8 Fun Family Activities To Do This Summer!

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School is out and now your children have A LOT of bottled up energy! Children are naturally inquisitive and energetic. They love to jump around and touch things. School-age children love to combine physical activity with hands-on learning. They have sponges for brains and can learn so much just by observing and participating in their surroundings. Which is why it is so important to make sure we are being good examples to our children.

kids summer activities, outdoor kids summer activities, kids summer activities preschool, kids summer activities kindergarten

At least once a week or twice we need to get outside the house because we are all becoming very restless. But have you ever wanted to get outside and so something but then you end up taking hours deciding what to do and then by that point you no longer want to go do something?

I can not tell you how many times that has happened to us! The nice thing is that we live by a pond with ducks so when we can’t decide on anything we resort to going outside and feeding the ducks.

Coming up with fun activities to do is hard sometimes but it is always nice hearing new ideas so next time you need to get outside of the house maybe you can try some of these activities below!

Museums — In most cases, there is a museum within an hour of your home. It can be a fun day trip. Packing a cooler and find a close by park is something fun that you can do before going to the museum. Also beforehand see if the museum has any tours that you can go on that way you can make sure you won’t miss anything!

Zoos — Who doesn’t love animals right? Take your children to a zoo near your home. In most cases, this will also be a day trip. Often times the food at the zoo can be expensive so if you want to save some money eat before leaving or bring a cooler and pack some food in it to bring with you!

Treasure Hunt — If you don’t want to go somewhere but you still want to get out of the house plan a treasure hunt! It doesn’t have to be Easter to hid treasures for your kid to find. This is a great physical activity and can provide an incentive for the children to keep moving!

“Commercial” activities — If it’s a TV day, instead of watching TV sitting all day, try getting up and moving during each commercial. Make it a fun game to do jumping jacks or dance crazy during each commercial.

Walking Tours — Your local community probably has walking tours scheduled that school children will enjoy. You can look at historical homes, gardens, and all kinds of local sites in a historical perspective while getting exercise.

Kite Flying — On windy days, nothing can be more fun than flying a kite. Find an empty field and just have a blast. It can be even more fun if you spend time building your kites at home for the big day.

Organized Sports — The whole family can get involved in organized sports. The parents can volunteer to coach and lead teams while the children can play on teams. It’s a great way to get the entire family involved while improving physical fitness.

Mini Baseball Tournament — If you don’t want to do organized sports, two to four people can play a mini version of baseball. All you need is a pitcher and a batter; it can be quite challenging to come up with fun rules. If you have a large family or want to get your block involved, the more the merrier!

Finding things for the entire family to get involved in that are physically active can be a challenge, but starting with the right attitude will help! Let children know that these things are fun. Ask your children for ideas about activities too. Don’t focus on the health benefits involved. Instead, focus on the fun and togetherness that you will experience!

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  1. Summer is nearing so this post pops up just right! The Treasure Hunt activity sounds interesting! Thanks for your advice!

  2. I can’t wait to have the summer off with my boys. We have annual passes to the National History Museum and can’t wait to use those again. We will also be going to the community pool multiple days per week when we aren’t on vacation. I love the idea of a scavenger hunt. We often walk to the pool and can do that along the way!
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