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This blog is for all expecting mamas, no matter if you are in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd trimester this blog is for you! If you just had a baby don’t worry there is plenty of information here for you too.

PST….also besides being a pregnancy blog, this blog also includes how to start your own mommy blog. BUT not just start one but to actually start a blog that makes money!

Here you will find stories such as:

Lessons As A First Time Stay At Home Mom

To The First Time Struggling Momma-It’s Okay!

The Discovery Of The Unknown

and a place to connect with other moms:

Dollar Mommy Club Group 

Let me tell you a little bit about how I got started!

After I discovered I had endometriosis and a year of trying to conceive my sweet husband and I was blessed with our daughter Bobbie. Once I saw her for the first time I knew that I wanted to stay home with her. After our daughter was born I was getting what I call “the bored mom syndrome.”

I needed something for me to do and I wanted to help contribute to our family finances. My husband worked a very successful job and he currently runs his own digital marketing business on the side.

During my pregnancy, I had so many questions but nowhere to get my questions answered. I was frustrated at the lack of information and I had NO IDEA how to prepare to be a new mom or what I needed to do during my pregnancy.

I was going to be a new mom with nowhere to turn to for support, information or help as we adjusted to life with a new baby. I wanted a place where I could get information and steps on what I needed to prepare for during each trimester that when our daughter came I could be prepared.

I tried starting a Facebook group for pregnant moms and truthfully that didn’t work out so well. After many failed attempts at trying to start groups, I turned to blogging.

Low and behold Dollar Mommy Club was created! I wanted to create a place where all expecting moms no matter what trimester they were in or even if they just had their baby they could find information to help adjust to life with a new baby.

Besised wanting to help expecting moms have a stress-free pregnancy. I wanted to help moms be able to start their own blogs so that they too could stay home with their children.

Ever since starting my blog I have been able to earn extra money to help pay off those ghastly medical bills or aka birthing bills. I have achieved more freedom to do what I want and have more time with our daughter that I normally wouldn’t get if I was at a 9-5 job. If you want to know more about my blogging journey and how I have made money from my blog head over here!

Let’s go through this journey together!

I hope that I can help make your life a little easier, less stressful, and happier after you visit Dollar Mommy Club. So let’s embark on this journey of motherhood together!

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Fun Facts: 

My husband (Tucker) and I met on a blind date. So YES! blind dates do work!

I love camping, fishing, hiking, boating really anything outside I love.

I make the BEST chocolate chip cookies.

and there is nothing more than I would rather be doing than being a wife, mom, and blogging!

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