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Postpartum Hair Loss Relief Tips

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You know that fast growing thick hair growth you got during your pregnancy? Enjoy it while you can since the months after you deliver you may start to experience postpartum hair loss. It’s sad but true!

I remember after having my first baby when she was around 4 month old. My hair started breaking off around my forehead and I would lose so much hair when taking a shower or simply brushing my hair. I felt like I was going bald! (don’t worry I didn’t go bald 😉 )

But Don’t Freak Out! Postpartum Hair loss Is Normal!

I feel like postpartum hair loss is one of those things that no one tells you about. Just like having sore cracked nipples, leaking boobs, stretch marks…should I continue?

You may be going about your hair-care routine when you look down and see a large clump of your hair tangled in your brush, or you run your fingers through your hair and find a whole bunch of hair all over you.

Dont’ freak out! postpartum hair loss is completely normal. If you are starting to get worried about when you might start experiencing postpartum hair loss keep on reading!

When Does Postpartum Hair Loss Start?

It can very for every women. For me, I started noticing hair loss about 4 months after having my baby. Most women tend to experience postpartum hair loss between 2-4 months after having their baby.

The amount of hair loss you experience is different for every women. For some women it is a lot of hair and for others it’s not much. If you have long hair or experienced a lot of hair growth during your pregnancy your hair loss may be more extreme.

But don’t worry not all hope is loss! There are many ways to help with postpartum hair loss. That is exactly what I am covering in this post!

How Long Does Postpartum Hair Loss Last?

Now that we covered when postpartum hair loss will start the obvious next question is. “When does postpartum hair loss stop”?

Here is some good news for you. Postpartum hair loss is only TEMPORARY! Woohoo I don’t know about you, but that is music to my ears. Your normal hair growth patterns typically returns 6 months postpartum, however some women do experience hair loss up to a year after childbirth.

I will say that if you are experiencing and excessive amount of hair loss even after a year. I would recommend giving your doctor a call.

How to stop postpartum hair loss?

Can we have an honest moment with one another really quick? I am sorry to say but you can’t stop postpartum hair loss from happening. I know! don’t be mad. Postpartum is normal and will happen due to hormonal changes your body goes through after having a baby.

So blame it on those lovely women hormones. Now you can’t stop postpartum hair loss completely BUT you can do things to help minimize the effects of hair loss and help promote healthy hair growth!

5 Postpartum Hair Loss Treatments & Remedies

1. Eat A Healthy Diet

It’s a no brainer that maintaining a healthy diet is super important for our overall health and wellbeing. Especially for postpartum moms, a healthy diet can help with your overall recovery and help prevent postpartum hair loss from progressing.

Make sure your eating a well balanced diet of vitamins and nutrients. Which is mainly found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water throughout the day as well.

If you find it hard to keep track of your water intake. Check out my free water intake tracker!

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    2. Reduce Your Stress

    You may minor a chuckle at this one. Don’t worry I did!. Having a new baby brings on all different kinds of stress. However, finding ways to reduce your stress levels will go a long ways.

    Studies show that stress can make your hair fall out. Here are a few things you can do today to help reduce your stress.

    • Try to get as much sleep as you can: If people tell you to sleep when your baby sleeps. Do it! There are plenty of other times in a day and the week that you can get this dishes done and the laundry folded.
    • Practice Self Care: Creating a good and simple self care routine will help you tremendously. After you get your baby to bed and before you head to bed take 15 minutes and hop into a bubble bath or meditate. Self care is super important and it is easier to make a habit of it when your little one is young. If you need some self care ideas check out this post.
    • Take A Break: Being a mom is hard stuff. You may find your self running around trying to get the house clean, feeding your baby, changing a million diapers a day, making dinner and the list goes on and on. Take a few minutes to sit and relax. Kick your feet up and watch one of your favorite Netflix episodes or read for 20 minutes. No matter what it is, allow your self to take a break.

    3. DIY Hair Masks

    postpartum hair loss masks

    Don’t get temped by the “hair growth” products out there. Now there may be some great all natural ones you could use, but a lot of the time hair growth products are full of chemicals. Which can lead to hormonal imbalance, skin disease, and many other things which brings you more harm than good.

    To learn more about knowing which products are good and which ones are bad. Learn more about natural beauty products here.

    Here are some all natural hair loss treatments you can do:

    • Avocado Hair Mask: If avocados are super healthy to eat then then must be great for your hair too…right?! They are packed full of vitamins, fatty acids and proteins which are all great for your hair and scalp! You can find lots of avocado hair mask ideas on Pinterest.
    • Castor Oil: This is another oil that contains a lot of fatty acids which makes it great for treating hair loss.
    • Egg Hair Mask: When I tried an egg hair mask for the first time I will say I was completely grossed out! but it did wonders for my hair! Egg hair masks can help with hair growth and repair damaged hair.

    4. Baby Beard Club- Miracle Bro Hair Growth Serum

    This is one of my favorite all natural hair growth serums. It is by Baby Beard Club and I have been using it since I had my second baby and even though I have still lost some hair. I have not lost near as much as I did after I had my daughter. And the best part is, I haven’t had my hair break around my forehead!

    The Miracle Bro oils smell amazing and are very therapeutic. You can the oil on your scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes. It is also a great hair growth serum for men too. So if you and your husband both need a great hair growth product then Miracle Bro is a win-win for the both of you.

    The only downside is that if you already have oily hair like me then Miracle Bro makes your hair way more oily. I will apply the serum just before going to bed and then wash my hair in the mornings and my hair is perfect for the rest of the day. Also, if you are using on your eyelashes, it is runny so make sure you use an eyebrow brush and only apply the serum to the very tips of your eyelashes.

    If you would like to give Miracle Bro a try click here and use use…

    my code: shh

    and when you buy any two oils you get the third one for free!

    These oils last a very long time since you use very little of it. I have two oil bottles and I am not even half way with my FIRST bottle.

    5. Avoid Using Harsh Hair Products

    You may want to find new ways to do you hair for a while when you start having postpartum hair loss. Because, any harsh products can make your hair loss more extreme.

    Here is a list of things to avoid:

    • Heated Tools: This is a tough one for me and I would say it is a hard sacrifice for most women. But hair dryers, curling irons, and straight irons can cause even more damage to your struggling postpartum hair. Not to mention it can damage the new hair that is trying to grow back!
    • Limit How Often You Wash Your Hair: I usually try to go every other day when I wash my hair. That way my hair is getting a break from always being washed with shampoo. I would also recommend getting an all natural shampoo to use during this time.
    • Don’t Do Tight Hairstyles: When I start losing hair I wear my hair up A LOT! that way It can hide my breaking and falling out hair. Instead of using regular hair ties I will switch to scrunchies I know so 80’s right! Also, I have learned to love my natural hair. The less I mess with my hair the better it does!
    • Use A Big Wide Tooth Comb: Using a wide tooth comb helps your hair not break as much when it’s being combed.


    Dealing with hair loss can be super frustrating but I promise it doesn’t last forever. It takes a while for our bodies to fully recover after child birth and to be honest. I don’t feel like my body ever went back to the way it was before having kids. Chances are either will yours but, that’s okay!

    One thing I have had to learn is how to love my post baby body! Just remember when you start losing hair that it is normal and that it won’t last forever!

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    Tips To Help With Postpartum Hair loss

    16 Inspirational Quotes For First Time Moms


    Are you needing a little inspiration? These first time mom quotes are some of my favorite ones that helped me over the years. I remember when it hit me that I was going to be a mom. I was so excited and very nervous. Motherhood can be scary because it is something new and is going to change your life forever. When I first found out I was pregnant I was excited, nervous, scared and was unsure of what was next.

    I would look up quotes about becoming a mother for the first time. A lot of them inspired me and helped me to feel confident since I had so many thoughts running threw my head. Such as…

    “am I going to be a good mom”?

    “can I do it”?

    “am I ready to be a mom”?

    After our baby was born I was ready and willing to be the mother she needed me to be. Throughout our baby’s life, there have been some really hard days but full of small special moments. Motherhood isn’t easy that is why reading some new mom quotes and sayings about motherhood can help during those tough times.

    I love saving motherhood quotes to my quote board in Pinterest so what whenever I need a pick me up or a reminder of why I am doing this I can quickly and easily find inspirational quotes to read.

    A lot of these quotes for new moms below have gotten me through tough moments and I hope they can help you as well!

    Let me know in the comments below which quote for first time moms is your favorite!


    16 Inspirational Quotes For First Time Moms

    1. “Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws” – Barbara Kingsolver
      first time mom quotes sayings

    2. Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing.” – Ricki Lake

    new mom quotes

    3. ” Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” – Elizabeth Stone

    quotes about becoming a mother for the first time

    4. ” When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.” – Sophia Loren

    first time mom quotes

    5. Feeling fat lats nine months, but the joy of becoming a mom lasts forever.” – Nikki Dalton

    6. ” When life gets hard and you fell alone, remember, you mean the world to somebody and that somebody calls you mom.” – Unknown

    first time mom quotes sayings, new mom quotes and sayings, inspirational quotes for new moms

    7. ” Motherhood is amazing and so incredibly brave.” – Unknown

    first time mom quotes sayings, new mom quotes and sayings, inspirational quotes for new moms

    8. ” There are hard days in motherhood. But looking at your sleeping baby reminds you why it’s all worth it. – Dollar Mommy Club

    first time mom quotes sayings, new mom quotes and sayings, inspirational quotes for new moms

    9. ” I am proud of many things in life but, nothing beats being a mother.” – Dollar Mommy Club

    first time mom quotes sayings, new mom quotes and sayings, inspirational quotes for new moms

    10. ” Sons are the anchors of a mother’s life.” – Sophocles

    first time mom quotes sayings, new mom quotes and sayings, inspirational quotes for new moms

    11. ” Motherhood is wonderful, but it’s also hard work. It’s the logistics more than anything. You discover you have reserves of energy you didn’t know you had.” – Deborah Mailman

    first time mom quotes sayings, new mom quotes and sayings, inspirational quotes for new moms

    12. ” Being a mother is the highest paid job in the world. Since the payment is in pure love.” – Amina Sambo

    first time mom quotes sayings, new mom quotes and sayings, inspirational quotes for new moms

    13. ” Being a mother means that your heart is no longer yours; it wanders where ever your children go.” – Dollar Mommy Club

    first time mom quotes sayings, new mom quotes and sayings, inspirational quotes for new moms

    14. ” Being a mother is the most rewarding blessing in the world. Just knowing you can love someone so much and get that same love in return is wonderful.” – Dollar Mommy Club

    15. ” A baby is something you carry inside you far nine months, in your arms for three years and in your heart till the day you die.” – Mary Mason

    first time mom quotes sayings, new mom quotes and sayings, inspirational quotes for new moms

    16. ” A mother holds her child’s hand for just a short time but holds their heart forever.” – Dollar Mommy Club


    There are so many amazing and inspirational first time mom quotes out there. You could use these quotes as a cute tag for a gift, you could save them to your Pinterest quote board or anywhere that you will be able to come back and get some inspiration and confidence.

    Motherhood exhausting but for me it is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I have felt so empowered when I delivered both my babies naturally and even though there are days I want to hide in the bathroom and cry. Ever moment in motherhood the easy and the hard make me a better person. The same goes for all those amazing moms like you!

    I hope you liked these quotes for first time moms just as much as I do!

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    first time mom quotes sayings, new mom quotes and sayings, inspirational quotes for new moms
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    My Natural Birth Story

    If you follow me on social media or are apart of my mama tribe you may have seen that our second baby has arrived!

    I’ve been so excited to share My natural birth story with you! I chose natural deliveries with both of my kiddos and can tell you that delivering a child via natural birth is one of the most intense experiences I’ve ever been through – and it was so much better the second time around!

    As birth stories go, mine was pretty normal besides that fact that I had no anesthesia (yup! you read that right) I used no pain medication of any kind. I am not only writing this for you, but also writing this for myself because I know that down the road I’ll forget the small details that I want to remember.

    As I said, this was not my first natural birth. I did a natural birth in a hospital with our daughter but this time I chose to deliver our son at a birth center (which was the BEST birth center ever!).

    Unlike my last delivery, this labor and delivery was incredibly fast. From the start of labor,to holding my boy in my arms was a total of 3 hours. However, a lot happened throughout the entire last month of pregnancy. So, let me take you back a little…

    My Natural Birth Story

    Last Month Of Pregnancy

    My due date was July 25th and my husband and I were both thinking that I would likely go into labor early because starting into the last month I began having A LOT of pre-labor. I had every sign that labor was going to start soon except for two things, bloody show and losing my mucus plug (sorry a little TMI). Honestly, for the last four weeks was really struggling. I was very uncomfortable and always tired. It was really hard to even play with my daughter.

    I started having Braxton Hicks contractions at 20 weeks! At 37 weeks my Braxton Hicks contractions where getting more and more consistent and intense.They were still not really on the painful side of things but just intense pressure for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. They would come between every 20 minutes to an hour but would not progress beyond that, so I knew I was not actually in true labor.

    Also during this time, around 5 or 6 p.m. every night I would get slightly painful Braxton hicks contractions every 5 to 10 minutes but this would only last an hour and then stop. You may see why I would get frustrated and a little emotional. I kept thinking I was going to go into labor and then I wouldn’t. My patience was really being tested. This pattern continued throughout the last month of my pregnancy. Now, let’s move on to the last few days before going into labor.

    Last Few Days Of My Pregnancy

    Finally, 6 Days before going into labor I began to lose my mucus plug woohoo! I was so excited! We had our fingers crossed that labor was going to start soon. I continued to lose more of my mucus plug over the next three days, but other Other than that nothing else changed.

    I had my 40 week appointment on Thursday July 25th. That morning I had noticed that our boy wasn’t moving as much in the morning has he previously had been and I was a little nervous. Due to this concern, at the appointment my midwife did a non-stress test to monitor his heart beat and movement. Thankfully everything looked just fine. During the hour long test, I was having painful contractions every 10-15 minuets. My midwife pointed out those contractions to me on the print off assuring me that this was also good news. Having been discouraged at the seeming lack of progress to that point, I asked my midwife to check me. I was thrilled to hear that I was 2cm dilated and 88% effaced. Labor really was going to start in the next day or so!

    Birth Day!

    After my appointment on the 25th (my due date), my daughter and I went home, had some lunch. Once I got her down for her nap I decided to take one as well and I am so happy I did! That night I went to bed around 10:00 p.m. Around 10:30 p.m. I woke up to use the restroom and turn our AC on. Shortly after going back to bed I went into labor at 11:00 p.m. waking to intense and painful contractions. I honestly didn’t want to let myself get too excited because I was nervous that this might just be false labor, however, after an hour the contractions had not stopped and were now coming every 3-5 minutes.

    1 1/2 Hours Before I Delivered

    I texted my Midwife at 12:00 AM and told her that I had been having consistent contractions that were getting more painful and intense for the last hour. She texted back and told me to give it 30 minutes more and then text her an update.

    During that long 1/2 hour I woke my husband, told him I was in labor and asked him to grab our TENS machine for me (which I used to help with my lower back pain). It worked so well! I didn’t feel my lower back contractions at all when I had the TENS Machine on.

    After being awakened by the contractions while waiting to see if I really was in labor, I hung out in our bathroom (I sometimes felt like I needed to vomit and wanted to stay close to the toilet just in case – which I never did!). While there, I discovered that it was comforting to lean forward on our counter, breathe and sway back and forth when I would get a contraction.

    Around 12:30 AM I texted my Midwife an update and let her know that things were progressing and she instructed me to come in to the birth center. At this point we called my mom and mother-in-law to let them know that it was GO TIME!

    The Hour Before I Delivered

    After receiving the word to come in to the birth center, we waited approximately 15 min for my mother-in-law to arrive with my sisters-in-law since they were coming to watch our daughter. Meanwhile my husband loaded our bags into the car.

    We arrived at the birth center around 1:00 AM. My Midwife checked our baby’s heart rate, my temperature, and got me some cold water. An assistant also started drawing me a bath since my plan had been to have a water birth.

    However, at that time, I didn’t feel like getting into the tub and instead wanted to be on my hands and knees on the bed. My Midwife brought out her large birthing ball for me to lean on. This was perfect and helped so much! I really liked leaning forward on it to support me in rocking slowly back and forth during the contractions as it allowed me freedom of movement and support.

    This positoin also allowed my husband to help me by massaging my lower back (I no longer had my TENS machine) which allowed me to focus on my breathing. I progressed quickly and a half hour after we got to the birth center I began to feel the urge to push.

    At this time my mom arrived, ran in and held my hands from the opposite side of the birthing ball.

    Our Boy Finally Arrived!

    My awesome Midwife checking out our big boy!

    I pushed 2-3 times and my water broke. Then pushed 3 more times and our sweet little boy was born at 2:02 a.m. Friday the 26th weighing a whopping 9 lbs 4 oz and was 20″ long. He was considerably larger than his sister older sister who arrived at 7lbs 8oz.

    My Midwife and her assistants, my husband, mother-in-law and mother were all so supportive and encouraging during the entire process. Hearing them all reassure me that I can do it and that It was almost over gave me strength to keep going.

    Looking back, these are the things that really helped me to cope with the pain the most:

    • The TENS machine: I’d heard of moms who used this device in early labor and claimed that it had helped them, so I did a lot of research on exactaly how the TENS machines help during labor. This post explains the benefits. For me the TENS machine was a HUGE help! It completely numbed my lower back pain and made it so much easier to focus on my breathing.
    • Hypno Breathing Techniques: I purchased an online hypno birthing course called Hypnobubs and in my opinion it is the best birthing course ever! The breathing techniques, visualization, meditation and hypnosis techniques I learned in this course helped me so much during birth. Also, the course includes soothing music soundtracks which I played during my labor and delivery. It really helped me to focus on the music and my breathing instead of the pain.
    • Accepting: This was a big one. When I went into labor with our first, I was not accepting of the contractions or the pain. I was fighting against them which made them even more painful. This time around I really worked on letting go and letting the contractions happen. This made them less painful because I didn’t tense against them. Every time I felt a contraction start to come I mentally told myself “this is normal” and then I would focus on breathing through the contraction.


    At the end of the day. I really loved how quick and relatively easy our little boy’s birth was. Not only did I prepare myself a lot more and better this time, but the envorinment of the birth center that I chose was warm and comforting and my midwife and her team were nothing short of AMAZING!

    I loved the position I used. Kneeling (on the bed) allowed me to spread my legs far apart, the ball allowed movement and provided support. The kneeling position also allowed gravity to assist the process – all contributing to an easier delivery for for our baby!

    I’ve had so many people ask me how I did it because they “think” they want to do it. Understandably, there are some high risk situations which natural delivery is not an option, but if it is an option I can tell you this…If you are thinking about doing a natural birth first off YOU CAN DO IT! And secondly, if you make that choice, to succeed, you have to commit 100%. You can’t just “think” about doing natural. It is a both feet in type of situation. You either do it or you don’t.

    If you are really serious about doing a natural delivery, I recommend going to a birth center (check out several to find the right fit for you). Hospitals are okay at doing a natural birth in but my experience from delivering one baby at a hospital and another at a birth center they were completely different experiences. I will choose a birth center every time.

    I hope you enjoyed reading my birth story with our son. It was such a beautiful, empowering, and amazing experience that I will cherish forever!

    How to Make Time for Yourself as a New Mom


    After having a baby, it can easily feel like you haven’t had time for yourself in weeks, or has it been months? But, it’s all worth it though, isn’t it? Of course, it is, but that doesn’t mean that new moms should shy away from trying to spend time on their self. 

    We get it, that new baby needs you, but when you’re drained and feeling friendless, you probably aren’t the mom you want to be. 

    Here are five tips to keep your spirits up, and trust us, it’s okay to take care of both yourself and the baby.

    How to Make Time for Yourself as a New Mom

    Tip 1: Find time to sleep

    Sleep comes at a premium when you are a new mom and unfortunately, it’s estimated that new parents will lose one to two hours of sleep each night until your child is about six years old. Still, while sleep may be difficult there are a few things you can do to try and catch some zees. 

    Sleep when the baby sleeps: Your baby may still be sleeping in two-hour increments, but within a couple months that all changes. Try to get your sleep when the opportunity presents itself. If that means skipping the dishes tonight, then skip them and get some sleep. 

    Accept help from friends: People will come out of the woodwork to lend a hand – ahem, play with the baby – and that is okay. Accept the time and take a nap, or at least let them clean your house. 

    Work out a schedule with your partner: Work with your partner to develop a feeding schedule so that at least one of you is getting decent rest at night.

    Tip 2: Stay connected with friends

    How to Make Time for Yourself as a New Mom

    Babies take up a lot of time, so it is natural that you will lose contact with your friends. But, for sanity and to escape loneliness it is important to try and rekindle those lost few weeks or months.

    Whether you go out for brunch, host a play date, or ask your parents to take the grandchild for the afternoon so you can hang out with your friends, this is okay. Your baby will be fine for the couple hours you replenish your sanity. 

    Tip 3: Use a front-facing carrier

    There are so many baby books out there and they all seem to miss a tip or two. After a couple weeks of carrying your baby around you’ll be glad you had this tip. A front facing carrier will not only give your arms time to relax, but you will also be able to do things, you know, like pick up the remote or make yourself a sandwich. 

    Tip 4: Join an exercise class

    After taking care of your baby day and night the last thing you might want to do is exercise. But there is a lot of value in this tip. Exercise will provide you with an extra boost of energy and have you feeling good about yourself when you leave the gym. Exercise also boosts hormones that make you feel happier and more positive.  

    Tip 5: Go on a date

    How to Make Time for Yourself as a New Mom

    Yes, a new baby can burn the romance in your relationship. But, sometimes just getting out with your partner and enjoying the time alone is enough to help you both realize that everything is going to be okay. 


    Making time for yourself with a newborn can be challenging. But, as much enjoyment you find with that little bundle of joy, you also need to put time aside for yourself so that you can be your best when that little munchkin just wants to lay in your arms and cuddle.

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    How to Make Time for Yourself as a New Mom

    20 Baby Girl Names That Are Inspired By Disney Movies

    Are you a mega Disney fan? Then you will love this list of baby girl names that are inspired by Disney.

    Disney has so many women charters that have beautiful, strong and adorable names that are perfect for any baby girl. Check out the list below and who knows you may be inspired by one of these names that ends up being your baby girls name!

    Also, don’t forget to check out my other list of baby girl names too!

    49 Strong And Powerful Baby Girl Names And Meanings

    Top 50 Unique Baby Girl Names You Might Have Missed

    20 Baby Girl Names That Are Inspired By Disney Movies

    1. Tiana

    20 Baby Girl Names That Are Inspired By Disney Movies

    2. Megara (Meg)

    20 Baby Girl Names That Are Inspired By Disney Movies

    3. Jane

    20 Baby Girl Names That Are Inspired By Disney Movies

    4. Nani

    20 Baby Girl Names That Are Inspired By Disney Movies

    5. Jessie

    20 Baby Girl Names That Are Inspired By Disney Movies

    6. Wendy

    20 Baby Girl Names That Are Inspired By Disney Movies

    7. Elena

    20 Baby Girl Names That Are Inspired By Disney Movies

    8. Iridessa

    20 Baby Girl Names That Are Inspired By Disney Movies

    9. Sally

    20 Baby Girl Names That Are Inspired By Disney Movies

    10. Violet

    11. Cassie

    20 Baby Girl Names That Are Inspired By Disney Movies

    12. Riley

    20 Baby Girl Names That Are Inspired By Disney Movies

    13. Joy

    14. Alice

    20 Baby Girl Names That Are Inspired By Disney Movies

    15. Annie

    20 Baby Girl Names That Are Inspired By Disney Movies

    16. Penny

    20 Baby Girl Names That Are Inspired By Disney Movies

    17. Leslie

    20 Baby Girl Names That Are Inspired By Disney Movies

    18. Carol

    19. Mary

    20. Morgan


    Often times when you love a charter in a movie their name sticks with you. Putting together this list reminded me of how cute a name was not because of the name it’s self but because of the actor who had that name.

    When my husband and I were picking our children’s name. It was so helpful to look all different kinds of baby name lists. Each one gave us some soft of inspiration and emotional connection. That when we found the right name it felt right! And trust me the names we picked for our children matched perfectly!

    And I bet the name you pick for your baby girl will too!

    Hopefully this list gave you some inspiration to help you pick the perfect name! If you want to see other Disney inspired baby names you can do so here.

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    7 Delegating Tips to Help Busy Moms

    Busy moms tend to carry the weight of the entire household on their shoulders. Between managing the finances, keeping the house clean, being everyone’s personal assistant, carting the kids around town for extracurricular activities, and making sure everyone gets a home-cooked meal each night, it can be daunting. What’s more? Trying to delegate seems like a chore in itself. That is why I have made a list of delegating tips to help busy moms.

    It’s imperative to delegate tasks to everyone in the family to ensure that moms keep their sanity and the family is working as a team, as opposed to a one-woman show.

    It may take some effort in the beginning but start with these delegating tips for busy moms to get your entire tribe working like a well-oiled machine.

    7 Delegating Tips to Help Busy Moms

    1. Opt Into an Online Delivery Service

    Delegating Tips to Help Busy Moms

    Make a list of all the tasks that need to be done and try to make it easy on yourself by having groceries delivered to your home while you take care of other items on the list.

    Start your morning off by doing a scan of the kitchen, making a list of the items you need, and then hopping online to your favorite grocery store that offers delivery services (most do now).

    You can take care of your assigned household tasks while your items are being shopped for and delivered. By going this route, you can take a time-consuming item taken off your list within minutes. You may even want to check out some automatic subscription systems that deliver snacks, diapers, and cleaning supplies.

    2. Assign Jobs Based on Personality

    Try to delegate chores by assigning tasks to your children based on their personality and age. For example, if your child is Type A and loves organization, have them pick up toys strewn around their bedroom and living room.

    Everyone in the family has their own set of strengths and even more so, they have their own set of weaknesses.

    Similar to assigning tasks that play to your family’s personality type, do not assign something to your family member that isn’t very conducive to their personality. If your child is very aloof, try to not entrust them with walking the dog.

    3. Schedule Routine Maintenance

    Having the looming fear of a home appliance possibly breaking down is a huge fear for many families, especially when the appliance is something that you use every day. Get a head start on taking care of your house by scheduling routine maintenance. This could involve changing your air filter every three months, sealing gaps around windows and doors, and cleaning your gutters every spring.

    You could even invest in a home warranty plan so that when your appliances break down, they will be quickly and efficiently taken care of by expert repairmen. This allows you to both increase the life of your appliances as well as ensure that if and when a breakdown does happen, it’s already taken care of.

    4. Sign Up for Pet Food Delivery

    Our best friends need the love and care that everyone in your home gets. Because of this, you probably find yourself traveling far for the best veterinary care and the best food for your pup. Why not sign up for a food and pet meds delivery subscription? Not only will this take care of purchasing the best food for your four-legged friend, but you’ll also be able to buy pet medicine as well as some extra toys and treats at the same time.

    More often than not, you can even set up for your pet’s items to be delivered automatically each month. Nothing beats having a task checked off your list that you don’t even need to think about, and now you have more time to enjoy playing with your pets.

    5. Be Realistic on “How” Jobs Are Performed

    Delegating Tips to Help Busy Moms

    While you love your family to death, they may not do their tasks to “your standards.” That’s okay, though! Being a part of a family is all about compromise, and as long as everyone is making a significant effort to contribute to the household chores, you all are on the right track.

    Just because your family doesn’t complete chores the way you’d like them to be completed doesn’t mean they were done “incorrectly.”

    Everyone’s method of cleaning is different and it’s best to embrace the fact that your family is pitching in and helping out around the house.

    6. Add Incentives to Everyone’s Jobs (Including Yours)

    Everyone works better when they have an added incentive to complete a task. If you find that your family isn’t getting their work done, or really not trying when they do their chores, try adding an incentive to the mix. For example, if you want to make sure all the household chores are done by Friday, tell everyone that if they complete their chores by the “deadline,” everyone will have a fun beach day on the weekend.

    Try and take this strategy with a grain of salt, however. While it’s good to have incentives to get tasks done, your family should be working as a unit and not just to “get paid” once the tasks are completed.

    7. Be Gentle on the Household

    As a busy mom with a full family (and other jobs), your home will not always be immaculate. There’s nothing wrong with that. Be gentle on your household and remember that the need to clean your home is because it’s well-lived in. While you will likely have a list of tasks delegated to yourself and your family, there will more than likely be times when they won’t get finished due to family events, sports games, or simply enjoying each other.


    Don’t stress about this—though it’s important to live in a clutter-free house, it’s okay for it to get messy sometimes. If there’s a little bit of dirt in the entryway, or your home doesn’t look like the cover of a home and garden magazine, that’s only because you have a happy family running in and out of the house, living their best life.

    If you found this post helpful. Make sure the save this pin to your Parenting board or Mom Life Board.

    10 Ways to Make Chores More Enjoyable

    With a busy schedule and tons of events that need to be accomplished, the last thing anyone wants to worry about is completing the long list of chores that keeps getting longer. What if there were a way to make chores more enjoyable and get the whole family involved at the same time? If you’re looking for ways to keep up your home without hearing a large unanimous “groan” whenever you bring it up, take a look at these tips on ways to make chores more enjoyable.

    10 Ways to Make Chores More Enjoyable

    1. Create a Scavenger Hunt

    Consider reworking the term, “chores,” into a “scavenger hunt” instead. As your children perform duties like dusting and doing laundry, hide special treats in the areas they’re cleaning (this could be money, stickers, a small gift—anything that feels like a reward to your children will do). As your children help you with chores, it will be like they’re participating in a special challenge to see who can find the coolest goodies while they’re cleaning. Depending on the age of your children, try upping the ante with better treats or special items that you know they might like (think: gift cards or money to go out with friends).

    2. Add Incentives

    Let your kids know they’re doing a great job by adding incentives to their chores. This can be as simple as creating a list of everyone’s names and adding a checkmark when they finish a task. Deem the first one to finish all their chores, “Helper of the Week.” For younger children, you can get a little more creative with incentives, such as allowing them to choose what they want for dinner one night a week or finding a fun outfit to wear to school.

    3. Make a Game Out of It

    Try playing a game of “Go Fish” when sorting through the socks. Each player has to hold up a sock to see if anyone has a match. If not…go fish! You can also gamify other tasks like a game of “Tetris” to fold the laundry or to organize the dishes in the cupboards. If you have multiple kids in the house, try adding a little bit of fun competition that allows them to tackle a variety of tasks faster and see who completes their chores first.

    4. Goof Off a Little

    There’s nothing wrong with having a little fun while doing chores, even if it takes a little longer. Think about turning socks into little duster mittens to clean off the houseplants and furniture while also making time for “puppet hour” with your sock mittens. If the floors need to be cleaned, play your kids’ favorite playlist and have everyone take turns in a “karaoke hour” with their brooms as mics.

    5. Set a Timer

    For quick tasks like clearing off the dinner table and putting the dishes in the dishwasher, set a timer for a “Quick Clean” session. Ask your family to clean as much as they can in a set amount of time—whoever gets their job done first gets to choose what to watch on the television. This is a perfect activity to do right after dinner.

    6. Get Creative With Your Supplies

    Make special buckets for everyone and let them decorate and fill it with all their cleaning supplies. This will give them a special creative project to finish that they can enjoy every time they clean. This can also be a great way for Mom and Dad to find all their stray items and place them in their own bucket to be put away.

    7. Have It Go Towards a Good Cause

    For the bigger tasks, like getting rid of clutter, have a “good cause” incentive. According to House Method, consider taking all the items you don’t use anymore and give them to charity. Go room by room and sort through all of your belongings—if you have no use for the object, don’t use it often, or find that it doesn’t bring you joy, put it in a pile to be given away. This way, you’re cleaning your house and giving back.

    8. Keep In Mind…Money Talks

    If you have teenagers in the house that are resistant to chores, try offering an allowance. This will give them the incentive they need to complete a task as a job that earns them compensation. Try and get a little complex with this. For example, if a task is completed before its “due date,” offer more allowance. If someone doesn’t complete a task at all, take away the allowance reserved for that task. Reserve this just for older children. Most children like to be involved in the upkeep of the house and show off their skills when completing tasks.

    9. Create Official Titles

    Just like any other job, titles hold quite a lot of weight when it comes to doing chores at home. Assign a title for each member of your household. Each title can be a representation of the series of tasks they need to complete. For instance, reserve “Mr. Duster” for the duster of the family, and reserve “Ms. Laundry” for whoever does the laundry, and so on. This gives them a sense of identity and also an added incentive to complete their tasks because that is their “title.”

    10. Let Them Choose Their Chores

    Just like adults, all children have their strengths and preferences. Try to not force a chore on someone who isn’t particularly the best at the given task; instead, focus on their strengths. If you have one child who loves to organize, task them with picking up toys and putting them in their proper place. If you have someone who is great with cleaning, task them with wiping down the tables and counters.


    This not only sets your family up for success but also allows them to embrace the chores they’re good at instead of dreading the chores they struggle with. To help them grow, have a day once a month dedicated to a chore they aren’t great at to help them grow. It may be hard, but it will be well worth it in the long-run for development.

    10 Ways to Make Chores More Enjoyable

    Must Have Potty Training Items For Successful Potty Training (Part 2)

    Any mom who is thinking about potty training and preparing to start. Wants to make sure they have the most success. Trust me I was the same way. I wanted potty training items that would make it easy for my daughter and myself and that would bring great success!

    Each mom who has gone through potty training before has their own preferences. Plus you know your child the best! get the potty training items you think would work the best for your child.

    When I was researching how to start potty training I came across the blog cotamom.com and her post helped us a lot! I used a lot of tips and tricks she did with her daughter and they worked great for my daughter but since every child is different some things that worked for her daughter didn’t work for mine so I had to do some things different.

    In the post I am going to share with you what potty training items worked amazing for us! Hope you enjoy!

    This post may contain affiliate links. Click here to check out my affiliate disclosure.

    Must Have Potty Training Items For Successful Potty Training

    Since there was so much information I wanted to give you I have split this potty training series in 4 parts. You can check out the other series below:

    How To Potty Train Your Toddler In 2 Days (Part 1)

    What Our Potty Training Schedule Looked Like (Part 3)

    Tips For Successful Potty Training (Part 4)

    Okay, lets dive in to must have potty training items!

    1. A Potty (duh)

    There are two ways you can go about picking out a potty. We first started our daughter on a small potty. She was too scared to sit onto a toilet and so she was comfortable going on her small potty for the first three days.

    The only downside to her small potty was it was gross to clean out every time she went potty. Especially being pregnant I was gagging constantly!

    The other down side was that after the three days she was doing great at going potty so I started going on quick short errands. That is where we ran into a problem. Her small potty didn’t fold up so I didn’t want to lug a potty around but she would have accidents when we were out because she wouldn’t go on the toilet.

    I was getting really frustrated at this. I kept reading post about how your toddler will naturally transfer to a toilet over time. But we were leaving for a trip in a week so our daughter really needed to learn how to go on the toilet.

    That is when I found this amazing travel potty that solved all our problems! After 4 days of our daughter using her small potty I took it away and started to use her travel potty. She adjusted to her travel potty the day we got it!

    I absolutely love our travel potty. It fits perfectly in our diaper bag, it is easy to clean and is super easy to take around.

    Since we have more than one bathroom in our house I will take her travel potty to what ever toilet we will be closes to. That way we are not having to run to one toilet over and over.

    It fits perfect on all the toilet sizes we have seen and used.

    Now I do not regret starting our daughter on her small potty. It was a perfect way to get her use to using her potty and she loved to dumb it into the toilet. She would get so excited to sit on her small potty.

    If your toddler is scared to sit on a toilet I suggest getting a small potty to get them started and then transition them.

    These are the potty’s we got:

    Fisher-Price Custom Comfort Potty Training Seat

    Folding Large Non Slip Silicone Potty Training Seat

    2. Step Stool

    A step stool was a huge help especially when we transitioned our daughter to the toilet. Having a step stool placed in front of the toilet made getting on and off easy for our daughter.

    Plus her feet would rest on it when she was on the toilet so I think it made her feel like the floor wasn’t so far down.

    I also loved having a step stool because it was easy to move over to the sink to have her stand on to wash her hands. So I strongly recommend getting a step stool.

    This is the one we got and I love it!

    Folding Step Stool

    3. TidyTots Disposable Potty Chair Liners 

    These disposable liners are AMAZING! I actually got them to go on our daughters small potty for when we were taking a 6 hour drive and we couldn’t make it to an actual bathroom.

    We would pull over on the side of the road and put a liner in her potty which made it easy since we didn’t need to clean her potty and we could just throw away her pee or poo.

    These liners are basically small garbage bags so if our daughter has an accident and we are away from home I will put her pants and underwear in these bags.

    That way I didn’t have peed or pooped in clothes touching other things in the diaper bag. Once we got home I would grab the bag of her close and dump them in the washer.

    Here are the disposable liners we got:

    TidyTots Disposable Potty Chair Liners 

    4. Underwear

    I suggest going to Walmart and have your toddler pick out their underwear. This is a great way to get them excited about potty training. I personally went to Walmart because I knew that it would be a funner experience for our daughter.

    This is the underwear we got:

    Disney’s Minnie Mouse Brief Underwear, 7-Pack

    5. Dollar Store Potty Toys

    Must Have Potty Training Items For Successful Potty Training

    I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on little toys so I went to the Dollar Store and let her pick out 10 toys. I put these toys in a small basket and she could only play with these toys when she was on the potty.

    This is a great way to help keep your toddler entertained while they wait on the toilet to go potty.

    6. Potty Treats

    Potty Treats helped encourage our daughter to use the potty. In Tips For Successful Potty Training (Part 4) post I go more in detail why this worked so well.

    But make sure you grab a lot of your toddlers favorite candy!

    7. Night Time Pull Ups

    The only time we used pull ups was for nap times, bedtime and if we were running errands. After three days I stoped using pull ups for nap times but used them for bedtime. We used pull ups for the first 2 weeks for bedtime only. On vacation we used pull ups a lot. Which was hard because our daughter fell back in the habit of going in her pull up.

    When we got back from our trip I cut pull up completely out. Using pull ups for the first week when we were running errands helped calm my nerves of our daughter having an accident. Even with her pull up on I will still constantly taking her to the toilet.

    Pull ups were great to use for the first week especially for bedtime.

    Here are the pull ups we used:

    Pull-Ups Night-Time, 2T-3T

    8. Potty Chart

    I got our potty chart from cotamom.com. This chart worked super well for us for the first 2 weeks. But after that our daughter didn’t care much for getting prizes so we simply stoped doing it. Check out Cota Mom to download her free potty chart!

    9. Puppy Pads

    I know this seems like a weird potty training must have. Honestly they saved me the pain of washing our daughter’s car seat every time she had an accident. You can get a piddle pad on amazon but their reviews didn’t seem super great.

    I got puppy pads instead and they worked amazingly! I marked on the pads where the straps on the car seat were and then cut slits where the straps were. The puppy pads are super absorbent and covered more of the car seat.

    It really was so nice not having to wash her carseat and the seat of my car if she had an accident!

    These are the puppy pads we got!

    Puppy Pads

    10. Water Proof Mattress Pads

    Once you start having your toddler sleep in their underwear. You’ll want to have these pads to help protect their mattress just incase they have an accident.

    This is the water proof mattress pads we have and I love them! They are super absorbent and easy to clean since you just through them in the wash!

    Biloban Crib Mattress Protector Waterproof


    I loved every one of these items and I don’t believe that we would have as successful potty training experience as we did.

    Make sure to check out Tips For Successful Potty Training (Part 4). To learn more in-depth tips and tricks about potty training.

    If you found this post helpful. Make sure to save this pin for later. You could save it to your Potty Training Board or Toddler Board.

    What Our Potty Training Schedule Looked Like (Part 3)

    If you have checked out my other posts. I mentioned before that potty training is a full time job at least for the first three days. Potty training takes a lot of time and energy but once it clicks for your toddler it becomes easier for you and them!

    In this post I am going to cover what our potty training schedule looked like. Keep on reading so you will understand a little bit of what to plan for.

    If you haven’t checked out my other posts. Make sure you do since these post are packed full of information to help you and your toddler have a successful potty training experience!

    How To Potty Train Your Toddler In 2 Days (Part 1)

    Must Have Potty Training Items For Successful Potty Training (Part 2)

    Tips For Successful Potty Training (Part 4)

    This post may contain affiliate links. Click here to see my affiliate disclosure.

    What Our Potty Training Schedule Looked Like

    The week before I started potty training our daughter I made sure I cleared my schedule so that we would not need to leave the house, got groceries, and all the items we needed to make sure our potty training experience was successful.

    I started potty training on a Tuesday because I had a doctors appointment on Monday. I have laid out exactly what we did for three days and what our schedule looked like. Check it out below!


    Monday night I set everything up in our downstairs bathroom since that is the closest bathroom to where we spend most of our time.

    I put out her potty toys, her potty treats, her small potty, books, and her potty reward paper with her stickers. That way in the the next morning there was nothing that needed to be set up. We could start first thing Tuesday morning.

    This is what our set up looked like.

    What Our Potty Training Schedule Looked Like

    Day 1- Tuesday

    8:00 AM-

    Our daughter woke up and I took off her dirty diaper. I told her that she will no longer be wearing diapers (plus I was only buying small packages of diapers from the store since we were planning on potty training her soon).

    and that today she is going to start learning how to go in the potty like mommy and daddy.

    We went down stairs and told her I had a surprise for her. I showered our daughter the bathroom and I made it seem like it was Christmas morning. I showed her all of her potty toys, books, her potty and her treats.

    Then went on explaining to her that she can only play with her toys and books when she is on the potty. And if she goes pee or poo in her potty she can get a candy and she can put a sticker on her potty chart.

    8:30 AM-

    I set the timer on my phone for 15 minutes and I started to make breakfast.

    Once the timer went off I would be super energetic and excited about going potty. I told our daughter is was time to go potty and she would run to her potty and sit right down.

    Then I would sit on the floor with her and we would play with her potty toys and books. I made sure she stayed on her potty for 3-4 minutes that way if she peed it would be in her potty.

    The first time I took her she peed! I jumped up and down and praised the crap out of her! I had her help me dump her pee in the potty, she flushed the toilet and we said bye-bye to her pee pee and I told her because she peed in her potty she can get a candy and she get’s to put a sticker on her potty chart.

    It wasn’t even 9 AM yet and she got a candy. I didn’t care because she was so excited that she got candy because she peed in her potty. Our daughter asked for another candy but I told her that when she goes pee or poo in her potty she can get a candy.

    9:00 AM

    After we finished in the bathroom. I set my timer on my phone for another 15 minutes.

    Once again when the timer went off. I got super excited and told her it was potty time and we would go to her potty.

    This time she did not go in her potty and she thought she would get a candy, but I told her she only get’s candy when she pees or poos in her potty. She quickly sat back down to go potty. However, she still didn’t go so I told her that she could try again in 15 minutes.

    9:20 AM

    Set the timer back on my phone for another 15 minutes. By this time breakfast was ready and we started eating.

    After my timer went off. I told her she needed to go potty and then she can come back and finish eating. So we did the same routine. But this time she pooped in her potty! I freaked out because I was so excited!

    Getting your toddler to poop in the potty is a big deal! Sometimes toddlers will get good at peeing in the potty but will have poop accidents.

    So I wanted to make sure that when she pooped it was even a bigger deal. After we dumped her poo in the potty, flushed and washed our hands I told her that because she wen’t poop in her potty she gets 2 candies.

    9:40 AM-

    Once we were done in the bathroom. We went back our and finished our breakfast. And and I set my time again for another 15 minutes.

    10:00 AM-

    After we finished breakfast our daughter had her first accident during the 15 minutes. She was very confused on what happened and I told her that was an “uh oh” and that we need to go pee in our potty.

    I took her to her potty to see if she needed to go anymore. After I had her sit on her potty for a few minutes. We went and cleaned up her accident. And set the timer again for 15 minutes.

    This is basically what our schedule looked like for the first day. We would go running to the bathroom every 15 minutes. When our daughter went in her potty she would get either 1 or 2 candies. Also when she peed she got to fill up 1 circle on her potty chart with stickers and when she went poo she got to fill up two circles.

    On the first day our daughter had 3 accidents. By her third accident it finally clicked for her. She started pointing to her bum when she needed to go potty. Sometimes she went and sometimes she didn’t but no matter what I made it fun and exciting.

    By the end of the day she was telling me when she needed to go potty and first day she hit her prize circle on her potty chart and she got to pick out a big prize from her prize box.

    Nap Times:

    For nap times for the first 4 days I would put a pull up on our daughter. On the fourth day I noticed she was waking up dry from her naps. So I stoped putting pull ups on during nap times.

    For more tips on nap time and bedtime potty training click here.


    For the first 2 weeks I would put a pull up on our daughter. She was waking up dry the first week of potty training. Her second week potty training we were on vacation and sharing a bed so we didn’t want to wake up covered in poo or pee.

    Once we got home from our vacation I stoped using pull ups completely!

    For naps she was waking up dry every time and it was a hit and miss for bedtime. When she woke up dry it was another big celebration!

    Day 2- Wednesday

    8:00 AM-

    Our morning routine started again. The first sound I heard from our daughter I went into her room, got her out of bed, and if she went in her pull up. I would tell her that we don’t go potty in our pull ups.

    I took her right to the potty. She would usually go pee like most humans do in the morning. If she didn’t, I set a time for 5 minutes and tried again.

    On the second day our schedule looked the same as day one. I would take her to her potty every 15 minutes. On the second day she was still only wearing a shirt.

    On day 2 our daughter did AMAZING! she didn’t have a single accident. Plus she was getting really good at telling me when she needed to go potty.

    On day two I also introduced her big girl underwear. I even wrapped them in wrapping paper to make opening them more exciting.

    I explained to her that we do not go potty in her big girl underwear and that she needed to still tell mommy when she needed to go potty.

    6:00 PM-

    Since our daughter was doing so great at going potty I decided to give her big her underwear a try for the last two hours before her bedtime.

    She loved wearing her Minnie Mouse underwear she kept showing me and her dad her big girl underwear and that they had Mini Mouse on them.

    On day two our daughter was basically potty trained!

    Day 3- Thursday

    8:00 AM-

    We followed our routine that we have been doing for the past two days. By now I knew when she usually needed to pee and poo. If she had a lot to drink I knew she would need to go potty about 15-20 minutes. And if she didn’t go poo right as we woke up I knew she would need to right after breakfast or after lunch.

    By this time you will know your toddlers bodily functions and will be able make sure they don’t have accidents.

    10:00 AM-

    I had to run to the store so I put a pull up on our daughter just incase she had an accident.

    Other then going to the store our daughter was in her big girl underwear all day.

    On day three she only had 2 accidents. However, one was my fault because she told me she needed to go potty right as were were in the checkout line in the store and couldn’t leave. So she went in her pull up.

    But for the most part on the third day our daughter was telling us when she needed to go potty.

    On the third day we ran into some problems. Since our daughter was use to going potty in her small potty. When I tried to take her at the store she totally freaked out and didn’t go potty.

    I knew that this had to change because her small potty didn’t fold up and I didn’t want to lug her potty everywhere. Plus we were leaving on our vacation in a few days and she needed to learn how to use the toilet.

    That is when I bought her folding travel potty. Which she still uses and loves!

    11:00 AM-

    Once we got home from the store. I switched her back to her big girl underwear and we went potty right as we got home.

    By this day instead of setting my timer for every 15 minutes I set it for 20 minutes. Sometimes our daughter would go before the 20 minutes was up and other times the timer would go off. I would ask her if she needed to go potty and if she said “no” i set my timer for an additional 5 minutes. Once the 5 minutes was up I would take her potty.

    Day 4- Friday

    On the fourth day our daughter’s travel potty came. I put her small potty away and told her she gets to use the toilet like mom and dad do. The first time I put her on the toilet with her travel potty she was nervous.

    I distracted her with playing games and reading books. When she went potty for the first time on the toilet she was so proud of herself plus I made it a big deal and wasn’t scared to use the toilet anymore.

    What Our Potty Training Schedule Looked Like


    By the end of the fourth day our daughter was usually telling us when she needed to go potty. By the end of the week she was using the toilet with her travel potty, she was wearing her big girl underwear 24/7, and was telling us when she needed to go potty.

    Make sure you head over to part 4 Tips For Successful Potty Training. Here I cover all the tips and tricks we learned for going out in public, nap time potty training, bedtime potty training and more!

    If you found this post helpful. Make sure you save this pin for later! You could save it to your Potty Training Tips board or Toddler board.

    What Our Potty Training Schedule Looked Like

    Tips For Successful Potty Training (Part 4)

    After the first month of potty training we have learned at lot! If you have gone through my other posts (which I suggest you do) then you know that it took 2 days to potty train our 22 month old daughter.

    Our daughter was ready and eager to go on the potty. At the time of writing this post our daughter has been using the toilet for 3 weeks now and she is doing amazing! We no longer use a timer on our phone since she is telling us when she needs to go potty.

    She is in her big girl underwear for nap times and bedtime. Taking her to the potty has now become a normal part of our routine.

    I am so excited to be writing this post because we have learned a lot about potty training in the last three weeks. And I am excited to share them with you!

    Keep on reading to see the do’s and don’ts we learned and how you can make sure that potty training your toddler is as successful as ours was!

    Make sure to check out my other potty training posts:

    How To Potty Train Your Toddler In 2 Days (Part 1)

    Must Have Potty Training Items For Successful Potty Training (Part 2)

    What Our Potty Training Schedule Looked Like (Part 3)

    Tips For Successful Potty Training

    When we first started potty training the hardest part was making going to the potty apart of our daily routine. When you leave the house for the first time it is super overwhelming! I kept praying that our daughter wasn’t going to have an accident in public.

    But after her 3rd accident in public. It wasn’t that big of a deal any more. We just dealt with it can continued on with our day.

    I promise you will be able to get out of the house. Don’t feel like potty training is going to keep you home forever. It is actually good for you and your toddler to go on errands and go potty somewhere other then at home.

    That way you and your toddler get more confident in leaving the house.

    My first tip I am going to give you is…BE PATIENT! Think about it, your toddler has gone in their diaper for 2 to 3 years of their life! Breaking that habit takes time.

    Potty Training Tips

    1. Don’t give candy to your toddler for at least a week or more before you start potty training

    Our daughter hardly gets treats or candy. So when she knew she was going to get 1 skittle for pee and 2 skittles for poo she was highly motivated to go in her potty.

    If you don’t give your toddler any treats or candy a week or two before you start potty training. They will quickly learn that the only way they will get candy is when they go pee or poo on the potty.

    You will be surprised at how motivated your toddler will be to go in their potty! I promise your child will start to forget about getting candy as a reward after a few weeks or so. Don’t feel like you’ll be giving candy as a reward forever.

    After a solid week of our daughter going to her potty she had totally forgotten about getting candy afterwards. I will randomly give her some but it is not every time she goes potty.

    2. Don’t make your child feel bad or embarrassed when they have an accident

    This is a big one! If you are scolding your toddler for having an accident they may start to hide their accidents. And when you are in public don’t make it a big deal that they had an accident.

    Toddlers get embarrassed just like adults do!

    When our daughter would have an accident this is what we would do.

    “uh oh Bobbie did you have an accident?”

    She would show us or say “yes”

    Then we would get down to her level and calmly say “Bobbie we do not go potty in our big girl underwear. You have to tell mommy or daddy when you need to go potty okay?”

    Then we would take her to the potty and have her sit there for a few minutes. After wards she would help us clean up her accident.

    After a few accidents. Our daughter actually started saying “uh ho” when she had an accident.

    Tips For Successful Potty Training (Part 4)

    3. Don’t give your toddler any water or food 1 hour before nap time or bedtime

    Most toddlers are great at going potty during the day but run into problems for nap time and bedtime. For night time or nap time potty training follow this tip. It works like a charm! We still don’t let our daughter have any snacks, food or water 1 hour before bedtime or nap time.

    This is a lot easier said than done. So don’t get discouraged if you forget. Before bedtime I would do no water or snacks a half hour before bed. And our daughter always woke up dry and when we heard her in the mornings we would take her to go potty.

    It was very rare if our daughter had an accident during her nap time or bedtime. Once your toddler gets older and can hold their pee and poo longer than you could let them have some water or snacks before bed.

    But, start doing no water or food an hour or even an hour and a half before bed.

    4. Follow the BME method at home and in the public

    The BME method stands for Beginning, Middle, End. This is what you do. When you first arrive some where you take your toddler to the potty, then take them again 30 minutes later so in the middle of what you are doing. Then again before you leave somewhere.

    Your toddler is most likely to go one of those times to take them.

    For example: if I am going to the grocery store. Before we leave the house we take our daughter to the potty. When we get to the store the first thing we do is go to the potty. If she went potty when we got there I won’t take her half way through my shopping trip. But before we head to the checkout line. I will take her potty again.

    Once we get home we will take her to her potty again.

    Following this method has limited our daughter having an accident in public! Or even at home!

    5. Make sure you stay positive and excited every time your toddler uses their potty

    When your toddler goes in the potty you really need to crank up your excitement! The more excited you are the most your toddler will be too. Be excited about going to the potty after your timer goes off and when they go potty.

    One way I got our daughter excited is I let her push the stop button for the timer on my phone. When she did that she would run to her potty. I never had her try to hide or throw a fit when her timer went off because we made it such a fun experience!

    6. Use positive reinforcements

    When your toddler goes pee or poo in the potty let them know how proud of them you are. Give them a “congratulations” a “woohoo” and even a high five! When our daughter goes pee or poo on her potty we did a two hand high five and knuckles!

    Toddlers and kids want to please. So let them know that when they go potty in the toilet you are super pleased and proud of them.

    We even ask our daughter if she is proud of herself for going potty in the toilet and she would say “yes” with such excitement. We do this so that she can build up her self esteem and be proud of herself with out needing our appraisal.

    7. Make sure to pack a lot of extra pants and underwear for your toddler

    Tips For Successful Potty Training

    Just like how you stocked up on diapers before leaving the house. You now need to bring a couple pairs of pants and underwear. I will bring 4 pairs of pants and 4 pairs of underwear. That way if your toddler does have an accident you will have a clean pair of clothes for them.

    8. Pack an extra pain of clothes for you

    You never know if your toddler will be sitting on your lap or you’re holding them when they may have an accident. And I promise you don’t want to spell like pee or poo! Make sure to put a change of clothes for you in the diaper bag as well!

    9. Start on a small potty. Then switch them over the the toilet.

    There are actually many different views on this. Some moms don’t want to mess around with a small potty and potty train on the toilet right from the start. For me I liked using the small potty for the first three days.

    This laid down a good foundation and habit. It allowed our daughter to get comfortable at going potty before switching to the toilet. I did not want our daughter going on her small potty forever.

    I read a lot of blog posts that said after a few months your toddler will transition. But there was no way I was going to be cleaning out her small potty and lugging it around for a few months.

    On day four I put her small potty away and we started using her travel potty on the toilet. She transitioned perfectly and has not regressed once to her small potty. Starting on a small potty allows your toddler to become familiar and comfortable at going potty before moving to the toilet.

    10. Have your toddler sit on a towel on the floor or couch

    For the first 2 days lay a towel on the floor and whenever your toddler is watching a movie. Have them sit on a towel. That way if they have an accident it will be easier to clean up. Plus a towel will protect your carpet or couch better than if there was nothing there.

    11. Make potty training a super fun experience

    Like I have said a few times before. Make going potty like they are at an amusement park. If you are super excited about it. Your toddler will be too!

    12. Don’t ask “Do you need to go potty?”

    Almost every time you ask this question. Your toddler will say “no”. We still sometimes ask our daughter this question and she usually says “no” on rare occasions she will say “yes” but most of the time it is “no”

    So instead of asking “do you need to go potty” Say “let’s go potty” or “it’s time to go potty” This doesn’t give your toddler the option to say “no”. I found when we asked our daughter if she needed to go potty she would say “no” and throw a mini fit.

    But when we said “let’s go potty” or “it’s time to go potty” she never threw a fit. She would run right to her potty.

    13. Don’t let accidents make you mad or frustrated

    Accidents happen and will continue to happen for a few months. They will lessen with time but don’t get mad or frustrated if your toddler has an accident.

    If you toddler has an accident calmly explain that we do not go potty in our underwear and that they need to go in the potty. I know it can be frustrating when your toddler has an accident but if you get mad it doesn’t help the situation.

    14. Have your toddler help you clean up their accidents

    Tips For Successful Potty Training

    Having your toddler help clean up their accident will give them some responsibility to their mistake. This worked really well for our daughter. Because any time she makes a mess with her toys or when she gets things out. She knows it’s her responsibility to put it all away.

    Same applies to cleaning up her messes. Of course she doesn’t do it perfectly and I help her a lot but she is taking responsibility for her accident.

    15. Remind your toddler what when they go pee or poo in the potty that they will get a candy

    This worked out nicely. When our daughter would have an accident she sometimes thought she would get a candy. But we had to remind her that she doesn’t get candy when she has an accident. She only gets candy when she goes potty on the toilet.

    If you remind your toddler that they will get candy when they go potty on the toilet. They will be more motivated to go potty on the toilet! Don’t give candy if your toddler sat on the potty but didn’t go.

    They only get candy when they go pee or poo in the potty. Your toddler will test you to see if you remember so make sure you make it clear that they only get a treat when they pee or poo on the potty.

    If our daughter sat on the toilet but didn’t go. We still thanked her for coming to sit on her potty. And sometimes she would ask for a candy but we would tell her that she only got candy if she peed or pooped in the potty. The next time she went potty she really tried so that she could get a candy.

    Like i’ve said before. Candy can be a huge motivator!

    16. Really pay attention to your toddler’s pee pee dance

    After a few days or even a week you will start to notice when your toddler needs to go potty. They may grab their bum or the front of their bum, they may start to wiggle more or do a little pee pee dance.

    Our daughter does all three! If she is watching a movie and I see her start doing a little pee pee dance or grabbing her bum I tell her it’s time to go potty.

    Make sure you pay attention to your toddlers signs that they need to go potty. This will help limit accidents and teach them that they need to go regardless what they are doing.

    17. Have your husband take your toddler to the bathroom too

    After day 2 of potty training. I had my husband take our daughter to the bathroom occasionally. Sometimes we would just switch off especially on the weekends. If i just took our daughter potty the next time he would.

    If your toddler is use to going potty with one person they will have a hard time going with your husband. Our daughter will go potty with either of us just fine since she is use to one of us taking her potty.

    18. Use puppy pads to protect your toddler’s car seat

    If you read my potty training must haves post. Then you would have seen that one of the must haves i recommended was puppy pads. This is a great way to protect your toddler’s car seat incase they have an accident. Puppy pads are super absorbent and are wide so it protects more of their car seat.

    It is easy to throw the pads away and then you don’t have to worry about washing the car seat and seat of your car!

    19. Have your toddler be naked for the first 2 days

    For the first 2 days we only have a shirt on our daughter. This is a great way to have your child learn that when they pee or poo it will get all over them. I actually looked forward to our daughter having accidents for the first day.

    If she didn’t have any accidents she wouldn’t understand that she gets wet when she has an accident. It took 3 accidents until it clicked for our daughter that she can’t just pee or poo because nothing is to catch it anymore.

    If you want you could even do 3 days of your toddler being naked. For us we only did two days and on the third day she was in her big girl underwear.

    20. Don’t give up!

    There may be a day where your toddler has more accidents than normal. And that can be very discouraging. But DON”T GIVE UP! Remind yourself over and over that your toddler is learning something new and they have to break a habit that they have been doing since they were born.

    One thing that really helped me get through those hard potty training days was knowing that in a month from now or even a week from now. Our daughter was going to get better and better and have less accidents.

    Stick through it because it will all be worth it! Just like when your toddler was born it took awhile to get into a routine. Same with potty training. It took us about 2 weeks before we got into a really good routine. Now having our daughter use a potty is easy!


    In the end, potty training can be a great experience for you and your toddler. I have really enjoyed potty training our daughter because I love watching her learn something new and then get really good at it.

    The biggest thing is to stay positive and push through the hard days. I know you got this mama!

    If you found this post helpful. Make sure to save this pin for later! You could save it to your potty training board or even your toddler board.

    Tips For Successful Potty Training

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