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can you believe that Valentine’s day is just right around the corner! If you are like me you want to try something new and romantic. SInce valentine’s day is a such a fun day to spend with your lover. There are so many ways that you can make Valentine’s day fun without needing to spend a bunch of money. Sometimes the simplest things make the best memories! Below I have listed 20 budget-friendly ideas you can do on Valentine’s day with your sweetheart!

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1. At home paint night ( Thank You, Bob Ross!)

  • You don’t need to go to an “official” paint night at some studio. If you don’t already have some paint and brushes you can get small and inexpensive kits on Amazon.! Netflix has good ol Bob Ross or check out paint tutorials on Youtube.

2. Make dinner together and get all dressed up

  • This is a fun one! Make a yummy new dinner together, light candles, turn on music and get all dressed up. It’s a great way to make dinner at home fun and romantic!

3. Snuggle and look through old photos

  • Take a trip down memory lane! Looking at old photos or text is such a fun way to relive the old times. My husband found his old phone from when we were dating and it had all our text from our first date until we got married! We laughed so hard at some text because it was total cheese!!

4. Plan a sexy scavenger hunt

  • Put together a romantic scavenger that is full of clues, pictures, and treats. This is a cheap, creative and fun way to spend Valentines together!

5. Set a specific limit and go get gifts for each other

    • If you don’t have much to spend then set a limit to spend on each other and head to the mall or Walmart. You each have 20-30 minutes to go find each other gifts and set a place to meet up after. Once you get back home give each other the gifts you got!

  • Make cookies, brownies or whatever your favorite goodie is, snuggle and watch a new or favorite movie!

7. Romantic game night

  • You can spice things up by playing some romantic games! Like truth or dare with a sexy twist 😉

8. Penny game

  • If you have never heard of the penny game or have played it before then this is a must! The penny game is simple. You hop in the car and make sure you have a penny (that’s pretty important!) and you flip the penny. Heads is left, tails is right. Whenever you come up to a light or stop sign you flip the penny to see what direction you go!

9. Go to a matinee

  • Matinees are AMAZING! Check out your local theaters to see what movies are playing during the matinee time and go see it!

10. Create your own at home spa

  • Draw a warm bath with a bath bomb or warm up some coconut oil and take turns giving each other a massage. This is a special way to connect with each other and express love for one another.

11. Get food from your favorite food truck and go explore your city

  • If you haven’t spent much time exploring your city then now is the time! Who knows what you may see.

12. Do a puzzle

  • Head to Walmart and get a puzzle that challenges yourselves. Work on your puzzle together, eat some treats and spend time together with no social media!

13. Go hiking or snowshoeing

  • Get outside and be active together! Go on a hike you have never been on before or find a place that rents snowshoes for cheap and go snowshoeing!

14. Do a craft together

  • This is a perfect stay at home thing you can do and Pinterest is amazing for finding simple and fun Valentines crafts!

15. Go mini golfing

  • Mini golfing is way fun and inexpensive! You can even make it more fun by creating a game out of a game! Make it a challenge that you have to get the ball in the hole in three shots or you have to follow what the other person does. Or my favorite is a speed round! See who can get the ball in the whole the quickest without picking up the ball.

16. Go skating

  • Roller rinks are fun to go do to during holidays. They plan fun music and games so it makes skating super fun!

17. Do a photoshoot

  • You don’t need to hire a professional photographer to do a photoshoot. And you don’t even need a professional camera because phones have amazing cameras. Set up a shoot in your house or go take a drive and find pretty places to go take pictures.

18. Build a fort

  • Forts are not just for kids. Building forts as adults are just as fun as it was when you were a kid. Now don’t just put a few chairs pr pillow up with a blanket on top. Make it epic with tunnels, secret rooms and a super comfy place to snuggle.

19. Pottery throwing

  • Price varies on this. Pottery usually cost a little bit more but it is way fun! Check out any local pottery throwing places. The usually have a class you can take or open studio which means you can come and just throw pottery.  Make sure to wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. I always have to wear clothes I don’t mind getting dirty because I get water and clay all other myself!

20. Go do Yoga

  • There are yoga studios that sometimes offer free one-time yoga classes. Check to see if any of your local yoga studios are offering a free class or even a discount class on Valentine’s day. If not you can do yoga in your house! There are some amazing yoga videos on Youtube that you can follow.

I hope you are just as excited about Valentine’s day as I am! I think it is probably one of my favorite holidays. If you have more ideas or any of them from this list that you can’t wait to give a try let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear from you!

Valentines Day | Things to do as a couple | Date ideas | Valentines day date ideas
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