6 Special Ways To Include Your Husband In Your Pregnancy

how to include your husband in pregnancy, how to involve your husband in pregnancy, newborn, pregnancy, pregnancy tips

being pregnant is hard but also is a wonderful time. During nine months you get to really bond with the little one that you are baking. You have a constant connection and involvement with your growing baby. After many negative pregnancy tests and the heartbreaks of thinking I was pregnant and I was not. I finally got a positive after 11 months of trying and my husband and I were so thrilled to finally be pregnant!

how to include your husband in pregnancy, how to involve your husband in pregnancy, newborn, pregnancy, pregnancy tips

I realized after we saw our tiny tadpole that I wanted to make sure my husband felt involved as much as possible. You know since it takes two to make a baby. Even though when you are pregnant a lot of the attention is on mom and baby but I also made sure that my husband did not feel left out in this nine-month process.

From the beginning, my husband understood he wouldn’t be as connected to our baby until after she was born but we both wanted him to feel apart of our growing family. It can be hard to think of ways to help your husband feel included but it is not impossible! Below are 6 special ways to include your husband in your pregnancy.

1. Let Your Husband Ask Questions Even If You Already Told Him The Answer

This was a big one for my husband. When we would go to the checkups together he would ask questions that I have already answered for him a few days ago. Or he would ask questions that I knew the answer to. It is not like he didn’t trust my answers it was he wanted to hear it again for himself. He would feel apart and involved when he asked questions and our midwife would talk to the both of us instead of just talking to me.

2. Let Your Husband Serve You

If you are an “I’ll do it myself” type person during your pregnancy let your husband do some things for you. Trust me when your belly is big and it is a very difficult process to get your shoes on let your husband help you. There was some morning where my morning sickness was bad and my husband would bring me a piece of toast or fruit. Or we would help me get out of the car. Simple and small things that your husband can do to serve you helps them to feel involved the pregnancy.

3. Have Your Husband Come To The Appointments

During my entire pregnancy, there were only two appoints that my husband couldn’t get off work for. He enjoyed coming to the appointments and hearing our baby’s heartbeat and seeing her during the ultrasounds. Because when he saw her on the screen or heard her heartbeat it was real for him. So even if your husband can not come to all of the appointments at least made sure he can go to some. That way he can to see and hear one of the best sounds in the entire world.

4. Let Your Husband Feel The Baby Kick 

When I first felt our baby kick I was 19 weeks and it was one of the greatest feelings in the universe. But I was sad that my husband could not feel them yet. I was 26 weeks before my husband could feel our baby kick because she was such a soft kicker that he never knew if it was the blood pulsing through his hands or if he was truly feeling her kick. During the third trimester when we were sleeping he loved resting his hand on my belly because he was able to hold both of his girls. When your husband is around and the baby is kicking let him enjoy feeling his baby say hello!

5. Have Your Husband Talk To Your Belly (Even if it seems funny)

My husband play’s the guitar and man o man did our baby kick when he played. It is crazy that once your baby’s ears develop that they can hear you and anyone around. I wanted to make sure our baby knew her daddy’s voice. One time we were sitting on our couch and my husband was talking to my belly and I looked at my belly and our baby was leaning on the far right side where her daddy’s voice was and I knew she could hear him. I know it might feel awkward at first to have your husband talk to your belly but doing so helps your husband bond with your baby in such a special way.

6. Have Your Husband At The Baby Shower With You

Usually, baby showers are for the ladies and the men go do something fun but my husband put it perfectly he said: “It’s my baby too so I should go” Having my husband sitting up front with me when we opened presents was so much fun and he loved seeing all the cute clothes our little girl got. Have you husband come and be apart of the baby shower since the baby is both of yours. My husband loved being involved in the baby shower and he even picked out her coming home outfit!

As you can see there are many ways that you can include your husband in your pregnancy. At night my husband would wake up sometimes and he would talk to the baby and rub my belly when I was asleep to have some “alone” time with her. Even though your husband does not have someone growing inside of them they are the ones who made it possible to have a baby.

So it is important that they feel like they are apart of the process as well. Doing these 6 things only made it more special when my husband saw our baby for the first time. And I hope these 6 ways help your husband feel apart of your pregnancy as well!

I would love to hear your thoughts on some other ways you have included your husband in your pregnancy so make sure to comment below!

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful tips! This is a great help. By including your husband in your pregnancy, your relationship will be developed and also the relationship and connection will also develop between your husband and your baby.

  2. Interesting post! All women should read and share it to your husbands! Thank you so much for this helpful advices!

  3. Pregnancy is such beautiful time for all the partners. Every pregnant women should share the special feeling with their partner. Loved these tips which can help couples come even closer in entire process. ?

  4. My husband was involved in many ways with both of my pregnancies, even though I absolutely hated being pregnant and he always thought it was such a weird thing! He went to the first appointment for each with me, and any that we were doing an ultrasound. But we have a good friend who does OBGYN ultrasounds, so she would do one whenever we wanted so he could see the babies. We had one baby shower that was just for the women, and another that was for men and women that he attended. And your second point, that is me 100% I hate asking for help, but definitely leaned on him during the pregnancy months and the first few after both boys were born.
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