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People often relate creativity with drawing, painting, or art. But, it's not limited to that. Creativity is much more than art. Creativity is how you think, how you solve or the approach you take to address a particular problem. Creativity is doing something instead of just thinking. Creativity helps children to cope with pain better. It develops their social skills,...
outside activities for kids
TV, computers, and video games can be a very easy entertainment for children. And to be honest it is sometimes easier to let your children watch TV or play a video game so that you can get some items checked off your to-do list. A study was done by The Nature Conservancy that showed that only 10% of children spent time...
4th of july crafts for kids
want some super cute fourth of July crafts for your kids? Doing fun crafts with my child is probably one of my favorite things to do. It is a great bonding moment for us and it build our creativity. Plus I love saving my child's art! Sometimes having a craft on such a fun holiday is a great way to help...
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School is out and now your children have A LOT of bottled up energy! Children are naturally inquisitive and energetic. They love to jump around and touch things. School-age children love to combine physical activity with hands-on learning. They have sponges for brains and can learn so much just by observing and participating in their surroundings. Which is why it is...

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