Hey There!I'm Kara

I am in the process of becoming a certified parenting coach and I am on a journey to help parents better themselves as parents while developing a deep loving relationship with their children that will last a life time. Being a parent is tough stuff and one of the greatest things is that YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO THROUGH IT ALONE! I am here for you and I will be with you through every step through your parenting journey.

My journey towards becoming a happier parent was a long one. Ever since I was little, I always wanted to be a mom. I imagined all the time about the type of mom I would be and how perfect my hypothetical children were. As I grew up I wanted to become a mom more and more. I finally met my husband (Tucker) in May of 2014 and we got married in January of 2015. A super cool side note here about my husband is you know when you are little and you write down what your "dream" man would look like, act like even possibly what his name was going to be? Well for me that I wrote down 15 years ago came true! I always loved the name Tucker and I wrote that I would either name one of my children Tucker or marry a Tucker and that it so happened that I married my Tucker <3

Fast forward a year and half into our marriage, I got pregnant with our daughter. After nine wonderful months of pregnancy and a 32 hour natural birth.

I finally become a mom that I was so longing to become. I felt like I was on top of the world. Being a mom was easy and my life was perfect.

However, as our darling girl grew up. I was starting to feel like I was failing her and myself as a parent. Mom guilt was hitting me so hard one week. Everything seemed to be going wrong.

I remember laying in bed and crying to my husband. I was so mentally, emotionally, and physically EXHAUSTED.

I was starting to see how our life and parenting was becoming. I instantly had a thought that shook me to my bones.

"if this is how things are going now, where will we be in 5,10, 20 years from now?"

I felt like I was letting myself down as a parent and worst of all I felt like I was letting our daughter down. I wondered how I drifted so far from the mom I thought and hoped I would be.

There was so much guilt, shame, and disappointment!

I knew that this was not what I wanted for our family. I didn't want to create a childhood that our children would need to recover from. Most importantly, I wanted to become that mom I imagined when I was younger.

I was ready to change and I felt the push more than ever since in 2018 I got pregnant with our little boy. I was so nervous to be a mom to another little human that depended on me! If I felt like I was failing with our daughter how was it going to be when our little boy came? So I set out to find a new way. I knew that I could become a happy, peaceful, positive mom where there was connection, understanding and love instead of guilt. control and dominance.

I started reading every parenting book that I could get my hands on. I learn so many amazing positive parenting techniques that helped change my parenting in a HUGE way.

I was learning so much and I was finally getting closer to finally becoming that mom I wanted to be. However, I felt like there was still something missing.

I set off on another search to find the missing piece of the puzzle. That is when one of the best opportunities fell into my lap. I came across Jai Institute and as I learned more about them and the founder Jolette Jai. I knew I had found what I was looking for.

First, I became a student absorbing everything I could. I felt like I was feeding my soul knowledge that it wanted so badly.

I started applying what I was learning and the impact was immediate, for me, my family and for our children. Within the first few weeks I could see the path of positive and peaceful parenting. I could feel and see the parent that I dreamt that I would one day be and the deep loving connection with our children was in my grasps.

I learned how to center and ground myself as a parent, I learned more about empathy and how to apply it for myself and my children. I learned many new techniques and developed a new way of thinking. I learned how to create and hold boundaries and use my values as a parent to help my children to develop higher self esteem, emotional intelligence, confidence, problem-solving, effective communication, as well as many other values.

Today I am much more of a positive, calm and happy parent. Now am I perfect? of course not! There are still occasional setbacks and old parenting patterns that come forward. The difference is that I am more calm, happier, centered and mom guilt doesn't eat at me all the time anymore.

I have added tools into my parenting toolkit that work in the short term to help bring us closer every single day.

I am a certified parenting coach from the Jai Institute Of Parenting and the results I have gotten for my family have totally transformed the way my husband and I parent. Not only do we parent peacefully with respect, cooperation, and connection but we no longer yell to get our children to listen. They obey, listen, and cooperate because they want to not because they have too! My mission to help parents around the world be able to achieve the deep connection that we all long to have with our children. If you want to transform your parenting to a peacefully one click the link below and schedule a FREE complimentary call with me!