7 Delegating Tips to Help Busy Moms

Busy moms tend to carry the weight of the entire household on their shoulders. Between managing the finances, keeping the house clean, being everyone’s personal assistant, carting the kids around town for extracurricular activities, and making sure everyone gets a home-cooked meal each night, it can be daunting. What’s more? Trying to delegate seems like a chore in itself. That is why I have made a list of delegating tips to help busy moms.

It’s imperative to delegate tasks to everyone in the family to ensure that moms keep their sanity and the family is working as a team, as opposed to a one-woman show.

It may take some effort in the beginning but start with these delegating tips for busy moms to get your entire tribe working like a well-oiled machine.

7 Delegating Tips to Help Busy Moms

1. Opt Into an Online Delivery Service

Delegating Tips to Help Busy Moms

Make a list of all the tasks that need to be done and try to make it easy on yourself by having groceries delivered to your home while you take care of other items on the list.

Start your morning off by doing a scan of the kitchen, making a list of the items you need, and then hopping online to your favorite grocery store that offers delivery services (most do now).

You can take care of your assigned household tasks while your items are being shopped for and delivered. By going this route, you can take a time-consuming item taken off your list within minutes. You may even want to check out some automatic subscription systems that deliver snacks, diapers, and cleaning supplies.

2. Assign Jobs Based on Personality

Try to delegate chores by assigning tasks to your children based on their personality and age. For example, if your child is Type A and loves organization, have them pick up toys strewn around their bedroom and living room.

Everyone in the family has their own set of strengths and even more so, they have their own set of weaknesses.

Similar to assigning tasks that play to your family’s personality type, do not assign something to your family member that isn’t very conducive to their personality. If your child is very aloof, try to not entrust them with walking the dog.

3. Schedule Routine Maintenance

Having the looming fear of a home appliance possibly breaking down is a huge fear for many families, especially when the appliance is something that you use every day. Get a head start on taking care of your house by scheduling routine maintenance. This could involve changing your air filter every three months, sealing gaps around windows and doors, and cleaning your gutters every spring.

You could even invest in a home warranty plan so that when your appliances break down, they will be quickly and efficiently taken care of by expert repairmen. This allows you to both increase the life of your appliances as well as ensure that if and when a breakdown does happen, it’s already taken care of.

4. Sign Up for Pet Food Delivery

Our best friends need the love and care that everyone in your home gets. Because of this, you probably find yourself traveling far for the best veterinary care and the best food for your pup. Why not sign up for a food and pet meds delivery subscription? Not only will this take care of purchasing the best food for your four-legged friend, but you’ll also be able to buy pet medicine as well as some extra toys and treats at the same time.

More often than not, you can even set up for your pet’s items to be delivered automatically each month. Nothing beats having a task checked off your list that you don’t even need to think about, and now you have more time to enjoy playing with your pets.

5. Be Realistic on “How” Jobs Are Performed

Delegating Tips to Help Busy Moms

While you love your family to death, they may not do their tasks to “your standards.” That’s okay, though! Being a part of a family is all about compromise, and as long as everyone is making a significant effort to contribute to the household chores, you all are on the right track.

Just because your family doesn’t complete chores the way you’d like them to be completed doesn’t mean they were done “incorrectly.”

Everyone’s method of cleaning is different and it’s best to embrace the fact that your family is pitching in and helping out around the house.

6. Add Incentives to Everyone’s Jobs (Including Yours)

Everyone works better when they have an added incentive to complete a task. If you find that your family isn’t getting their work done, or really not trying when they do their chores, try adding an incentive to the mix. For example, if you want to make sure all the household chores are done by Friday, tell everyone that if they complete their chores by the “deadline,” everyone will have a fun beach day on the weekend.

Try and take this strategy with a grain of salt, however. While it’s good to have incentives to get tasks done, your family should be working as a unit and not just to “get paid” once the tasks are completed.

7. Be Gentle on the Household

As a busy mom with a full family (and other jobs), your home will not always be immaculate. There’s nothing wrong with that. Be gentle on your household and remember that the need to clean your home is because it’s well-lived in. While you will likely have a list of tasks delegated to yourself and your family, there will more than likely be times when they won’t get finished due to family events, sports games, or simply enjoying each other.


Don’t stress about this—though it’s important to live in a clutter-free house, it’s okay for it to get messy sometimes. If there’s a little bit of dirt in the entryway, or your home doesn’t look like the cover of a home and garden magazine, that’s only because you have a happy family running in and out of the house, living their best life.

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