16 Essential Newborn Must Haves


newborn must haves, newborn must haves for first time moms, newborn essentials
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When I was doing research on what I needed to get for my baby I was shocked at how much a tiny little human needs! I didn’t think I was actually going to use it all and surprisingly enough I used everything I bought!

Don’t be surprised if it seems like you are getting a lot because when your baby actually arrives you will use everything you were gifted or got yourself.

Below I put together a list of 16 Essential Newborn Must Haves like I usually tell my readers to make sure to read to the bottom so that you don’t miss anything!

Burp Cloths 

We went through burp cloths left and right! When my daughter was little she swallowed a lot of air while nursing. I had to take her off every 30-60 seconds to burp her because if I didn’t she would throw up all of her food!

Burp cloths were my best friend! You want to make sure you have plenty! These burp cloths are the best because It has a little pocket on one side. It will catch any spit up so it won’t end up on the floor or worse your back!

White Noise Maker

I still turn on my daughter’s white noise maker for naps and at night time. It is a magical machine that keeps your baby’s room quite and it is a very soothing sound. If you live near a busy road, an apartment, or even just like watching movies at night a white noise maker will be your best friend.

You will never regret getting a white noise maker. You don’t need to get a high tech one either. This is the white noise maker we have and it does it job which is all I could ask for.

Baby Carrier

newborn must haves, newborn must haves for first time moms, newborn essentials

Baby carriers are a perfect way carrier tiny tots in the early months. They may look complicated but they are not as intimidating as they seem. They are a perfect way to carry your baby around the house or when you are out and about. Instead of carrying a bulky car seat around you can put your baby in the baby carrier plus they help to free up your hands!

These baby carriers are comfortable for baby and mamma. Plus they are simple to put on and get your baby in and out of which was a must for me!


Having a bouncer is perfect to have. They are a safe place to lay your baby down, they usually have lots of fun things for your newborn to look at, plus some even have a soft vibration button that you can turn on for your baby.

Sometimes I wish bouncers were made for adults! They look so comfortable and relaxing! it’s no duh why babies love them so much.

This is the bouncer we had and it was perfect! I still have it for our next tiny human to use.


When I saw people using DockATot, to be honest, I thought they were a little silly. But they are amazing! They create a safe, warm and comfortable space for your baby to sleep. They are your baby’s own personal cacoon!

Swaddle Blankets

Newborn babies shouldn’t have loose blankets for the first year but swaddle blankets they can have! Swaddle blankets keep restless arms and legs from jolting them awake. They also provide security can comfort those new little ones.

When my daughter was a newborn and for the first few months she loved being swaddled. It helped her fall asleep faster and sleep longer I would swaddle her until she was about 4 months old because she started getting strong enough to get out of her blankets and that is when we switched to sleep sacks!

Captin Silly Pants has the cutest swaddle blankets for boys and girls. Plus they are super soft I want one for myself!

Diaper Bag

You need a bag to carry everything. Surprisingly babies need a lot of items and the diaper bag isn’t just for a baby it is also for mamma. My first diaper bag was a good size but as my daughter got older I needed to get a bigger one.

You can get a bigger one at first or upgrade as I did. But no matter what you do you will need to get a diaper bag! As your baby grows so does your diaper bag here is a list of essential diaper bag items for toddlers.


newborn must haves, newborn must haves for first time moms, newborn essentials

Even though your newborn won’t be eating human food anytime soon they do still need bibs to help catch a little spit up. I love these newly styled bibs they look like scarves instead of the traditional baby round baby bibs.

You will save a lot of baby clothes with bibs since spit up can stain and it is a bugger to get out!

Baby Care Kit

Ease your mind with a baby care kit. They come with all the essentials you need to keep your baby clean and healthy. From nail clippers to a toothbrush baby care kits are handy to have for your newborn baby!

Nursing Pillow

Nursing Pillows are a great way to give your arms a break while nursing or bottle feeding. They fit comfortably around you and give your baby something soft to lay on. Once your little one gets older nursing pillows are great to use for tummy time and to help your baby start to sit by themselves.

Plus for the first few days after giving birth, your downstairs area is pretty sore. Nursing pillows are perfect to sit on until your body heals. I would take the nursing pillow everywhere because I couldn’t sit without it!

Baby Monitor 

Having a baby monitor eased my new mom stress. You can get a baby monitor that just picks up sound or if you want to ease yourself, even more, you can get one with a camera! Baby monitors are an absolute must-have item to get. I think I would have been more stressed about my sleeping baby without a baby monitor!

Infant Tub

Thinking of bathing your little one in a big tub can seem scary (at least I was scared!) Newborns are so darn slippery I was scared my daughter would slip right out of my hands! Having an infant tub gave me more confidence when bathing my newborn.

While your little ones umbilical cord is still attached sponge baths are what they need. However, once the cord has fallen off your baby can have their first bath! Getting an infant tub that accommodates newborns is important. Getting an infant tub that change, as they grow, saves money and time to find a safe tub for each stage.

Tracking App

A tracking app is amazing! In the hospital, they do give you a single piece of paper that you can use to write down the time you breastfeed or bottle feed your baby, and how long they ate for.

But let’s be honest keeping tack on paper isn’t the most efficient way. That is where tracking apps come in handy. Not only can you track feedings but naps, bedtime, diaper changes, and growth!

When it is 3 in the morning it is a lot simpler to track on your phone. Instead of trying to find your tracking paper and then once you find the paper you can’t find a freaking PEN!

You can easily find a tracking app by going to your app store on your phone and type in “baby tracking app” or “tracking app” and you will be able to find a great tracking app.

Diaper Rash Cream

My daughter has never had bad diaper rash but I am glad I had some when she did a little rash. Even the smallest rash is uncomfortable for your baby. You never want to wait until the rash is bad before applying a cream. You want to apply the cream on at the first signs of a rash. So you want to make sure that you have diaper rash cream on hand plus you can get the diaper rash cream applicator!

Nose Sucking Tool

I can’t even number how many times our nose sucker can in hand! Newborns don’t know how to breathe through their mouths yet. So when they have a stuffy nose it makes it very difficult for them to breathe. Which means a very restless night for you.

I was a little grossed out with our nose sucker at first. But, making sure my baby could breathe was WAY more important than feeling a little grossed out.

I love the Baby Nasal Aspirator NoseFrida the Snotsucker it is so simple and easy to clean your baby’s nose use withing a Nose sucker!

Sleep Sack

When your baby gets stronger where they are breaking out the swaddle sleep sacks are your next step! I love sleep sacks they are basically a wearable blanket and my daughter loves hers! In fact, she won’t go to sleep if she is not wearing her sleep sack. They are a safe way to lay your baby down with a blanket but you don’t have to worry about lose covers.

This is the sleep sack I got for my daughter and like I said she loves it! It keeps her arms free and keeps her very warm.

Well, there you go! 16 Essential Newborn Must Haves Like I have said, I that it looks like a lot but I have used every single one of these items and even now as my daughter is older and bigger I still use a lot of what I got!

What item are you the most excited about? Let me know in the comments below! 

newborn must haves, newborn must haves for first time moms, newborn essentials

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