How To Potty Train Your Toddler In 2 Days

When you read the title of this post you may think that it’s impossible to potty train a toddler in 2 days. When I was researching tips and tricks when it came to potty training and I saw post titles like this one I also thought “yeah right”.

Now that summer is here your schedule may be more busy with activies and a long list of to-do items to get done before summer ends. So when it comes to potty training your toddler in 2 days I promise it is not impossible.

I know this because I did it! Our 22 month old daughter was potty training in 2 days.

Before we dive too deep I want to let you know that I am not a potty training expert. And not all toddlers are the same. Our daughter was very ready and we were very consistent. With that being said I hope you enjoy this post!

How To Potty Train Your Toddler In 2 Days

How To Potty Train Your Toddler In 2 Days

I am going to cover everything I did from the very start to now. Potty training is far from easy and I got frustrated a lot. But everyday our 22 month old got better and better which gave me hope!

Since I want to give you everything in detail what we did this post will be broken down into a series of post. So this is the first post of the potty training series.

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These are what I am going to cover in this post:

  • When I introduced potty training
  • Why I potty trained our daughter so early
  • Signs that our toddler was ready
  • How to find time to potty train

When Did I Introduce Potty Training?

This is a fun story to tell. I actually introduced our daughter to her small potty at 18 months old. Our daughter was walking and started to talk a little bit more so I wanted to see how she would do with potty training.

I tried the 3 day method and potty training completely FAILED! Our daughter did go potty sometimes in her potty but she was very unaware that she would even go. After trying for about 2 weeks i threw in the towel and called it quits.

But, I still kept her potty out and when she would randomly want to sit on it we would take off her diaper. She never sat long enough to actually go but we wanted her to understand that when she sat on her potty her diaper would be taken off.

Also, even though i called it quits on trying to potty train her she would come to the bathroom with me when ever she wanted to. This can be hard for some moms because that’s where they get a little bit of alone time. Trust me there were plenty of days I locked the bathroom door so our daughter couldn’t come in!

However, for the most part she came with me. I would talk to her about what I was doing and we would wave bye-bye as the toilet got flushed. This was really the first exposure our daughter got to the idea of going potty.

Why I Potty Trained Our Daughter So Early?

I am going to be completely honest here. Whether our daughter was ready or not I was going to potty train her around 2 years old. Simply because I got pregnant with our second and our second baby’s due date was three days after our daughters birthday.

I did not want 2 children in diapers, i didn’t want to break our bank account because of all the diapers we would be buying and, I knew it was going to be harder to potty train with a newborn. Some moms don’t agree with this but I also didn’t want to change dirty diapers until our daughter was 4. Some moms do and that’s totally fine! but we felt our daughter was independent enough learn how to go potty.

Our daughter was 22 months old when we started potty training her. I wanted to give her enough time to get a hang of going potty before our second baby was due. So she had 2 months to really get a hang of potty training.

Another reason we started so early was the fact that she was actually ready! In the next section I go over the signs she was showing that let me know she was ready. So keep reading!

Signs That Our Toddler Was Ready

Our daughter started showing signs at the worst time possible! We just bought a house and were a week from moving in when she was starting to show us that we she ready. We didn’t want her going through two big adjustments so we waited a week to start potty training her after we moved into our new house.

Two weeks later we were going on a family vacation to Lake Powell so we really only had a week to potty train her. We could have waited until after our trip but I did not want to miss her being ready.

That is one tip I am going to give your right now. If your toddler is showing signs that they are interested in the potty DO NOT WAIT!

I read so many stories of moms who waited because it was inconvenient and once they started trying their toddler had no motivation to try again so it made it so much harder! And I did not want that to happen to us.

When our daughter started showing these signs below. We got potty training ASAP!

Potty Training Signs

  • Taking off her pants and diapers constantly
  • Every morning I would go to get her our of bed to find her diaper thrown on the floor
  • She started crying and fighting getting her diapers on
  • After I went potty she would try to climb up on the potty
  • She would pull down her pants to get on the potty

Those were the big ones she was doing for about a week before we started potty training her. That week was harder than potty training itself!

Other signs may be:

  • Waking up from naps or even bedtime dry
  • Your toddler is telling you they went potty in their diaper
  • They stay dry longer than usual

Also mama instincts, I had a feeling that our daughter was ready. If your toddler is showing one or multiple signs start giving potty training a try!

How To Find Time To Potty Train

Honestly there really isn’t a good time. As moms we are busy! Even as a stay at home mom it was hard to find time. But again I did not want to miss this opportunity of our daughter being ready.

  • If you have a job plan to potty train over a weekend that way you can be home for three straight days. That is the BIGGEST thing you have to literally have no plans for 3 days! Our daughter was pretty much potty trained in 2 days but having an extra day really helped.
  • Plan a week in advanced on what days you are going to start potty training. And make sure that you don’t have any plans because you need to stay home for those three days.

Weekend was really hard so I planned for three days during the week and I made sure I did not have any appointments, calls, made sure we were stocked up on food (the last thing you want to do is go grocery shopping during those three days) and didn’t plan any play dates. Those three days were for potty training only!

I suggest that you look at your schedule and pick a week where you are less busy than normal and move some things around so that you have a dedicated three days.


This is the end of the first series. I hope you enjoyed this first post. I know this may seem long but I read a lot of potty training posts that didn’t give much advice or details so I want to make sure that I give you everything we did in detail so that your potty training can be as successful or even more than ours!

If you found this post helpful. Make sure to save this pin for later! You could save it to your Potty Training board or Toddler board.

how to potty train your toddler in 2 days
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  1. I just wanted to say stop by and say thank you really. I have a little boy with autism and we were having a hard time with potty training. The pressure was growing at school and also my budget was getting shorter for diapers since He has to take speech theraphy and it is a bit expensive. Anyways taking advantage of these horrible time I saw your post on instagram and decided to follow your program. Omg we clicked right away now I am on day 2 and he just had 2 accidents cause he was busy playing. For a child with autism and not fully speaking it is so amazing. Thank you for the tips I can really see some light now. Im very positive that we will be back at school with undies and pants.

    • Gaby! That makes me so happy to hear that it is working so well for you! Way to go for you for taking advantage of the hard times. Not a lot of people do that so way to go! I hope everything continues to work for you and your sweet little boy! Try not to be too discouraged if he has an accident every now and then. It is a learning process for little kids to learn to listen to their bodies. I bet he will be in undies and pants in no time!


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