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positive parenting

Three Roles of Positive Reinforcement in Parenting

when most of us think of discipline, we may not realize it, but we're probably thinking of methods that are actually negative reinforcement or out of anger and frustration. Punishment fits...

10 Tips To Consider When Decorating And Child Proofing Your Home

as an interior designer, I work with a lot of different clients, many of which are moms with young children. Oftentimes I hear the statement “Child Proof” or “but will that...

Top 50 Unique Baby Girl Names You Might Have Missed

Since you are on the lookout for unique baby girl names, you can start by checking out these names and tips. > Top 50 Unique Baby Girl Names > Picking A Middle...

10 Tips To Help You Be More Present With Your Children

are you a working mom, tired and weary from day to day tasks and worried every day that you are not spending enough quality time with your children?  Are your children...
newborn must have | newborn

7 Newborn Must Haves For First Time Mom’s

getting the essentials for your newborn are important. Figuring out what you need is not easy especially if you are a first-time mom. There are so many kits, tools, and baby gear...

15 Ways To Reclaim The Joy Of Motherhood

There may come a point where you might start feeling like motherhood is a job or you may be feeling this way already. Being a mom isn’t supposed to be or...

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