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I am so excited that you are interested in doing a guest post for Dollar Mommy Club.

Dollar Mommy Club is for all types of mamas. We cover topics such as being a mom, first-time mom, pregnancy, postpartum, truths about motherhood, happy mom, stressed mom and anything mom life-related!

We look for unique and never been published blog posts about:

  • Personal stories about being a mom
  • Pregnancy
  • Inspirational pregnancy stories
  • Postpartum tips
  • Newborn advice
  • The first year of life
  • Self-care
  • Recipes/Kid Friendly Recipes/Meal Planning
  • Stay at home mom tips
  • Time management for moms
  • Activies for infants, toddlers, and kids
  • Mom tips

We are looking for any blog posts that are helpful and inspiring for moms.

*Now please be aware that not all blog posts will be accepted. But that does not mean that you can’t try again.¬†

If your guest post gets published on Dollar Mommy Club you’ll get:

* Author bio promoting your blog, social media or products

* An opportunity to become a contributor if you guest post more than 3 times

* You’ll get promoted on our social media platforms

* A new audience for your blog…YAY!

* Potential traffic from Dollar Mommy Club

* Experience writing high-quality blog posts

* A community of amazing moms just like you

* Mom support…because mom life can be hard!

Write a blog post for Dollar Mommy Club

Dollar Mommy club is receiving 2,000+ visitors a day! And we continue to grow and grow so this will help your mommy blog get some new exposure!

Guest Post Requirements:

  • The guest post should at least be 1,000 words
  • How to or lists – This means that all headlines should be a list post or How to’s except for personal mom stories.
  • Use subheadline – H2 or H3
  • No affiliate¬†links– This is a place for moms to get advice from other moms not to be sold on things.
  • Please link to at least 2 other posts on Dollar Mommy Club

Ready to submit your ideas?

Please email me at with at least 3 topic ideas. We will get back to you in 2-3 business days letting you know which topic ideas we believe would do the best.

Once you have written your article. Email us your article and we will get back to your in 3-5 business days letting you know if your article has been accepted.

If your article does get accepted with will be published with in 1-3 weeks after the date it was accepted.

So now what? 

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Now PLEASE do not copy your blog post and share it on your blog or another one.

You do have the right to your content but if you decide to publish it on another website, we will unpublish it from our site.

This is to avoid duplicate content out there because having duplicate content makes things confusing for search engines and won’t benefit both our blogs.

If you loved guest posting for Dollar Mommy Club, we would love for you to guest post again! remember if you guest post for than 3 times you will be added to our contributor’s page! WoooHooo

Get ready to share your advice, tips, and inspiration with other mommas!

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