7 Of the BEST Breastfeeding Products To Help Get You Through The First 2 Weeks


It’s no secret. The first few weeks of breastfeeding is HARD! Your baby is probably still trying to figure out how to latch properly and you are still trying to figure out how to get your baby to latch or even hold them.

But one thing I will promise you is that the pain won’t last forever! You really have to give yourself and your baby a good solid month before it stops hurting. After having my daughter we had a lactation consultant come in to help my daughter latch. She told me that it shouldn’t hurt after she latched but that is a total load of cow crap!

It is going to hurt and no baby is the same. I was told over and over that my baby’s mouth should cover the whole areola and I tried and I tried to get my baby’s mouth to cover it. It never happened. I felt like I was doing it all wrong and was feeling like a complete failure because I couldn’t get my baby to do what I was told.

I soon realized that my baby’a latch was very small. Plus I had very big breasts so It was hard for her to cover the whole areola with her mouth.

Don’t feel like that you are a complete failure if your baby doesn’t cover your whole areola area or that it still kills to nurse. Like I said it took my body a whole month to get adjusted.


Luckily there are some AMAZING products you can get for cheap on Amazon that will help you get through the first 2 weeks.

These products made breastfeeding more doable and I didn’t cringe every time I heard my newborn cry because she was hungry. I hope they help you out as much as they did me! You can even add these items to your postpartum recovery care kit! So when you and baby are home you will be one very prepared mam!

Here are 7 Of The Best Breastfeeding Products To Help Get You Through The First 2 Weeks

1. Nipple Cream 

This one is not on Amazon but it was by far the best nipple cream. I loved it because it was organic and safe for my baby to get into her mouth. When using this nipple cream I would apply it before and after breastfeeding. That way they always had cream on them to help soothe them.

And this is great to help prevent cracking! The hospital will give you some cream but I personally didn’t like the cream they gave me. I felt like it dried my nipples out which made them hurt worse. This nipple cream was by far my favorite to use.

If you want one that is a little cheap but can still do the job I recommend this nipple cream. Which can be found on Amazon.

2. Nipple Shields 

I don’t think I could have gotten through the first few weeks of breastfeeding if it wasn’t for nipple shields! They are a soft plastic shield that you put on your nipple before breastfeeding and you baby latches right onto the shield. That way they are not having direct contact with your nipple so it allows your nipple get adjusted to nursing.

One thing I loved about this nipple shield is that you can use it on either breast. So you when you switch sides you can move the nipple shield to whatever side you are nursing on.

3. Breast Shells 

While I was at the hospital they gave me some breast shells and I loved using them. You place your nipple through the small hole and it helps to catch any leaking and I mainly loved them because it kept my shirts, nursing pads, and bra off of my very sore nipples.

I didn’t use them at night because ouch! They would not be very comfortable to sleep with but I would wear them throughout the day.

4.  Breast Therapy Pack

You can use these breast therapy packs either hot or cold. That is one thing I loved about these because sometimes I wanted something cold and other times I wanted something hot. They also help to encourage letdown and help to increase milk production!

Have you ever climbed into bed and it felt SO amazing to lay down? These breast therapy packs are like that but on your sore breasts! Even if you are pumping I promise you these will be your breast friend!

5. Cotton Nursing Bra

You aren’t going to be wearing a regular bra any time soon. And trust me with sore breasts you won’t want to anyways. I got two nursing bra’s one for the night and one for the daytime. But my first few weeks I only wore my night time nursing bra. It was very comfortable and soft. Having a soft bra was a must for me since I didn’t want my sensitive and sore nipples being irritated even more.

This was my favorite nursing bra because it was soft and incredibly comfortable!

6. Baby Washcloths 

I got baby washcloths for my newborn and myself! Why? baby washcloths are SUPER soft! and my nipples hurt to anything hitting them, bumping them or rubbing against them. Whenever I would take a shower the water hitting my nipples would hurt so bad!

I got these baby washcloths to gently lay over my breast when I took a shower so that the water wouldn’t hit them directly and the hot water would stay on the cloths which helped soothe my breast as well.

7. Washable Nursing Pads

Again, having something soft on my breast helped. I first started using disposable nursing pads but they were rough on my nipples. You would think cotton would be soft but on cracking nipples they didn’t help.

I switched to washable nursing pads and they helped so much! You buy them once and you’re done so they save you money and it was so nice to through them in the wash. Plus I would get them a little damp and put them in the fridge so when I used them they were cold and caught any leaking milk!

Getting used to breastfeeding is a little tough. But don’t give up! By using all or some of these products to help with the first few weeks of breastfeeding. You can ready these breastfeeding guidelines to help you and your baby get adjusted to breastfeeding and to get the most out of it!

Let me know if your like these products as much as I do in the comments below! 

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  1. Thanks for this article, it is very informative. I actually didn’t know about breast therapy pack. I experienced sore nipples, which were really painful during breastfeeding. Wish I knew about them earlier but now I know what to do next time. As for breast pads, I totally agree with you that disposable nursing pads tend to rough compared to reusable one. I tried both but preferred reusable ones since I found them to be soft and cost-efficient.
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