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How To Teach Children to Solve Problems

How To Teach Children To Solve Problems

https://youtu.be/4YRh5WRneV8 The basic method to use to help children learn how to solve problems is actually pretty simple. You state the problem, encourage them to come up with some solutions, and then...
how to talk to your children

5 Steps To Have An Empowered Conversation With Your Child

https://youtu.be/mxGx7ntbx1o Is there a situation with your child that has shown up time and time again, maybe you've tried to lecture your 12-year-old about the hours they spend playing video games, or...
4 ways to help your firstborn adjust to a new baby

4 Ways To Help Your Firstborn Adjust To A New Sibling

Congratulations you're expecting baby #2! Either you have just found out about a new little baby, you are halfway done with your pregnancy, or just had the baby. No matter where...
peaceful parenting

4 Peaceful Parenting Methods To Use In 2021

This situation is all too familiar for parents. You wake up from hopefully a good night's rest (but what does sleeping all night even feel like anymore...am I right?) and maybe...

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