Bumblebee Themed Birthday Party

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One year… already?! man does time go by so fast! We recently celebrated our daughter’s first birthday. Her birthday was a bumblebee themed party and it turned out so CUTE!

I made everything by hand and to be honest it was exhausting! It took about two weeks to get everything done. And I think it took me so long because I didn’t know what I needed so I had to remake some things 2-3 times.

To save you the time and the hassle I put together a list of what I used and an explanation on how to put things together! You can do this theme for either a boy or girl! No matter what this theme so adorable!

A little backstory to why we choose this theme. Our daughter’s name is Bobbie and we call her “b” for short. So that is why we did a “bee” themed birthday party!

Here is a list of items I used and how I put everything together!

Flowers & Bees 

I had such a blast making these. The flowers were a little tricky but after doing one I figured out an easier and faster way to make them. The bees were really easy to make.

Below I have cutouts that you can download, print and cut to make your own flowers and bees!

How To Make The Flowers

What you’ll need:

I made a total of 5 flowers. 1 big one, 2 medium ones and 2 smaller ones. So you are going to cut out 6 petals for each flower. Once you cut out the petals you are going to roll the paper so that the petals arch.

Tip: When rolling the petals start from the smaller portion that way the wider part of the flower doesn’t arch too much.

After you have cut out and rolled each petal you want to do the center. Once you cut out the strip glue the two ends together so that your strip is in a circle. Next, cut out 2 circles and glue one circle to the top of the strip. But DON’T glue the second circle to the bottom of the strip yet.

Now that you have created the center of the flower the next step is to glue on the petals! Now, this part can be a little tricky. You going to take your glue gun and put glue on the smallest part of the petal. Grab your center and while holding the petal you want to place the smallest part of the petal (where you put the glue) on your centerpiece. But make sure that every part of the paper is touching your center.

You are going to do that for all 6 petals. Once you have all six petals glued to your center you can not glue on the last circle to the back of the center and now it’s time to PAINT!

I use this paint brush set and use the second to the smallest paint brush. Next, you paint the center yellow!

Flower Cutout Downloads:

How To Make The Bees

What you’ll need:

The bees are SO much easier to make! I made three large bees and three smaller bees. Below are the cutouts for both bees.

Download and cut out everything that you will need for the large bee. Once you cut out the wings, body, and trail of the large bees it is as simple as gluing them together. When gluing the wings to the body have the middle line of the wings be a little bit below the arch on the body of the bee.

Next is to paint the bee! I used the smallest brush to paint the back on the wings and to outline the body and then the bigger brush to do the top of the bee and the trail.

Once you have the bee painted and the trail painted glue the tail to the bee a voila you and done with the large bee!

For the small bee, I didn’t have tails for them. So all you need to do is cut out the small bees and paint them!

Bee Cutout Downloads:

Popsicle Stick Honeycomb 

What you’ll need: 

The honeycombs are easy to make but are a little time-consuming. I usually worked on them after putting our daughter to bed that way I didn’t have to worry about her touching the hot glue gun.

I used these popsicle sticks because I didn’t want the really small ones or the big ones so I got the medium size popsicle sticks and they worked perfectly!

First things first. Out time the shape of the honeycomb and glue it together. Next, you place glue towards the end of each stick and glue it on top of the other stick. Repeat that all the way around the honeycomb.

When you are gluing the stick to each other make sure that they will stack on top of each other instead of having popsicle stick to popsicle stick.

To make sure that they were even I would line each rounded end with the one below. I didn’t do that for the first honeycomb I did and it was terrible! It would not stay up because all the sides were uneven! So make sure you are lining the rounded corners to each other so that your honeycombs sides will be even.

I went until I had 18 popsicle stick on each side of the honeycombs. Because I found when I had less the honeycomb was really wobbly. So I suggest at least doing 18 if not 20 popsicle sticks on all sides.

I made a total of 6 honeycombs and then glued three of them together and stacked the rest on top of the three I glued together.

You can paint the honeycombs a brown color if you would like but, I loved the color of the popsicle sticks so I didn’t paint mine.

Polka Dot Table Cloth 

What you’ll need:

This is another easy one to do. I got a plain black round plastic tablecloth, laid it out and used these brushes to make the dots. I put white paint in a bowl and started in the middle of the tablecloth and worked my way out.

You can buy a black plastic polka dot tablecloth but If you want to save money you can get regular black one and polka dot it.

I painted mine because I didn’t want perfect dots. Now if you do paint it you can get really awesome dots and it is fun to paint it!

Putting together our daughter’s bee themed birthday party was so much fun! I got a ton of compliments (and so will you!) and now I have the flowers and honeycombs hanging in our house!

If you would like to see her birthday video you can watch it below!

If you have any questions fill free to ask them in the comments! 

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st birthday girl party ideas, 1st birthday girl party ideas summer, 1st birthday girl party ideas summer diy

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