Dollar Mommy Club is a place where mothers can share their insights, stories and wisdom they have gained through the journey of motherhood. This is the perfect place to let other moms hear your stories so that they know that they are not alone. Dollar Mommy Club #realmomstories appear on our site and social media channels.

#reallifemomstories Requirements:

* #reallifemomstories must be in first person

* 700-900 word stories

* Stories should share your insights, experiences and wisdom you have gained throughout motherhood

* Stories should address a specific pain point of mom life that you have been through or are going through right now

Do You Want To Share Your Birth Story?

When you send us your story, you agree that if selected for publication, that it might be shared across our many social media platforms. You also agree that the story will not be published elsewhere. If you would not like to have your name used with your story, please let us know when you send it in.

Birth Story Requirements:

* Birth story should be 800-1000 words

* Your story should have a clear take away such as something you learned, or changed, or discovered about yourself during your birth experience.

* Make sure the headline for your story is shareable. Here are some examples: (“I never understood my strength until XYZ...” “This is the experience I wanted but here’s is how my birth actually went,” “Here is what really surprised me about XYZ,” “Here’s why XYZ type of birth (home, epidural, planned C. section, etc.) was perfect for me.”)

Are You An Expert?

We work with pediatricians, teachers, child development experts, nutritionists, career coaches, family therapists, child psychologist, Midwifes (and more!) If you're an expert make sure that you have a full stack of credentials since we want to give our audience the best research-backed and evidence-based ideas, our mamas are looking to you for inspirational and information that will help them in the journey of motherhood!

Examples Of Expert Articles:

* 5 Ways To Help Your Toddler During Temper Tantrums

* Preventing Gestational Diabetes

* How To Protect Your Newborn During RSV Season