7 Ways To Nurture The Creativity Of Your Little Ones

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People often relate creativity with drawing, painting, or art. But, it’s not limited to that. Creativity is much more than art. Creativity is how you think, how you solve or the approach you take to address a particular problem. Creativity is doing something instead of just thinking.

Creativity helps children to cope with pain better. It develops their social skills, makes them confident, and improves their learning ability. Generally, parents don’t have to teach their kids how to become creative.

They are born to be natural creators, each in their own way. But, eventually something like fear, or passive entertainment get in their way, and this is where you will have to step in. When that time comes, bear the following tips in your mind to create an environment that will fuel your child’s creativity.

1. Provide kids a free environment

First, and the most important thing is to give your child freedom. Your child should have the freedom to feel, to think, and to be themselves. This will happen only when your child feels like they are secure in the current environment and it’s alright to be themselves.

how to nurture creativity in a child,
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Don’t throw off the stuff that you don’t need into waste disposal cans. Let them play with that stuff. You never know what creative ideas they have in their mind to put them to use. This way they will learn how to create the best out of waste. But, if they are not given enough freedom to play with them, you will oppress their creativity.

2. Have a vision

Envision your child as the original and wonderfully unique person they are. Know their passion and interests. Don’t enforce your interests or passion onto them. Don’t expect them to have the similar interests as yours. It will discourage them. 

Envision them as capable of doing great and creative things. Have some trust and let them do things in their own way instead of making them do things your way. That will allow them freedom and confidence to be more creative.

3. Get them open-ended toys

Open-ended toys are a great way to nurture their creativity. Kids get used to the toys that do only one thing, and they will ditch them sooner. On the other hand, open-ended toys can be passed on to the next generation too as they are generally more durable and robust toys.

how to nurture creativity in a child
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Building toys or blocks are open-ended toys. They can encourage your child’s imaginative play and creativity. So, investing in open-ended toys is a win-win for you as it boosts the creativity, and it is a flexible option for your pocket as well.

Perform some exciting science experiments with your kid using scientific items like bottle top filters. This way you can even develop the interest in science for your kid and show them science isn’t a boring subject.

4. Ask questions about their creations

Did they make something creative? Well, don’t just praise their creations, but ask some questions regarding their creations. Kids have their own way of thinking and their own thought processes.

Sometimes they make something that seems obvious to you what it is, but for kids, it’s something unique. Making them articulate their ideas and process behind what they were going for will also help them to understand how they think and how they can improve themselves.

5. Be creative yourself

Show the kids your creativity. Let them see you as a creative person who likes to do things in a creative manner too. This will not only boost their creativity, but it will also improve the bonding between you and your child. Show your creativity by adding creativity to the everyday routine and items.

For example, instead of the standard mugs that you give your kids to drink from, provide them with science mugs. Science mugs come with a creative message displayed on the outside. Reading such messages will inspire them.

6. Explore the outside world

Go on an adventure to explore the world with your kid. Let them experience the incredible wildlife and flora of nature by themselves. Such things cannot be experienced by reading about them in books.

how to nurture creativity in a child
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They need to see such things in the real world to watch and learn how certain things behave under a particular condition. Doing so will improve their critical thinking as they learn to make inferences and draw the conclusions.

7. Encourage them, don’t criticise

Even though they have made mistakes in creating something, don’t criticise them. Instead, point out those mistakes in a polite way and encourage them to do better. Teach them making mistakes is a necessary step to become successful in anything. 

Of course, at one time children will have to learn to deal with criticism. But, not from you, especially about something that they have created. Parent’s role here is similar to cheerleaders, not judge.

So, remember to foster your child into a creative environment to instill the skills and positive mindset into them that will lead them to a prosperous and bright future. The creative environment will also make your home life more fun, and no matter what one’s age is, everyone benefits from the joy we get from exploring our imaginations.


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