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TV, computers, and video games can be a very easy entertainment for children. And to be honest it is sometimes easier to let your children watch TV or play a video game so that you can get some items checked off your to-do list.

A study was done by The Nature Conservancy that showed that only 10% of children spent time outside. We know that outside time is important but even as adults we spend the portion of our day inside.

It is important that children have outside time daily. There have been studies that show children who play outside build confidence, creativity, and imagination.

One way to get your children and even the entire family up off the sofa is to organize fun games right in your backyard. Children naturally love playing games and these games will be even more fruitful since they’re helping everyone become more physically fit.

 1  Badminton

— This game can be played by two or more players. It’s a little like tennis except you don’t need a tennis court. All you need is a simple net, plus the “birds” and special rackets to hit the birdie over the net.

These are lighter than tennis rackets and easy for little ones to handle. You can find a badminton set at any local department store or online through Amazon.com.

 2  Croquet

— This is a fun game that even small children will enjoy playing. It comes with some mallets, balls, hoops, and pegs. You can buy this game at any department store and they’re often found at garage sales and thrift stores.

This is a very civilized game that people with any fitness level can play. Whenever I think of this games it reminded of the old Alice in Wonderland movie where the red queen is playing Croquet!

 3  Horseshoes

— You simply need a stake and some horseshoes to play this game. You can buy kits and build regulation sized pits if you must, but the important thing is to have the stake and the horseshoes.

Each person takes a turn tossing the horseshoes onto the stake. It’s great for concentration and keeps you on your feet. This was one of my favorite games when I was young. Mostly because I could always beat my siblings at it! 

 4   Hopscotch

— This might best be described as a sidewalk game or a driveway game since you need something to write on with chalk. Simply draw a hopscotch design on the pavement with chalk.

Don’t worry; the chalk will wash away at first rain, or with a water hose. Use stones, a toy or bean bags to toss into a square. Then you hop to pick up the stone without touching that space. Kids love it, and it’s very physical and fun. Plus, it can help with counting!

 5  Obstacle Course

— You can use old tires, chairs, outdoor furniture or pretty much anything you have around to create a backyard obstacle course. Take turns timing each family member going through the course.

 6  Trampoline Jumping

— Jumping on a trampoline is very good for your lung health and easier on your joints than you might think. It can be dangerous too so if you choose to invest in a trampoline also invest in a mesh cover that will keep people from bouncing off and keep unwanted guests off to avoid liability.

 7  Water Fights

— If it’s hot outside, and everyone is bored, have a water balloon fight. It’ll be fun to run around and get wet when you get hit. A great way to burn off energy and get fit at the same time.

 8  Water Balloon Toss 

— You can use a Volley Ball net or Badminton net for this game. If you don’t have either that is okay! This game can work without a net. For this game, you need one towel to every two kids, and water blloons. 

Two kids hold each end of the towel and place a water balloon in the middle and they toss it to the other kids and they catch it in their towel. Then you see how many tosses you can do without the water balloon popping! 

 9  Running Through Sprinklers 

— This one is a classic. Did you ever run through sprinklers when you were young? I sure did and it was the best! If your sprinklers are not on you can get a sprinkler attachment to put at the end of a hose! 

 10  Slip n’ Slide

— Who doesn’t love water and slides? Want to get your kids active? Slip N’ Slides are a super fun way to spend time outside! I don’t know a child or adult who doesn’t like Slip N’ Slides! They are easy to set up and you can even make it more fun by adding bubble bath soap to the water!

 11  Chalk Paint

— This is one of my favorite bonding times to spend with my daughter! We love chalk paints! They are easy and super colorful. Chalk paint for furniture is fun for adults but not safe for children.

So chalk pain for children is safe, washable, and is really entertaining!

As you can see there are a lot of choices for fun backyard games that the whole family can participate in. Try getting involved in these games instead of watching TV. You can always DVR shows you want to see and save for a rainy day or sick day instead of wasting the good weather.

What are some of your child’s favorite backyard activities? Let me know in the comments below!

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