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How I Managed To Endure 36 Hours Of Labor Naturally

Are you considering doing a natural birth? Originally I had planned to have a medicated delivery because I feared the pain of childbirth. I would hear terrible stories of other women's delivery and they...
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13 Mistakes Parents Make When Using Time Outs

are you finding that during your day you are constantly yelling, spanking, threating, scolding or grounding your children because they won't listen or stop throwing tantrums? Children like to push buttons that's...
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9 Amazing Hacks When Flying With A Baby

does it make you nervous to fly with your baby?  Do not be afraid to travel by plane with a small child! Flying is a convenient way of traveling. The youngest infants...
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4 Terrific Ways To Beat Tiredness During Pregnancy

Are you sick of not having enough energy during your pregnancy? Tiredness during pregnancy is common-after all, your body is undergoing tremendous change. If your tiredness is extremely persistent and lasts into the...
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How To Make Family Fitness Mandatory In Your Home

outside of eating right, little else is as important to the health of your family as fitness. Being physically fit can add years of life, and not just life, but healthy,...
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Why It’s Okay To Be Sad The Day Before Your Baby Arrives

we’ve spent 2 years just the two of us and 9 months eagerly waiting for our little angel to arrive. So why am I sitting in bed crying with you? Shouldn't I...

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