Are Birthing Classes Worth It?

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Are you starting to think about birthing classes?

You might have been thinking about them as well as doing your research when you first found out that you are pregnant. I was that pregnant lady! Being prepared is what I am all about!

I kept thinking if birthing classes were really worth it, if we should take an in-person class or if would an online course prepare both of us.

You might have had similar questions running through your mind. Before I decided to go natural I didn’t think birthing classes were necessary since at first, I was planning on getting an epidural. If you are wondering why I changed my mind from getting a medicated birth to a natural birth check out this post!

I was truly overwhelmed by how many online and in-person birthing classes I found. I had no idea which one was going to be the best for me! Should I do a Lamaze class, Bradley Method class or Hypnobirthing?

All methods are a little different but their main goal is to help you have a beautiful birth! If you are planning on getting a C-Section I do recommend still taking a birthing class. Why? because they teach amazing breathing techniques that can help you remain calm and relaxed even during a C-Section.

It comes back to the big question. Are online birthing classes worth it? I would even say Are birthing classes worth it?

and the short answer is…YES!!

Especially if you are a new mama taking a birthing class whether it is online or in-person is a great way to help you and your partner prepare for your baby’s arrival! Birthing classes are not there to scare you or make you nervous about having your baby.

Birthing classes are to help you be informed and understand what is going to be happening to your body and baby that way you and your partner will know when it is time. When my husband and I took our birthing class I was amazed at the information I got! There was so much that I didn’t know about birth.

Now I must tell you this. No matter if you pick an online birthing class or an in-person one you are never fully prepared for labor. No one can prepare you for that! But having the knowledge of how to get through labor, how to count your contractions, and breathing techniques help you feel more prepared!

There are so many amazing birthing classes online and in-person. Here is a list of ideas to keep in mind when researching birthing classes:

How To Pick A Birthing Class:

1. Method

Are you comfortable and confident in the method that the birthing class teaches? You want to pick a class that you feel comfortable with. A great place to check our different methods is Youtube! I did a lot of my research on Youtube and read a lot of birthing classes reviews.

2. Does it match with your birth plan?

No matter how you are planning to deliver you want to make sure the birthing class you are taking will help you during labor. You know yourself the best!

3. Do you like what is taught?

A lot of the time you can check out places on the internet that talk about different birthing classes and compare one to another. You want to make sure you take a class that will cover everything that you want to be covered.

For example. I wanted the birthing class we took to have a lot of visualization and meditation because that is how I relax and let go of stress the easiest.

4. Make a list

Write down everything that you want to be covered. Such as ” I want a class to cover each stage of labor, to inform me of the early stages of labor, how my partner can help, breathing techniques etc.”

When you make a list it makes it very clear to you what you want from a birthing class. Once you actually pick a class you can even use the list you made to ask more in-depth questions.

No matter what class you pick they are all amazing! I did a lot of research because I wanted to make sure I was choosing a class that was going to help me through a natural labor. I heard of the name Hypnobirthing. As I looked more into it I found that Hypnobirthing is a lot about visualization, meditation, and deep breathing.

I knew that was what I wanted! Now I found online classes and in-person classes. But I picked online and here is why.

#1 I wanted to go through the class at my own pace

#2 I wanted to go over lessons as many times as I wanted

#3 The in-person Hypnobirthing class times were not going to work with our schedules.

Those are the three main reason I pick an online class. And I am so happy that I did because I was able to go over different lessons again and again! By now you may be wondering what Hypnobirthing class I took. So let me tell ya!

I took an online Hypnobirthing class called Hypnobubs. It is by an Australian lady name Melissa and I LOVED! her online birthing class.

birthing classes for first time moms, online birthing classes, birthing classes 2018

Hypnobubs is mainly for natural or cesarean births but, I know of a lot of moms that took Hypnobubs and had an epidural. What really excited about her course was that it is all about positivity and having a stress free delivery.

The birth stories that she shares on her website really inspired me and made me excited for labor instead of fearing it.

The Hypnobubs course includes:

birthing classes for first time moms, online birthing classes, birthing classes 2018

  •  10 x professional and highly comprehensive video tuition and practical exercises with world recognized hypnobirth childbirth educator, Melissa Spilsted. You will feel like you are sitting in a private birth class with Melissa – only from the comfort of your home! These videos comprise of close to 6 hours of intensive childbirth tuition.
  • – Our succinct and easy-to-follow little book of hypnobirthing eBook
    Worksheets & handouts throughout (to keep you motivated, engaged and help you with your practice along the way.
  • – 5 x long play mp3 practice hypnobirthing tracks including our world famous Affirmations for Beautiful Birthing, Surge of the Sea, Prompts for Birthing, Glove of Endorphins and Fear Release.
  • – Access to your training and materials 24/7 via your computer or mobile device (wherever and whenever – you can do your training and practice and also revisit your learning throughout your pregnancy).
  • – Online support via the learning platform. So you get our personalized, expert support along the way.- PLUS – A BONUS SECTION with extra, super inspiring positive birth videos!!!

When I got this course I downloaded the music and meditation guides to my phone and listened to them at night and during labor! My favorite thing about this course was that it had an entire section and PDF’s for the partner!

It goes over touches the partner can do, words and phrases they can say, and how they can support you during labor.

My husband was really impressed with how much information there was. He felt very prepared to help me through labor. Hypnobubs was exactly what I was looking for and since it is online I get to have access to the Hypnobobubs course forever!

If you are thinking about a natural birth or are planning to do epidural but want more than breathing techniques I defiantly recommend Hypnobubs!

Did you pick a birthing class already? I would love to know which one you picked and why! If you have not picked one yet I would love to know which one you are leaning towards! Let me know in the comments below!

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