13 Ways To Survive A Summer Pregnancy

Summer Pregnancy
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No matter how far along you are going to be this summer. It can be difficult being pregnant during the summer. Your skin may be more sensitive to the sun, you may find yourself a little swollen (especially your feet), and you want to hide in the shade because the sun is too much.

Now as a mom who has gone through a summer pregnancy once and now twice since I am due in July again. I learned a few tips and tricks that helped me to survive a summer pregnancy.

Keep on reading and I hope these tips help you as much as they do for me!

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13 Ways To Survive A Summer Pregnancy

Don’t let your pregnancy rob you of enjoying this summer!  

1. Wear Loose-Fitting Maternity Clothes

You don’t want to be wearing tight-fitting closes during the summer! I learned that the hard way. One time (and the last time) my husband and I spent a good portion of our day outside walking and sightseeing. I was wearing black leggings and a tight tee-shirt. It was so miserable the whole time! I was way too hot, sticky and sweaty.

After that, I wore loose fitting flowy dresses basically the entire summer. I really didn’t like wearing pants during the summer when I was pregnant with our first so dresses were my best friend!

2. Drink Lots Of Water

It is easy to get dehydrated during the summer when you are pregnant. Make sure you are carrying around a water bottle with you 24/7. If you are going to be in your second or third trimester during the summer and you get dehydrated you may get stronger and more frequent contractions.

Which may lead you to think you are going into labor. If this happens to you and you are still weeks out from your due date. Find a cool place to sit down and drink a lot of water! If you are still getting contractions after about 30 minutes call your doctor and see what they recommend.

3. Stay In The Shade

The Shade is so much cooler than being in the direct sunlight. It is also safer for your skin since it is easier to burn when you are pregnant. If you know that you are going to be outside for a long period of time I recommend you buy a shade tent or a big shade umbrella. That way you will have shade if there is no shade where you will be.

4. Stay Indoors

This may sound boarding but if it is too hot outside you may want to just stay indoors. It isn’t fun being outside when you are miserable. Being inside is one of the best ways I was able to survive the summer when I was pregnant with our first.

It was hard some days staying inside especially when it was so beautiful outside. But some days were just too hot and I had to stay inside or I would start getting sick because of the heat.

5. Elevate Your Feet

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Keeping your feet elevated will help with any swelling you may get. It is common for pregnant women’s feet to swell a little in the 3rd or even 2nd trimester. The heat of the sun doesn’t help with the swelling.

Take breaks often during the day to elevate your feet. This will help to reduce the swelling you may get.

6. Cool Wrap

These cool wraps are amazing! The summertime can be a miserable time for pregnant mamas. Not only are you got from your own body heat but you are also hot from your baby’s body heat. Mix that with the summer heat and things really start cooking!

The cool wraps are a perfect way to help keep you cool this summer.

7. Smoothies

Smoothies is what saved me during my summer pregnancies! They were something healthy, cool and great to sip on. I usually made a smoothie to start my day and throughout the day I would make me another smoothie or if we were out and about then I would order one.

I felt like smoothies last longer and kept me cooler than drink water. I did drink lots of water but if I knew I was going to be outside for a long period of time I would also bring a smoothie and make sure I get one somewhere.

8. Maternity Swimsuit

Another great way to keep yourself cool this summer is to go swimming. Not only is swimming great low impact exercises to do during your pregnancy it also feels great to dip in a pool to cool you off.

I also loved swimming since it took a lot of weight off my back and legs during my third trimester. If you have lower back pain, hip pain or anything else that hurts. Take time to swim to help reduce that pain.

9. Travel Fan

If you have ever been to Disneyland or Disney World they have those little fans to help cool you off. Some of them even have a spray bottle attached so you can mist yourself with the cool mist.

Those were the best! You may not be at an amazing amusement park but these fans are perfect to use during the summer as well. They can easily fit inside your purse and you can use it whenever you are needing some extra cooling. These sure do beat fanning yourself with a piece of paper!

10. Do Outside Activities In The Mornings Or Evenings

My husband and I always tried to plan outside activities for mornings or evenings since those were the coolest times of the day. Even when I would go walking I would usually walk early in the mornings. That way I was not dying from the heat.

If you are planning to do any activities outside. I suggest trying to plan them in the mornings or evenings!

11. Take It Slow

Remember to take it slow. Being pregnant can take a toll on your body it is amazing what goes into creating a baby. Since your body is working overtime you won’t have the energy that you usually have.

So don’t go overdoing on things. Do what you can and takes lots of breaks. Even now being pregnant with our second baby being outside walking around for an hour with my daughter tires me out! I have to keep reminding myself to take it slow as well. But it is important to not overdo yourself!

12. Wear Sunscreen

Nothing is worse than getting sunburnt. You are itchy, your skin is tender and then begins the peeling. Now I don’t burn easily, however, when I am pregnant that all changes! Just like all the other crazy hormones and changes your body does when you are pregnant your skin becomes more sensitive and you can burn easier.

If you are going to outside make sure you apply sunscreen first! Please keep your skin safe.

13. Keep your hair up

During the summer I was constantly pulling my hair up. When I did leave my hair down I found myself messing with it all the time, It would get sticky, and you know that feeling where you are so sick of your hair on your neck.

Keep a hair tie with you that way if you want your hair up you can easily and quickly pull up your hair.


Being pregnant during the summer is not as bad as some people may think. At least it wasn’t for me. Yes, some days were worse than others but other all it was easy to cool down and keep cool.

I honestly loved having a summer baby because I didn’t have to stress over the winter bugs. Plus, even with a newborn I would sit outside and go on walks. This really helped me to cope with the baby blues. I go crazy when I am inside all the time so having a summer baby was great because It was warm, sunny and really helped me to quickly get back to feeling like myself after having our daughter.

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