going to share with you what potty training items worked amazing for us! Hope you enjoy!

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Must Have Potty Training Items For Successful Potty Training

Since there was so much information I wanted to give you I have split this potty training series in 4 parts. You can check out the other series below:

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Okay, lets dive in to must have potty training items!

1. A Potty (duh)

There are two ways you can go about picking out a potty. We first started our daughter on a small potty. She was too scared to sit onto a toilet and so she was comfortable going on her small potty for the first three days.

The only downside to her small potty was it was gross to clean out every time she went potty. Especially being pregnant I was gagging constantly!

The other down side was that after the three days she was doing great at going potty so I started going on quick short errands. That is where we ran into a problem. Her small potty didn’t fold up so I didn’t want to lug a potty around but she would have accidents when we were out because she wouldn’t go on the toilet.

I was getting really frustrated at this. I kept reading post about how your toddler will naturally transfer to a toilet over time. But we were leaving for a trip in a week so our daughter really needed to learn how to go on the toilet.

That is when I found this amazing travel potty that solved all our problems! After 4 days of our daughter using her small potty I took it away and started to use her travel potty. She adjusted to her travel potty the day we got it!

I absolutely love our travel potty. It fits perfectly in our diaper bag, it is easy to clean and is super easy to take around.

Since we have more than one bathroom in our house I will take her travel potty to what ever toilet we will be closes to. That way we are not having to run to one toilet over and over.

It fits perfect on all the toilet sizes we have seen and used.

Now I do not regret starting our daughter on her small potty. It was a perfect way to get her use to using her potty and she loved to dumb it into the toilet. She would get so excited to sit on her small potty.

If your toddler is scared to sit on a toilet I suggest getting a small potty to get them started and then transition them.

These are the potty’s we got:

Fisher-Price Custom Comfort Potty Training Seat

Folding Large Non Slip Silicone Potty Training Seat

2. Step Stool

A step stool was a huge help especially when we transitioned our daughter to the toilet. Having a step stool placed in front of the toilet made getting on and off easy for our daughter.

Plus her feet would rest on it when she was on the toilet so I think it made her feel like the floor wasn’t so far down.

I also loved having a step stool because it was easy to move over to the sink to have her stand on to wash her hands. So I strongly recommend getting a step stool.

This is the one we got and I love it!

Folding Step Stool

3. TidyTots Disposable Potty Chair Liners 

These disposable liners are AMAZING! I actually got them to go on our daughters small potty for when we were taking a 6 hour drive and we couldn’t make it to an actual bathroom.

We would pull over on the side of the road and put a liner in her potty which made it easy since we didn’t need to clean her potty and we could just throw away her pee or poo.

These liners are basically small garbage bags so if our daughter has an accident and we are away from home I will put her pants and underwear in these bags.

That way I didn’t have peed or pooped in clothes touching other things in the diaper bag. Once we got home I would grab the bag of her close and dump them in the washer.

Here are the disposable liners we got:

TidyTots Disposable Potty Chair Liners 

4. Underwear

I suggest going to Walmart and have your toddler pick out their underwear. This is a great way to get them excited about potty training. I personally went to Walmart because I knew that it would be a funner experience for our daughter.

This is the underwear we got:

Disney’s Minnie Mouse Brief Underwear, 7-Pack

5. Dollar Store Potty Toys

Must Have Potty Training Items For Successful Potty Training

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on little toys so I went to the Dollar Store and let her pick out 10 toys. I put these toys in a small basket and she could only play with these toys when she was on the potty.

This is a great way to help keep your toddler entertained while they wait on the toilet to go potty.

6. Potty Treats

Potty Treats helped encourage our daughter to use the potty. In Tips For Successful Potty Training (Part 4) post I go more in detail why this worked so well.

But make sure you grab a lot of your toddlers favorite candy!

7. Night Time Pull Ups

The only time we used pull ups was for nap times, bedtime and if we were running errands. After three days I stoped using pull ups for nap times but used them for bedtime. We used pull ups for the first 2 weeks for bedtime only. On vacation we used pull ups a lot. Which was hard because our daughter fell back in the habit of going in her pull up.

When we got back from our trip I cut pull up completely out. Using pull ups for the first week when we were running errands helped calm my nerves of our daughter having an accident. Even with her pull up on I will still constantly taking her to the toilet.

Pull ups were great to use for the first week especially for bedtime.

Here are the pull ups we used:

Pull-Ups Night-Time, 2T-3T

8. Potty Chart

I got our potty chart from This chart worked super well for us for the first 2 weeks. But after that our daughter didn’t care much for getting prizes so we simply stoped doing it. Check out Cota Mom to download her free potty chart!

9. Puppy Pads

I know this seems like a weird potty training must have. Honestly they saved me the pain of washing our daughter’s car seat every time she had an accident. You can get a piddle pad on amazon but their reviews didn’t seem super great.

I got puppy pads instead and they worked amazingly! I marked on the pads where the straps on the car seat were and then cut slits where the straps were. The puppy pads are super absorbent and covered more of the car seat.

It really was so nice not having to wash her carseat and the seat of my car if she had an accident!

These are the puppy pads we got!

Puppy Pads

10. Water Proof Mattress Pads

Once you start having your toddler sleep in their underwear. You’ll want to have these pads to help protect their mattress just incase they have an accident.

This is the water proof mattress pads we have and I love them! They are super absorbent and easy to clean since you just through them in the wash!

Biloban Crib Mattress Protector Waterproof


I loved every one of these items and I don’t believe that we would have as successful potty training experience as we did.

Make sure to check out Tips For Successful Potty Training (Part 4). To learn more in-depth tips and tricks about potty training.

If you found this post helpful. Make sure to save this pin for later. You could save it to your Potty Training Board or Toddler Board.

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