7 Ways To Celebrate Your Baby’s First Christmas

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We love this time of the year. The food and the time spent with loved one makes everything so special. What can make it even more special is celebrating your baby’s first Christmas!

This time of the year gets more and more fun as our children grow up. This Christmas we will have a 2 year old and a 6 month old. We have many things that are on our Christmas bucket list. 

No matter how old your baby is celebrating their first Christmas is something you will cherish forever. I have listed 7 ways to celebrate your baby’s first Christmas. No matter what you do this Christmas it will be a very special one.

Some of these traditions and activities below we do as a family and they sure do make Christmas very special for us. I hope they can make a special Christmas gift for you too!

Make sure to read to the bottom so that you don’t miss out on any fun Christmas traditions or Christmas photoshoot ideas…ops….that was a secret. At the bottom of this post, I have also added a few pictures for inspiration. Christmas photoshoots are some of the cutest pictures EVER! 

Hope you enjoy!

7 Ways To Celebrate Your Baby’s First Christmas

1. Keepsake Ornament 

This a super cute way to remember the birth of your baby and celebrate Christmas. Get a clear ornament that is a medium or large size, grab some of your baby’s birthday items such as their hat they got in the hospital, the hospital wristbands and any other keepsakes and place them in the ornament. You could even add your baby’s first ultrasound picture inside the ornament. Then on out the outside of the ornament with permanent marker or paint write your baby’s name and birthday.

Now every year when Christmas rolls around you will have a very special ornament to remind you of your baby’s first Christmas and birth. Once your child is older this would be a perfect give to give to them. It will be something that they will cherish forever!

2. Christmas Family Photoshoot 

I love family photoshoots. It is fun to see how much everyone has grown that past year. We get out family photo shoot done in August but we take many pictures with our phone at Christmas.

Professional photography studios have the cutest Christmas decorations that way if your baby is teeny you don’t have to worry about taking him outside. Getting a family photo shoot done can be such a fun family tradition. You can bring cute props and have fun laughing together.

You could also kill one bird with two stones and use your family photos for your Christmas cards!

3. Go See Santa 

Our daughter would freak out of we set her on Santas lap but it still can be a fun way to celebrate your baby’s first Christmas. This time of the year you can find Santa’s almost everywhere. Check out your local malls, library or event center to see where they are doing pictures with Santa.

4. Get Matching Pajamas 

I look forward to this one every year! All the pajamas I have have been Christmas pajamas. You can find adorable matching pajamas like these ones that will get everyone in the Christmas mood. You could even do a mini photoshoot of your baby in his new Christmas pajamas! That will for sure be a fun memory to look back to.

5. Decorate Christmas Cookies

I am considering doing this with our daughter this year. Our daughter has many life-threatening food allergies so if I did do this one I would have to make sure we get soy frosting and make cookies that don’t have dairy or eggs in them.

If your baby is older they may be able to help decorate or you could just stick them in their high chair and let them play with the frosting. Playing with frosting is Christmas to little ones! It would also be a great sensory and texture thing for him to play with.

Don’t worry if you not a professional cookie decorator. Either is I! but this is a fun family bonding activity!

6. Gift Ornaments

This idea is our second year gifting ornaments. The first year we did this was so much fun. We decided instead of buying regular Christmas ornaments we are going to gift each other ornaments so that over the years all the ornaments mean more since they will be about family memories!

What we do is buy or DIY a special ornament for each member of the family. Then we give them to each other on Christmas eve and then add them to the tree with the rest of our gifted ornaments. One of my favorite ornaments that my husband did for our daughter was he got a couple of bobby pins and made a star. This was special because our daughter’s name is Bobbie and she is a star aka light in our life.

When we do this we try to make each ornament very special and meaningful to each individual. If you already have Christmas ornaments from the store that is okay! add to your ornaments with gifted ones.

7. Christmas Photoshoot 

Christmas photoshoots of babies are so stinking CUTE! You can take them yourself of if you rather go get some professionally taken. You will cherish these photos forever. Plus it is a super fun way to celebrate your baby’s first Christmas.

There are so many cute props and items that you can get to add to the cuteness. Here are a few of my favorites.

1. Baby Santa Outfit 

2. Crochet Newborn Snowman Hat, Scarf, and Cocoon Set

3. Crochet Baby Santa Hat

4. Reindeer Hat 

5. Baby Christmas Santa Suit Outfit

If you need a little photo inspiration check out these photos below!

baby's first christmas 2018, celebrating baby's first christmas, baby's 1st christmas ornament, first christmas with new baby
Photo Credit: Leanne Curtis Photography
Celebrate Your Baby's First Christmas
Photo Credit: Cathymurai.com
baby's first christmas 2018, celebrating baby's first christmas, baby's 1st christmas ornament, first christmas with new baby
Creator:Verity Sparrow
Copyright:Contact myonlysunshinephotography@live.com Copyright M
baby's first christmas 2018, celebrating baby's first christmas, baby's 1st christmas ornament, first christmas with new baby
Copyright:WWW.MELISSADIEP.COM 312-363-9299
baby's first christmas 2018, celebrating baby's first christmas, baby's 1st christmas ornament, first christmas with new baby
Credit for photo: Laura Odom Photography
Celebrate Your Baby's First Christmas
Mary Macomber – Photo Credit
baby's first christmas 2018, celebrating baby's first christmas, baby's 1st christmas ornament, first christmas with new baby
Photo Credit: Belly Beautiful Photography

Keep in mind that if you baby is under 6-8 weeks old try staying away from busy crowds. Newborn’s immune system is not ready to quit face the world. If this is going to be your baby’s first outing don’t stress! Check out this post to see how and when to take your baby out!

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any other fun ways to celebrate your baby’s first Christmas let me know in the comments below!


Celebrate Your Baby's First Christmas
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